Thursday, February 06, 2014

Is Get Taxi Competing Against Taxi Ranks, For Work That Already UsesBlack Cabs.

A new taxi-booking "Kiosk" in the form of a tablet computer is being rolled out in hotel lobbies, airports, rail stations, restaurants and business centres throughout London.

The Get Taxi technology may also be placed on trains so that passengers can arrange for a taxi to be waiting for them when they arrive.

For those without access to the Get Taxi mobile app, the "Kiosk" enables members of the public to book a car through a tablet, with just their mobile number required to be input beforehand.

Payments can be made either with cash or soon, as with the app, automatically via credit or debit card.

As part of an ongoing trial, Get Taxi already has its "Kiosks" in place in the W Leicester Square, the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, Blakes hotel in Chelsea, the Apex City of London, Google and Facebook offices, and Gordon Ramsay eateries.

Shahar Waiser, founder and CEO of Get Taxi, said: "Our vision is to have Get Taxi kiosks at key locations all around cities creating virtual taxi ranks, as a reliable, safe and fast alternative to the minicab service."

The kiosks are being made available across Israel and Russia, as well as New York later in the year.

Speaking at the Business Travel Show in Earl's Court yesterday, a spokesman for Get Taxi told Business Traveller that the London Underground strike had resulted in its "busiest day ever", with more than 12,000 customers requesting pick-ups in the hours leading up to lunchtime.

Editorial Comment:
Not sure how the trade will react to these new booking kiosks. 

Will we be competing for work that already uses Taxis at stations and airports?

Hailo was slaughtered on line when they approached customers at a Taxi rank and gave out fliers. 

Will Get Taxi suffer the same backlash from irate drivers. 

Get Taxi has already upset many Taxi drivers earlier this month by announcing on their twitter page that in New York, their service is provided by Cars and not Taxis. 

Think this new kiosk service needs to be rethought before unleashed on the trade. 


Get Stuffed said...

That's me done with get taxi! it's just nicking work off the cab on the rank! the same with The other taxi app.

It ain't winning the work back it's just nicking it off the street.

We will ONLY keep our right to ply for hire if we service the arm up in the street.

Anything else is Mini cabbing whether in a cab or a car.


Anonymous said...

Hang on, most of the above places don't have a rank outside, hence they are putting a tablet in. Would rather this than the hotel/restaurant booking them a scab.

Editorial said...

No mate, you hang on.
First paragraph says
hotel lobbies, airports, rail stations
These have perfectly adequate ranks outside?

Fifth paragraph
W Leicester Square, the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury
Also have ranks

These are the places drivers will be up in arms about,

This article could have been better written!
You should have spoken to the trade before entering on such a folly
The way this venture has been promoted, is ill advised, that's my advice.


may also be placed on trains so that passengers can arrange for a taxi to be waiting for them when they arrive

Yeh right, that's gonna please the line of taxis waiting at Waterloo, Victoria, Paddington, Liverpool Street, etc.

Nicking the passengers by jumping the queue basically.

Anonymous said...

At last the voice of reason!!!

No such thing as a Mini-cab's private hire and requires a booking to organise a vehicle to be at a pre-arranged pick up.

You keep servicing the 'arms up' and let us deal with the disgrace of not having the knowledge as we pick up work generated by these apps!!

It's ironic really but you keep banging on about the cars and cabs that do this work being inferior because they haven't done the knowledge but you have only learned 133 square miles of the 607 you are licenced to ply for hire in. That means that you are only qualified as competent to work in a quarter of your licenced area, yet you feel superior to those of us who are qualified for our whole licence area!!

There is no difference between cars and cabs doing this work and a green badge being taken beyond the six mile radius. They invariably end up following a sat nav, or directions, because they are clueless and incompetent!!

......or are they quite capable of doing the job due to their professional experience and skills aquired over a number of years of hard work?

Like us!!

Anonymous said...

Its really just a form of advertising in the said locations. Most people have smart phones so if they were that keen they would already have the app and be using it anyway. If they dont its an option...whats the big deal?..If someone wants to book a cab from a hotel lobby and pay by card thats their prerogative. The fact a driver would get "irate" because a get taxi booking cab arrives and takes a fair says more about him than anything else. Hes probably one of the "cash only" photocopied stuck on sign brigade. Wake up its the 21st century, if your that "worried" get a driver App and upgrade that Nokia 100...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.48. You are right, but you dont earn the money do you, you have to have your wages topped up with working family tax credit. Would you really like to bring us down to your level, just because your too bone idle to do the knowledge.

Get Stuffed said...

It's not about that anon 1204, it's about the dilution of Plying for Hire.

Your view will only lead to the end of the KOL (Yellow or green) and us entering the twilight zone of PH sweated labour.

Wake up? it's the 21st Century not Feudal England.

Anonymous said...

It will allow punters to book a taxi without going through a 3rd party when leaving a hotel or restaurant and as the above has said, almost everyone has a smart phone now anyway... What's the difference, or am I being thick?

PB said...

Let's have a compromise solution from GT, they understate never to place these in any location with a rank.

Look at the damage we did to ourselves when 000s of cabs were in the Col empty but pre booked on run ins.

When it went quiet or the circuits and in one case our own trade organisation sold our work to PH, the trade had no loyal street work as we had passed that that into shitcart minicabs.

People prefer using a real cab but we denied them a service, commercial madness!

The more we act like PH the greater the pressure from them to use bus lanes or have a one tier solution that drives down standards, pay and status.

The future is unwritten!

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for...Its only a stroke of luck Addy Lee never got there first with this idea..They might yet.

Anonymous said...

who purchased addlee?

Anonymous said...

all get taxi have done for us is we now have somthink to watch on the net while waiting for a job