Sunday, January 19, 2014

Transport For London Forget Twitter Handle On Social MediaAdvert...#TfLfail.

An innocent observation by a London commuter referring to a slight social media fail by Transport For London has snowballed on Facebook.

Earlier this week Chris Hewitt, news editor for film magazine Empire, noted that TfL's latest poster campaign advertising its presence on Twitter, had left out one vital piece of information.

Following a Facebook share by UK satirical news site The Poke, the tweet has gone viral.

Responses on Facebook to the ill-advised poster range from "Bunch of overpaid idiots!" to "They obviously got lost being caught in the moment forgetting to put on their twitter handle."

And as one irritated Facebook user points out: "It's especially handy when you're underground but can't actually receive twitter alerts until your entire journey has been messed up."

In the same week, TfL announced a public consultation on the Congestion Charge......and published the wrong phone number!
These mistakes must be costing a fortune for the taxpayer in leaflets etc.

Source the Huffington Post.


Anonymous said...

TfL Communication's staff do not seem to be brightest crayons in the box

Anonymous said...

is there ever any goods news on taxi leaks moan moan moan

Editorial said...

Sorry anon 2:27 we only report the facts.

We are not in the business of manufacturing stories to give a false impression that all is well and rosy.

Although if you dig up something cheerful appertaining to the trade, please feel free to sent it to

Anonymous said...

TFL Fing idiots the lot of them!!