Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cultural hub' proposed for London's Square Glen Alutto.

Oh deep joy!

We've now got a Guardian reading, intellectual from the Museum of London with ideas of turning the Square Mile into a cultural hub to mirror South Ken & the South Bank!

The Barbican & Museum of London want to transform the City. They want it to be a place with more green spaces, public art and events; less traffic and wider pavements; and somewhere people will come knowing they can always visit a museum, have some food and see a film, a show, an exhibition or a concert.

No mention of repairing some of the pot holed roads that resemble a warzone...

No doubt Taxi trade orgs will be frozen out of any forthcoming consultations. 

Cultural hub' proposed for London's Square Mile
Barbican and Museum of London propose to join forces to turn financial district into 'exciting, accessible, open place'

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Latte man said...

Cool man!

You dudes need to zone out, it's what the new style is.

Be easy about getting a living and feeding your family, live on lentil burgers and solar distillers water.

Let Uber take the strain with the ultra hip virtual meter.

As DIcky said 'no one tells us anything', it s negative vibes man, negative.