Thursday, February 27, 2014

Manchester Taxi Drivers, Take On Their Licensing Auhority.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting . The only problem is - there isn't s set of balls south of the Watford Gap. Just a collective bunch of retards obsessed eith a dream of trade unity. If you and your blog are committed to direct action, organise something. You won't because you and your so called editorial staff are among the biggist apathetic cowatds in the trade !

Editorial said...

Your getting Taxi leaks mixed up with a trade org, which we are definitely not.
Only they can rally the trade into the direct action you suggest, as you no doubt found out when you tried and failed with your Tooley street fiasco.

Remind us, how many drivers turned up? 6....7.

And you blamed your failure on Taxi Leaks!
who actually advertised the action a number of times at your bequest, although in a phone conversation with your colleague, we did advise against it.

You should not judge others by your own failure.

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Anonymous said...

So far negative comments but give the trade a chance,stop the nonsense talk.
We need you all at this meeting, too many councils in the UK have got away with overcharging or not advertising the increase in fees. The city of Salford private hire association got the license fees lowered by standing together
now it's time too question those councillors through the courts
We need both private hire and Hack drivers standing together, let this be a positive meeting with a good turnout.