Friday, January 24, 2014

Licensing Fiasco Part 2: Pursuit of the Innocent, Ignoring the Guilty!!! Paul Bond.

Last week a response was received from Leon Daniels on behalf of Peter Hendy further to the issue (or non issue) of temporary licences whilst drivers await DBS clearance or in many cases the arrival of the licence weeks after the DBS (CRB) 'clearance' is received.

See previous post for Leon Daniels reply:

As you can see TfL are having none of it with little justification despite the temporary licence solution working very well in many towns and cities elsewhere.

The reply raises yet again the following issues:

1. Is it innocent drivers fault the police have failed to notify TfL of offences that have ALREADY been committed by a very small number of drivers?

2. The offenders were already licenced when the offences were committed so where is the public protection element of denying everyone else a licence?
Surely anyone can reason that these very few individuals would hardly care about driving a cab whether licenced or not knowing their misdemeanours were coming to light anyhow?
Again only the innocent are suffering.

3.Many TfL staff require DBS (CRB)  clearance, are they sent home (on full pay?) pending arrival of the 'clearance'?

4. There are delays in DBS (CRB), TfL has sub contracted this process out, many other sub contractors are promising and delivering far faster results.
Have TfL gone for the cheapest quote and is it another Cable Car or signalling contract cost fiasco?

5. Even when the DBS arrives, there are still delays in the licence coming out (another sub contractor?), TfL CANNOT BLAME ANYONE ELSE and has again cost cutting led to this?

6. Many innocent, long serving Taxi drivers are officially out of work yet nightly touts and PH vehicle openly flout the law often with the bogus alibi of the Satellite Office with little in the way of enforcement.

7. Birmingham hammer these criminals, impound cars and nick them for no insurance but TfL seem powerless, anyone would think TfL don't want to address the issue in any proper fashion?

The LTDA ad van pursued the Home Secretary on this but seems unwilling to mount a similar campaign over TfL's failings, Why?

Taxileaks can only advise drivers to apply for renewal on receipt of the paperwork, badger their GLA member and MP on this matter and join us for the call for an enquiry by the Transport Committee at Westminster into this and many other issues.

Natural Justice, Innocent until proven Guilty,Human Rights, Respect, Dignity.
All the absolute right of every British citizen.



Anonymous said...

While you wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait..... Have a demo at Trafalgar Square as soon as possible.

Bill Williams said...

Why are we not reading this type of comment in the Taxi or the badge?
or the other trade press?
Who are they frightened of offending FFS.
Hat off to Taxi Leaks, such a shame you are just a blog and not a trade body representing the trade.

30 years in the LTDA no more.
I'm not paying for Bob and Steve's Lexus, let them drive a cab like me.

I get all the up to date important stuff from this one blog. The others should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

We have always been tteated like second class citizens
Where else are you tried twice for the same offence.