Friday, February 14, 2014

Sir Peter Hendy’s personal complaints procedure.

All London bus users are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Especially if your name is Sir Peter Hendy. On his way to a meeting at the Houses of Parliament today, Mr Steerpike hears that Transport for London’s ‘Commissioner’ was so incensed that a bus had shut its doors and driven off before he could board that he spent the rest of his journey furiously reporting this outrage. From the comfort of a black cab.

‘What a little bastard grass’ my cabbie source said, pointing out Hendy went to great lengths to identify exactly which driver had upset him and demanding consequences. ‘Work at TfL do you?’ the taxi driver asked his fuming customer. ‘No, I run it’ came the curt reply.

When Mr Steerpike put this tale to Hendy, he was not backing down:

‘I personally encountered poor customer service from an Abellio bus driver on route 211 – he didn’t let me on his bus at the stop outside Windsor House. As you’d expect from someone in charge of transport in London, I immediately drew this to the attention of the Abellio Managing Director and he is pursuing it with the member of staff concerned.’

If only it was that easy for London’s two million other bus passengers.

Source: The Spectator.

Editorial comment:
Perhaps Sir Peter can use his hot line to Bus Company managing director and get them to stop parking buses on our extremely busy Taxi rank in North Wharf Road. 
Drivers claiming they got nowhere else to park... Surely not our problem? 
Photo from Darren.


Inspector Blakey said...

What a selfish, arrogant fool!

Too big for his own boots, let's hope the next Mayor takes him down a peg to two.

Anonymous said...

New Mayor won't keep him. Too expensive and too much baggage over the Grundy affair.
He said he would never retire, so let's hope he gets the sack.

Robert said...

The man who says nothing about all the sexual attacks on the public by minicab predators

A hypocrite who pays women to have sex with him.
Using his position to vent his displeasure on employees

Disgusting man
Probably suffers from "Little Man Syndrome"

les dalton said...

Run it you could t run a pi. Up in a brewery,if it was me I would have laughed in your face,you get to much money for doing F..k all,typical arrogant,, sort out the sexaul attacks on girls from touts,come on hendry grow some.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Inspector Blakey have said: "I'll have you Butler!"????

Big John said...

Bus driver banned from the royal oak after being seen urinating in North Wharf Road!