Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Massive gridlock after pensioner cyclist severely injured in Chiswick car collision

A 69-year-old cyclist was taken to hospital with head injuries following an incident in Sutton Court Road

Hammersmith traffic came to a standstill this yesterday (Feb 11) from tailbacks caused after a 69-year-old man was involved in a crash with a car in Sutton Court Road.

The man has been taken to hospital with severe head injuries.

London Ambulance crews were called to the incident just before 2:30pm (February 11).

A spokeswoman from London Ambulance Service, said: "We were called to reports of a collision between a cyclist and a car. We sent a responder in a car and two ambulance crews.

"A 69-year-old man with head injuries was taken as a priority to the major trauma centre at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington."

The incident caused severe tailbacks as the A4 Hogarth Lane was closed, causing queueing westbound between Hogarth Roundabout and the Sutton Court Road junction. There was also congestion up to the Hammersmith Flyover junction.

Editorial Comment: 

One cyclist collision and West London goes into meltdown.

The results of decades of road closures, environmental areas and gentrification. What ever happen to the statement made just before the Olympics by TfL?

 Whilest on a tour of CentreComms at Palestra, with a delegation from the UCG, we were informed: "When the trafic builds up, we can tweek the lights and ease the flow."

This is London, it is not Amsterdam.

Again we see a cyclist lulled into a false sense of security, fall victim to a collision whilst driving in unsafe conditions. This comes hours after Olympic cyclist Chris Bordeman, made an extraordinary statement on LBC, claiming that cycling in London is safer than gardening.

How many gardeners have died this year as a direct result of plodding about in their garden?

How many cyclists have died on the roads around the capital?

Traffic, traffic everywhere

'We have our cameras EVERYWHERE, there aren't too many places not only a bus but an individual can hide within London that we can no longer see'

Michael Josephs 

TfL Centrecomm operations manager

If this statement is true, how come TfL, our licensing authority, doesn't act on the ever expanding lines of illegally plying for hire minicabs outside night venues. 

They certainly pick up Taxis over ranking at stations, but seem blind to what's going on with private hire vehicles. 

We Have Our Cameras EVERYWHERE 


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Anonymous said...

TfL and Boris must be held accountable for the deaths of cyclists.
As said in post, this is not Amsterdam it's central London