Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Telegraph gets it wrong about the new MetroCab and Steve McNamara say's no one asked his opinion.

The Telegraph's Scott Campbell stated: 
This new electric London black cab, could save drivers up to £200 per week in fuel costs. ( Amazing claim!)

Metrocab’s six-seater vehicle is the first taxi to be powered entirely by electricity, but it has a small petrol engine that generates power to recharge the vehicle’s batteries, meaning that "it never has to be plugged in".
(Further into the article, we find conversation about the lack of appropriate charging points??? nice bit of consistency Scott.)

Sir Charles Masefield, the company’s chairman, who seems to know more about Taxi driver's finances than Taxi drivers know themselves, said: 
"Drivers can make vast savings by using the vehicle, which will cost the same as LTI’s traditional diesel black cab. A typical London driver does about 200 miles a day and they’re spending about £50 on fuel. 
(Would be nice to know who they consulted on these figures)

On average you’ll spend about £10 a day on fuel so you’re saving £40 a day, which is about £14,000 a year,” he said.
(That's only if you work 200 miles every day, 365 days a year!)

“It’s different in a huge number of ways from anything that is on offer or even anything that is currently under development so it is actually the next generation ahead.”

The Vice General Secretary of the LTDA, Steve McNamara said: 
Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, said that industry workers, including drivers and mechanics, were ignored by Metrocab during the development of their flagship electric taxi, which is due to launch later this year.

“We’ve got just over 10,000 members now. I speak to hundreds of cab drivers every week, I speak to all the other organisations, 
(tut tut Steve, not true...UCG and RMT to name but two!) the proprietors, the mechanics, I get dozens of phone calls from them, all the different charity groups and no one I’ve spoken to has had any dealings with them at all,” Mr McNamara told The Telegraph.

The Source London website, shows just four rapid charge points for electric vehicles in London with one centrally, on Eagle Wharf Road in Hackney, but commercial vehicles are banned from using it. 

However, a TfL spokesman said that this is a technical glitch and there are in fact 129 rapid charge points across the capital.

McNamara said that regular and fast-charge points are not good enough for cab drivers as they would have to wait for up to four hours to recharge their vehicles.

A spokesman for Dial-A-Cab, said the company had not been consulted about Metrocab’s new vehicle, but its drivers were asked to complete a survey to gather information about potential locations for new charging points.

McNamara went on to say:
“The Mayor has driven it, TfL commissioner Peter Hendy, has driven it, but none of them buys cabs. 

They could not have got it more wrong if they tried. These people don’t know the industry and they’ve got it so wrong.

“They’ve put themselves on the back foot before they’ve launched it and you think, 'how much more can they get it wrong?’ This is not a car they’re going to be selling to the public."

Its amazing how TfL have managed to get t it so wrong, as the other vice general secretary of the LTDA, Bob Oddy, is the Mayor's advisor on transport, on the board of TfL. Would be interesting to find out just what advice he's been giving the Mayor on this issue.


Anonymous said...

if mugnamara hasn't driven it, how does he know "they couldn't have got it more wrong "????

Anonymous said...

Toys out the pram cos he didnt get a drive....

Anonymous said...

So McNamara does have a voice and an interest in the future of the London cab trade...
It's a shame he doesn't have the passion to challenge TfL over the corrupt implication and now proven inproper taxi age limit.

The trade is in such a dire state of affairs because of the likes of McNamara, Davis and Unite the union.

I'm Spartacus said...

Yet no one could drive the Nissan but the LTDA were happy to endorse that with positive words.

Taxileaks will be there today expect an unbiased appraisal.

Remember this site is not affected by the need sell advertising space and is truly independent and the leaks team are members of many different trade organisations or none at all.

We are working can drivers removing the spin on matters concerning the trade.

Anonymous said...

question, where is the bumper and if you have a knock does whole front end need to be replaced

Anonymous said...

Plough £30,000+ of my money into a vehicle with no pedigree or history...
They really do think we are idiots don't they!

Anonymous said...

That wonky windscreen wiper is the kind of thing you used to get on domestic market Ladas in the Soviet Union.

It is not a good look that either

a) they cannot be bothered to make sure the wipers are aligned properly for press photos; or

b) they cannot have hidden (or even horizontal) resting wipers and get the correct sweep for the windscreen.

Maybe not important by itself but will it be symptomatic of the general engineering approach for the rest of the vehicle (i.e. half-baked)?

The concept of the car is very good but things like the wipers and the plastic hubcaps from Halfords do not inspire confidence that these guys can get the rest of the tech to work.

Hopefully they spent so much time on the car itself that they forgot these sorts of superficial details!

Given the new 2018 deadline for PHEV/ EV new-registered taxis, and the likely 2020 introduction of euro6 diesel/euro4 petrol minimums for entrance into CCZ, does this mean TX4 is essentially not viable as a taxi? It *can* be sold for another 4 years but who will buy it if you can only use it for 6 more years?

The Nissan is future-proof in that sense since it is euro5 (presumably) petrol so I still think this will be the default choice.

I don't know anything about M-B or Geely euro6 plans though...

glasgow cabbi said...

Lets see what happens on trials stop being negative lti have being getting away with fecking murder for years ,I am a Glasgow cabbie and embrace the change metro cab beware we need good warranty....

Anonymous said...

Anything is an improvement on the so called "London Taxi" that has been a heart breaker for 60 years. Only people who have not had a choice have been forced to buy them, as nobody would have one by choice,they are old fashioned, over priced,uncomfortable and poorly built piles of junk.

Anonymous said...

we have heard all sorts of Chinese whispers Regarding price. Does anyone know how much these vehicles will cost. We have heard over 50,000? Does anybody have a reliable figure?