Monday, February 03, 2014

Cabvision are not a bidding party for Lee DaCosta.

I can confirm that I personally have visited DaC and raised the 'possibility' of making an offer for the Company. Cabvision's interest did not extend beyond this point and it did not lead to a formal offer or a signing of a Confidentiality Agreement. I had a lengthy discussion with Brian Rice, who explained to me the process of how any 'takeover' might work. 

We have been surprised by the strong rumours that we are one of the two bidders announced in the letter to DaC members; again I stress that Cabvision has made no financial offer for DaC and did not advance to a stage where we would even receive any financial or management information. The rumours are totally unfounded and curious. 

Cabvision are not bound by any confidentiality with DaC.

We have no idea where the rumour has come from, or who leaked them, but we do remain an interested party and may revisit our position some time in the future.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Lee DaCosta


Statement from DAC Chairman Brian Rice:

I am mailing you direct so you know this e-mail actually came from me and not someone purporting to be me.


Regarding the statement made by Lee DaCosta, I agree with his statement, he did in fact visit this office with his father Peter as they were interested in Dial-a-Cab, it went no further than that, that was probably the best part of two years ago, perhaps even a little more.


According to Lee there are rumours regarding Cabvision and Dial-a-Cab, I would like to make it quite clear that I have never mentioned that Cabvision were interested in purchasing Dial-a-Cab.


Consequently, I am at a loss to understand why an individual (obviously not Lee DaCosta) is stating that I am not telling the truth regarding Cabvision and Dial-a-Cab – that can’t be right, as I have never said anything to anyone regarding the two companies.


Incidentally, in my letter to Members where I mentioned two organisations that were interested in Dial-a-Cab, neither of them were Cabvision.  


Kind regards


Brian Rice


Anonymous said...

What rumours
Who gives a fig who Dial a cab is sold to.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the biggest radio circuit will be taking most of there work the red logo

Anonymous said...

No interest to most drivers
Board sold drivers old years ago

Now will take home the wedge and DAC will become another Con Cab