Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Darren Johnson AM: End to Waterloo Bridge parking a "sensible step"?

The leader of Lambeth council has responded to concerns raised by Darren Johnson AM by pledging to end parking on Waterloo Bridge by the end of this financial year.

The Green Assembly Member highlighted constituents’ concerns about congestion and the obstruction of cycle paths by parked vehicles in a letter to Councillor Lib Peck in Autumn 2013.

Responsibility for Waterloo Bridge is shared by two councils - Lambeth controls the southern half and the City of Westminster the northern half. In the section under Lambeth control, double yellow lines are already installed on one side of the road but obtaining a traffic order could allow them to be introduced on the other side.

On the City of Westminster side, the current traffic orders have waiting restrictions in place on Monday to Saturday from 7am-7pm which permits parking outside of these hours and all day on Sunday on both sides of the bridge.

Councillor Peck stated in her letter of response “Our officers have been in contact with TfL and through them discussions are now ongoing with the City Of Westminster, who will have to introduce double yellow lines on their section to maintain continuity. I can confidently say that changes can be made by end of the financial year (or sooner - subject to resources).”  

In October 2013 the Mayor of London responded to a formal question tabled by Darren Johnson AM by urging LB Lambeth to ‘respond positively to TfL’s advances and ensure a consistent approach by installing double yellow lines’.

Darren Johnson commented:

“It is great news for cyclists and motorists alike that TfL and the two boroughs are taking the sensible step towards ending parking on this busy stretch of road.

“Congestion in the area will be eased as road capacity will be released to moving traffic rather than used for parking spaces. Cyclists will no longer find their routes blocked by stationary vehicles and won’t be forced to swerve into busy streams of traffic to avoid these obstructions.

“A safe central London cycle network can only be achieved if we tackle anomalies like this and provide consistency across the network. I shall continue to hold TfL and the boroughs to account and ensure they deliver on this issue.”

Source: London.Gov.UK

Editorial Comment:

Question to Darren Johnson.

Darren, is there one rule for ordinary motorists and a completely different rule for certain TfL favoured Private Hire Companies?

If it is imperative not to block cycle lanes, why are RD2.coms drivers, allowed by TfL to park up, form an unauthorised rank, illegally plying for hire, waiting on a TfL red rout (double red lines) and completely blocking the cycle lane outside old billings gate on lower Thames Street when there is a function on?

The actions of these PHV drivers are forcing cyclists to driver in the car lanes, putting themselves and other motorists in danger.

Yet not one word, tweet, email or website statement from TfL.

We look forward to your reply Darren.



Anonymous said...

these wanker`s,dont they know why they do it,it`s theater go`er that park there,if they stop it,the theater`s would suffer more than they are now,or is it they want more money out of you again,because if I know westminster thats what at the back of there mind,they would say if they can go to the theater,then they can pay to park,this westminster lot could not do a days work if they tried

Anonymous said...

Greens not interested in what's good or safe for general public, they just want to dictate their agenda

David Murphy said...

Lambeth laughingly refers to the importance of a "high quality pedestrian realm" around the Southbank Centre. Have you seen the state of the stairs leading down to the Festival Hall and National Theatre? Fact is they can't be bothered in reality as long as they tick boxes, commission outside consultants and keep themselves in cushy jobs. They have allowed these areas to decline into smelly, unrepaired, badly lit holes where I would be ashamed to take any visitor to London. The traffic restriction banning taxis from dropping off passengers and patrons to access these venues is just another sign of their contempt for London despite all the blarney about the "greatest city in the world". It's just a fiddle to them.