Monday, February 17, 2014

TAXI LEAKS RESPONSE: The Suburban Consultation, TfL Notice 01/14.

As I've said many times before, there's just no hope whilst all the ranting goes on. PH touting is hitting us hard, very hard. Yet many seem to prefer to pretend its not happening, WHY?

Outside the trade, all the public want is a Taxi. 
They want one when they want one, one that is safe, insured and knows where it's going.

Within the trade there are
 issues on the meeting point of the central and suburban zones, that's why 'Island ranks' exist.

Some wanted empty cabs to keep thundering through Clapham etc whilst people were desperate for cabs and yet expect anyone else to ignore the demand (that includes touts and sexual predators)' is that realistic?

Some YB's wanted part time access to the centre, that quite rightly has been quashed, Most did not though.

The access to radio and app work is less easy to answer, why should the cab trade effectively disbar itself from competing with PH? 

The point of a pre booking is to give the driver time to check the route, that why our comrades in Paris are fighting hard to retain a 15 minute dwell time between booking and pick up, can you imagine how much work we would have if we united and demanded the same?

Please don't look at this in isolation when it seems to have become two bald men fighting over a comb.

Put as I have in the comments section: 
TfL should ideally abolish the scourge of the satellite office that endangers the public, if not then appoint a rank right outside the door that's CCTV equipped along with proper enforcement.

If that does not happen we have NO idea how much taxi work there truly is in town or in suburban centres!
My view is that it's as they say "bundles" and we would need to expand the fleet everywhere.

Until then all we are effectively debating is how long any of us have left to eke out a diminishing client base between us. How can we have number controls without PH number controlled?

It's like Sainsbury only being allowed 5000 shops whilst Tesco can have as many as they want, without a proper look at PH it's all moonshine.

PH have a slick lobbying organisation and present a united front (excluding the sweat shop driver of course!)?

If this is to mean anything it demonstrates the need for all the trade groups to meet and decide the lines in the sand, can they show some generosity of spirit and leadership and make the move?

If your a member of any, demand it TODAY?



Anonymous said...

Great post, The voice of reason
What will they stop tearing each other apart long enough to read

Anonymous said...

Funny still no comments on the LCDC web blog regarding this issue


Bill Gates said...

Well the LTDA have issued a word document so that those without computers can read the response and then..... Respond on line.

As the man said you could not make it up!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well written piece Jim

Not one of yours then...ha ha.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So are you saying that if we give over a rank to YBs in clapham if and when we get a rank in the high st, that will be ok?

That is still not going to stop the illegal cars in the area touting all around the rank, we need enforcement and I know you know that. YBS are gonna push for more island ranks. Also didn't you once say that sheppards bush rank should be a island rank?

You might as well say if the come in to town to drop off you might as well take a job back, not worth you running all the way back empty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to make the green badge a bit easier , learn the main points and 320 runs . Most points of interest can be found on google maps .. Most green badge drivers have got great big sat nav s stuck on the dash . So why have to learn so many obscure points ..

Anonymous said...

Make the knowledge easier and were finished, the fact it is so hard controls our numbers and gives us a living. Every station is being over ranked at the moment with very little work on street....and you want more cabs out there??? ....and how many of them will work the clubs in the early hours???

Anonymous said... seem to think that Island ranks are GIVEN AWAY to yb drivers my understanding is you have to do several runs and have an apperrance and satisfy the examiner normally an ex (greeh badge) that you no where you are going .and its quiet naive to say yb dont no where they are going thers yb drivers in the Lca who have been doing jobs into town for the last 20 yrs I think they no where they are going.point made...

Anonymous said...

Several runs and an appearance....LOL

Anonymous said...

green badge motto no one likes us and we dont care

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:11

LOL? Whose laughing?

We've busted our sphericles through hail, sleet, Gail force winds and Lord knows what else for 3+ years calling over every day the entire workload of a yellow badge, and now they have finally whinged their way into a position where they are systematically taking larger chunks of our areas for a pittance of the effort......I ain't ****ing laughing!!!

The truth is that due to technological advances they can provide an adequate service without the knowledge!!

NOT THE UNEQUIVICAL, WORLD CLASS, UNIVERSALY RENOWNED, ENVIED AND RESPECTED service which was the result of the Knowledge Of London....but an adequate service on a par with most other major cities.

Whatever the outcome, this is the beginning of the end as that system is resigned to the Annuls of who really is laughing?

The public? The drivers who have commited themselves and earned an All London licence?....or those that are waiting to be presented our hard earned privilege?

I know it's not me!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right mate. You have said it how it is. It's the truth and it hurts. Why did I bust my gut for 5 years. What a mug.

Anonymous said...

5 years? What were you doing?

Ex Clubosaur said...

As a Green badge holder of 20 years I am amazed how many of you moan. For years we the Green badge ignored large areas of licensed areas.

That's why the so called Iisland Ranks and extensions came about LACK of SERVICE.

We can't have it both ways, exclusivity AND no cab availability. Still you have your chance to respond.

Don't forget no matter what, the real threat is PH, UBER etc. and of course HENDY.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.11. My LOL was one of despair.

Anonymous said...

Dear exclubosoar 8 10 am lack of service , Brent x was always over ranked. When it was green , so was golders green. The green badges were pushed off. ..,,. ,east finch station had no rank to wait on Muswell hill rank was hidden away. Mile end rank was always full fin bury park station. , Turnham green was always full. Of cabs I work shepards bush and Westfield rank and great jobs but hard to get on rank , Have a look at shepards bush Westfield Finchley road and camden ranks always full are we going to make them island ranks and say they weren't serviced , and clap ham junction always full of green badges 10 years ago the high street was a ghost town was a ghost town with no clubs so can't comment on the common rank . And before your time wilsden green and hendon Central were great green badge ranks , until mini cab offices opened out side ...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:14
You should write novels
Talk is cheap most of what you said is wrong and misleading.
In the 25 years I've been driving a cab I've never seen a cab on Willesden Green
Hendon Central has never been a GREAT green badge rank
Brent cross was always serviced by Suburban drivers as was Golders green on,y without the IDs no one knew who they were.

Clapham Just cation is only ever serviced when is very quiet and since the ranks been moved, more satellite offices have opened opposite who nick most of the work.
Before Putney became an island rank scabs were all over the junction and outside the Fez now the rank is working GREAT and the public are getting cabs with lights on who take them home and don't say, sorry mate only going north.

As someone once said in a great film

LCY Len said...

Where can we respond?? I've typed the address several times only to be told web page not available. If anyone can provide me with an actual working link it would be nice.

As usual green badges on here get their knickers in a twist over work they don't want to do but don't want yellow badges to do it either.
I shall say it me a cab driver and I will show you a fool who shoots himself in the foot at every opportunity.

Greens at the airport constantly refuse locals because in their own words "I don't know where it is "
Why are they working there if they don't know the area??
IT works both ways if yellows don't know the city/west end after 6 to 8 weeks training at the end of their knowledge then they cant work there, so why should greens with only the same 6 to 8 weeks training in the suburbs be allowed to work in them?
The more important question is WHY would the greens want to work in the suburbs when they've spent so long in the cold/snow etc (YAWN) doing the knowledge?
The S2 suburb is oversubscribed by at least 500 drivers and could easily cope with the demands of the airport or excel without any help from green badges. If the greens went to work instead of wasting time in the airport, then they could supply the public in town with a better service and take away the need for touts.

Maybe if greens weren't so busy policing yellows or talking crap in the cafe, they could actually earn the money they crave, instead of living on the plastic and meeting the minimum monthly payments.

Ex Clubosaurus said...

Reality Check.

There are 3000 odd Yellow Badges and 20000 Odd Green Badges.

There are (and counting 70000) PH plus who knows how many touts, THATS Where the work has gone

Apathetic drivers, easy street trade orgs. grown idle on the subs and member who don't participate.

Grossly incompetent TfL,Police who just want people off their manor, Rank spaces lost and 2 Mayor's who could not care less etc. etc.

Fill in the consultation and have your say.

This time YOU can speak for yourself, not be told what to think once a year.

Top Tip: Work when its busy not when you want.

That's called running a business!

Anonymous said...

Try this.....

Just as a side note, I keep trying to shot myself in the foot, but I'm a lousy shot!!

Anonymous said...

6-8 weeks learning the "inners" on the yellow consisting of a dozen runs learnt parrot fashion and a 100 or so obvious points like "Kings Cross Station" doesnt count for anything, i done it and didnt even leave the house!! Try over 150 runs all over London on the Green suburbs in 6 weeks...In my book you earn the right to work anywhere you wish if you put the effort in to do the Green, which obviously you havent.

Anonymous said...

Link to the online consultation survey.

The place where you say your bit.

LCY Len said...

Anon 1.05. If you actually knew anything about your trade, you would know that there are officially only 25 runs that make up the suburbs for the all London knowledge. The 150 runs you did were made up by a knowledge school to sell you a book for 25 quid and most of the points in them are obvious in the same way you accuse the inners ones to be.Even so in your words learning them parrot fashion like you did, still don't qualify you to work in the suburbs.There are 9 suburbs each with 30 runs in them, that equates to 270 runs, which makes you 120 short.To learn all the suburbs properly each one would take anything from 1 to 2 years depending on who's asking you the questions on the 4th floor.So added, up that means to do the suburbs properly would take you anything from 9 to 18 years, but you think 6 weeks is sufficient.
I have done the runs for the green badge, but the thing that puts me off actually going in getting tested, is that on achievement I might lose my ability to think for myself and start spouting the old boll*cks I hear in the cafe.
I have been driving people around London for almost 25 years and really don't need a green badge as I have no mortgage or loans etc.
I can tell that you are still fairly new to the game by the way you speak and think you are far more important than your status as a cab driver. Remember cab drivers are lower on the social scale than brasses.
After all that, what has anything in the suburbs got to do with anyone else but the suburban drivers. This consultation should have been badge number regulated so those with an agenda against yellow badges cant taint it with their petty biases.