Thursday, February 06, 2014

LCDC Chairman Supports RMT And TSSA Tube Strikers, Then Slams TfL's Taxi Engagement Policy.

If ever anyone ever needed proof, that the engagement policy is now dead in the water, just have a listen to Grant Davis on the Eddie Nester show yesterday evening on BBC Radio London Drive Time.

Nestor asked: "Why dont you believe them?"

Grant Replied: "Because I've dealt with TfL and what they say and what they do is two different things. They come on your show and tell everyone, the public on the radio, that everything is going to be fine and dandy. But you read the small print, it never ends up like that Eddie. But then it's far too late down the road. We're just finding that out in the Cab Trade now."

By "We're" we assume Grant means the UCG. 
Well, better late than never I suppose.

This is something the RMT, UCG, The Anderson Shelter and Taxi Leaks have been shouting about for over four years. Unfortunately it fell on the death ears of the UTG.

No surprises really.
It stands to reason that after getting exactly what they wanted from the United Trade Group leading up to the Olympics (because let's face it, that's what it was all about) and now the honours and bonuses have been dished out, LTPH has now been dismantled and replaced by the Surface Integration Program (SIP). 

The door to constructive engagement has been firmly slammed shut to the trade and there is no one left to engage with.

The elletist group formally known as the UTG are now out in the cold with all other trade orgs.

But has someone still got a crafty foot in the door?
Not one word about SIP from the LTDA.

Surely this was discussed at TfL board level?

What is it they say: He who lays down with dogs, gets up with fleas!

Below, the letter sent to Peter Hendy by The LCDC, almost begging to be let back around the folding table. 


Rev. V Haldady (unordained) said...

No one likes to witness the public eating of humble pie and the once campaigning LTDA brought to this by its gullible leadership.

Still better late than never but Grant Davis and the committee of the LCDC do need to offer an olive branch to those they did not seem mind being excluded by TfL.

As far as TfL see it as long as them board member appointed by the Mayor says nowt then the cab trade is in the hutch.

If you need proof just look how aggressive the police got at the Aldwych demo and Pre Olympics at Hyde Park Corner.

The Tube dispute will be resolved and the unions will have a solution that safeguards their members and public safety.


Because with the strike TfL have to take them seriously.


Due to the mechanism of appointing Bob Oddy and therefore sterilising the LTDA, TfL just have to throw the odd bone to grab a headline in Taxi, Woodfield Road aren't going to challenge the cosy set up.

The other UTG organisational are irrelevant to them.

LCDC and Unite have now realised that.

All for less than the price of a Cab!

25000 drivers and 5000 ancillary trades all stymied because of this, get organised and start making some headlines.

It's YOUR future! YOU have to fight for it!

Anonymous said...

Well maybe it's about time that mr Davis. Started to wake up and unite with the RMT what has the joint trade groups achieved. Lets think about it now ????? Sod all Oh sorry stickers for passengers to look out for bikes lol what a joke lets face it tfl get away with too much what's next fixed price from April watch this space

Anonymous said...

A cab driver called Matthew made some very good comments,well done Mat.

As for Davis, go and join your mate.....Mason!

Ex-LCDC said...
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