Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hailo Introduce New Minimum Fare Structure.

Hailo for 2014: updated pricing tiers means more jobs for drivers

In order to make every Hailo job a good job, Hailo increased the minimum fare at the end of 2013 to encourage more drivers to accept more jobs and leave fewer passengers stranded.

It worked. In December, Hailo put more jobs in cabs - and more money in drivers pockets - than ever before.

So, as we welcome in the new year, we need to keep moving and make sure we’re offering the best service to drivers and passengers alike.

We’ve looked at the numbers and listened to what both drivers and passengers have been telling us. We need to set the minimum fares at the right level to get you more jobs at more times of the day.

So we’re introducing a lower minimum fare at off-peak. Starting Monday 6 January 2014 between 10am and 4pm on weekdays, the minimum fare on Hailo will be reduced to £8.

At late night (10pm - 2am) the minimum fare will be £15 and at all other times it will be a guaranteed £10.

Working with minimum fares is easy. Just remember two things:

  1. The minimum fare will be shown every time on the job offer screen (see screenshot below). NB. Drivers will need to be on at least version 3.4.1 of the app to see this. 
  2. Only ever enter the meter fare into the app - the correct minimum is worked out for you, taking any pre-set passenger tip into account.


As we enter Kipper Season, we want to make black cabs as attractive as possible for Londoners. Despite the success of Hailo, we leave thousands of passengers stranded every day and unable to get a black cab.

With the minimum fare, the driver rewards programme and the new Going Home button, Hailo is playing its part. So please do your bit and take the work that’s offered.


Chris said...

Even more confusion for punters and us. Damage has been done already.
Removing 5 free waiting time was the solution.

Anonymous said...

hailo will only work if the driver just takes nearest job whatever it is the work has to be covered and not just the cream jobs .as the driver you see theres a job around the corner accept or decline but you dont find out the destination until you take the job work as a fleet rather than looking after youself take the ruff with the smooth

Anonymous said...

By their own addmission Hailo admit to thousands of jobs going uncovered everyday How many many of there punters bother to use Hailo again after being let down, surely the answer is to allow a suburban driver the chance to cover the work when Its going begging rather than lose it to private hire forever. TFL and certain trade groups would have you believe this contravenes licence regulations but the law states that pre-booked jobs can be accepted by a licensed driver outside of their area as is the case nationally. while certain elements of the trade hold a witchhunt against suburban drivers whilst turning a blind eye to the antics of private hire this trade will damage itself irrevocabily.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of jobs going uncovered everyday seems a bit of an extreme statement.My app must be playing up!!!
Just how in practice would allowing suburban drivers to cover this be able to work??? Yellow badges driving about in town with light off waiting for a hailo job Sat Navs at the ready...??? Or customers waiting 15/20 mins for a suburban driver to do a 3 mile trek to them from their sector in to town would never work. Reality is if you want to work off hailo in town and get s piece of these "thousands of jobs" do the green.

Anonymous said...

Typical blinkered selfish attitutde.
Yellow badges do get jobs into central areas legitimately and my suggestions would be as a back up
rather than a first choice option, but
you continue with your head in the
Sand opinion until the lack of
coverage forces TFL to allow private
hire access to your sacred work
starting with strategic positioned
ranks across London covering YOUR
jobs. With less green badges now than ten years ago and private hire multipying like rabbits now long do you think you have?

rather than a first choice. Hailo themselves admit poor coverage, but you continue with your head in the sand

LCY Len said...

Anon 11.37 you're wasting your time trying to make a green badge see the advantages of keeping the work in the trade. I've actually had them tell me they would sooner a mini cab take jobs in town than a yellow badge. I can't quite get the logic in that, but they seem to think there is some. They wont be happy until they've got to the full six foot grave depth, booked the hearse and screwed the lid down.

Anonymous said...

Hailo is a business run for profit, the work levels havent increased since Hailo its just another way of working, or catering for the App generation.If they thought yellow badges could cover even as a back up then they probably would. Its putting it in to practice in a way that would work that was my point. If the nearest cab is more than 15mins away then the app shows no coverage.

Lcy Len said...

Putting it into practice would be fairly simple inasmuch as they could do a few trials allowing yellows to take jobs in the areas closest to the city etc without actually being in there and if the coverage is improved then extend it. Sadly the real reason Hailo won't let yellows take the jobs is because people like Mr Davis and his mini-me sidekick Mr s would scream blue murder just as they did over brushfield st , losing com cab a lucrative contract to Addison Lee. I'm not saying that yellow badges should have carte Blanche but the sensible thing to do would be to make use of them if they're available at the busier times.