Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boris Throws Away Another £1.8 million.

Mayor throws away another £1.8m as the Future Streets Incubator Fund is set up to  transform London's streets and public spaces, upon recommendations by the ROADS TASK FORCE, that body that doesn't have a single Taxi trade representative!

'Anything and everything will be considered, however weird and wonderful.'

In Brooklyn, New York, a new public plaza has been created where a car park once stood. Seating, tables and potted trees have transformed the space into somewhere New Yorkers can enjoy. 

In Toronto, Canada, pop-up sporting activities such as 'street tennis' brought communities together and encouraged people to use their open spaces differently. 

In Bogota, Columbia, an event called Ciclovia, held every Sunday, attracts up to one million participants as central roads are closed to traffic and opened  up to pedestrian and cyclists. 


Just in case you forgot or were unaware here are the people making wacky decisions on OUR behalf. 


Anonymous said...

Seriously if anyone gets the opportunity to join this group they should the opportunities to "Party with Peter" are endless last week the "Transport Museum" week before an Awards ceremony at a Plaza and all being subsidised by the London Taxpayer. Maybe Garrett and Peter need to update their guest lists get some fresh faces to put up on Facebook.

Rev. (Unordained) Vaclav Haldady said...

I won't not worry about us not being represented just now.

We would only send one of the 'usual suspects', some have not driven a cab for years and others just want a photo opportunity.

I notice there's a cyclist blogger on the list, surely as London's (and probably the worlds!) foremost taxi blogger you should attend and no doubt give a common sense view.

Can't help but notice the large contingent from TfL, no doubt another day out of the office!

Anonymous said...

Whats that picture they are looking at?

'Cor! That's a big 'un Boris'

'Its the accounts for the cable car'

'Look it's Rachel'

No prizes just fun.

Anonymous said...

One day the penny will drop and we will realise that we are not important in the plans the mayor has for London. The last one, this one and any future mayor want a pedestrianised west end , how it affects the taxi trade is irrelevant, we will have to adapt our routes around any pedestrianisation and get on with it.
If you think about it , making most of the west end and city closed to traffic makes their job of meeting unrealistic European emisson guidelines a whole lot easier and it will pretty much force the publuc to use the tube , busses and rickshaws to move around it.
It more than likely comes down to jobs for the boys, keeping Brussels at bay and making a few bob.
I really don't get why there is such an outrage and gnashing of teeth whenever yet another way to stop us earning is revealed.Surely we must be used to getting crapped on by now.

Anonymous said...

in the photo above is Sir peter adjusting his fly or playing or
groping himself