Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year, New Offensive. First Major Jim Thomas.

Last night on Regent Street, the London taxi trade united and fought off the touts. 

It was a great success, a major victory.

Let's hope this sends out an important message to the leaders of all the trades representative bodies, just what a united force of drivers can achieve.

Last night, there wasn't one private hire vehicle, illegally plying for hire, touting in the bus lane and causing congestion at the Swallow Street Arch, thanks to: @LDNTaxiMarshall
directing the rank and file drivers who answered the call for action. 

The new rank at Heddon Street, has played a major role in dissuading the touts from hanging up at this once notorious touting hotspot.

Also let's not forget, while this action was taking place, drivers were also servicing the Shard and Smiths, taking the work back wholesale. 

Both venues were really busy with the public backing the use of real taxis. 

This proves we can do it, working together, we can win back the stolen work.

The Marshals made a great decision to stay till 2am, which I believe made all the difference to the success of the evening. Twitter played a major role in defining the state of play. Messages abounded on all the joint work related accounts, giving updates at regular intervals.

Normally, on most Friday/Satureday nights, I go home disappointed and disillusioned. Sometimes I don't even work, basically because I find the sight of private hire touts, illegal ranking up, illegally plying for hire, touting and generally taking liberties so depressing.

But last night my spirit was elevated to an all time high and I went home two hours later than normal with a great big smile on my face and my pockets full.
Last night I experienced the same feelings I felt, on the night we amassed in St James Square and along with Knighty, Pacey and the rest of the forum hit squad, we split ranks and hit On Anon and Tiger Tiger in a joint operation. 

Things are finally looking up.

But we have to make sure we don't slacken off, we have to keep up the pressure.

Once the authorities, council and police see what we are doing, I believe we will get more and more assistance from them.

Marshals in strategic locations, are definitely the key. 


And everyone who took part, no matter who they subscribe to, were heroes.

We work hard for the sole right to ply our trade and we should never sit back and watch our work being stolen. 

More of the same tonight, so come along and join the fun.
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Anonymous said...

Great article Jim. I feel exactly the same when you see all the touts,but last night was a great feeling to be on the rank. Hope it continues. Cheers


Jason Byrne said...

Jim it's so nice to finally see all your efforts rewarded.
We sit and watch now as every tom dick and Harry claim the glory, but we know who deserves it Jim
Steve Burke
Dave Little
Paul Bond
And of course Jimmy Thomas

I have been sidelined by illness mate as you know but have been there in spirit
You guys gave been relentless since the rebirth of the Hit Squad, putting in countless hours researching, FOI requests and attending meetings with authorities, completely voluntary, no standdown pay
And just look what you've achieved

I take my hat off to you guys thrue trade savers
Please keep up the good work

Rip Van Spartacus said...

Good stuff, real working cab driver working FOR real cab drivers.

Will be staying out later from now on to continue the offensive.

Fancy it?

Eddie said...

Great work by Jim and the gang
And well done the marshals

Dr said...

No marshals tonight. Short lived trial.

Anonymous said...

We shall overcome!

Ride 2 we are mint for you!!!!

Editorial said...

I spoke to the a Marshals last night and yes it's true, the trial is for Fridays only.

TfL just can't find it within themselves to support us and safeguard the public 100%

But we mustn't despair.....
If this trial, which will be closely monitored is successfull, then it could well be extended.

Last night there were two suited observers along with parking wardens taking note of the goings on.
Generally the touts are keeping a low profile and parking in Swallow from Piccadilly.

We must continue to service the rank and keep up a presence.

This is a great rank, in all the time I've been using it, I haven't had one bit of trouble with any punter, haven't had one drunk.

Don't forget to keep asking @TFLTPH why? The rank is only marshalled on Fridays.
They don't generally answer this account as they get plenty of stick, but some one is taking note as I do on occasion get a DM back.

Lets not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
Keep up the good work, lets be positive and remember



Anonymous said...

In Glasgow the drivers association supply and pay the marshalls along with GCC. Works a treat. Good Luck. Unity is strength.