Monday, March 24, 2014

Another £8 million bill for Londoners to pick up.

Figures obtained from TfL show that 69% of recharging points installed in the capital have NOT BEEN USED AT ALL in the last six months.....

Only 406 purely electric vehicles have been registered so far this year out of a total of 233,298 new cars.....

The little used infrastructure alone in London has so far cost £8 million of taxpayers money.'

Will the Cab trade be forced to shore up another poorly planned and poorly managed project from the Mayor & TfL as they again throw all our money around like confetti. 

Will we see more taxi ranks taken away with the excuse they are to make way for Boris bikes, when the truth is they require parking space for an excess off buses.

We can expect more charging points to go unused as it has recently been announced, these facilities are no longer to be free and a fee will be I cured every time a vehicle takes advantage of the units.

Yes folks, another cable car sized pantomime but this time it's the working cab driver that takes the hit!


The Empress of Blanding's said...

How this incompetence is tolerated its beyond me, the head honchos at TfL are always saying they would get more if they worked in the private sector.

If they wasted the shareholders dough like they do ours, they would be 'down the road ' immediately.

London Transport used to be the pride of the world now it's reduced to this PR driven, overmanaged, unaccountable swill trough for those at the top.

That GLA enquiry can't start soon enough!

Anonymous said...

This technology is nowhere near ready for the taxi industry
We would always be in a position where we couldn't accept a long job for fear we couldn't get back to a charging station.