Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mercedes-Benz extends Eco City Vehicles financing

Eco City Vehicles,  a co-developer and supplier of the London licensed Mercedes Vito taxi, has confirmed an extension of its financing arrangements with Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz has maintained the company's existing stocking facilities of £5.75m in total, in order to support the working capital required for the continued growth of the business. 

The terms of the facilities are in line with the company's existing facilities and will enable the company to order additional taxis from MB when required.

Eco City Vehicles said that in order to facilitate the extension of this stocking facility, KPM-UK Taxi Plc Discretionary Pension Scheme has agreed a letter of subordination addressed to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited in relation to a total of £0.9m, out of a total outstanding loan balance of £1.2m to the pension scheme as at 31 July 2013. 

The scheme's beneficiaries are Peter DaCosta, Michael Troullis and Keith Marder, who all shareholders of the group. DaCosta is also a director of the group.

The pension scheme has undertaken to MBFS to maintain the subordinated pension loan until 31 August 2014 by lending back to the group, subject to HMRC rules, within 30 days of receipt any repayment of principal amounts necessary to ensure that the outstanding loan balance will not be lower than the Subordinated pension loan balance. 

At 1:57pm: [LON:ECV] share price was +0.06p at 1.88p.

London Cabbie? Friend or relative of a cabbie? If so, you may be able to help us charge 2 thieves with a crime…

On Monday 11th August at 2:53pm a London black cab was parked on Bishops Avenue, SW6.  2 males have broken into this cab by smashing a window and have stolen a handbag plus other items.  This was not reported to police by the victim but our intrepid neighbourhood officers have made a series of enquiries since, utilising intelligence that was passed to us, resulting in 2 arrests.  Sadly the missing bit of the jigsaw to allow us to charge these 2 is a victim statement.  Without that we can’t send these suspects to court to face justice.

The driver of the cab, our victim, is a white male, in his 30s or 40s and of stocky build.  He had possibly parked his cab on Bishops Ave to visit the nearby park with his two children who were with him, a boy & girl under the age of 10.  Unfortunately we do not have know the registration number of the cab.

Is this cabbie you? Do you know a fellow cabbie who this could be? Do you have a relative/friend who this could be? And even, if you use black cab can you mention this to the driver to see if he/she knows who it could be please?

As you can probably tell we’re really keen to speak with the victim so these suspected thieves, who are currently on bail, can be charged and face court.

If you can help, please call Sergeant Finbar King on 0208 246 2453.  As always, thank you for your support.

Friday, August 23, 2013

HS2 could turn into a "nightmare"

The HS2 rail project has come under fire from another senior Labour figure today - as Alistair Darling warned soaring costs could turn it into a "nightmare".

Darling, who served as chancellor and transport secretary, said the economic benefits were "highly contentious" and there was a risk that funding would be drained from the rest of the network.

However, current Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin defended the scheme, insisting it still had Prime Minister David Cameron's backing.

The Government has estimated the cost of HS2, which will see 225mph trains running from London to Birmingham by around 2026, at £50 billion.

But Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) research earlier this week suggested the eventual bill would be £80 billion, and it has been reported that the Treasury is actually working on a figure of more than £70 billion.

Support among the Labour hierarchy appears to be fading, with former business secretary Lord Mandelson voicing opposition recently and shadow chancellor Ed Balls insisting the party would not sign a "blank cheque" for the project.

E-petition, to scrap plans for the HS2 'Paving Bill'

Responsible department: Department for Transport

The mad rush for the HS2 project is being fuelled by sentiment and sound bites which have no basis in reality, and the proposal to submit a paving bill reflects this.

The DfT has knowingly fabricated the supporting evidence for HS2, using every outdated figure and model available to them. As a result, they have presented a grossly inflated business case which doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The costs are too great and the value for money of the project is far too low at a time of supposed austerity.

Environmentally HS2 is a disaster threatening at least 350 unique habitats, 50 ancient woodlands, 30 river corridors, 24 Sites of Special Scientific Interest and hundreds of other important areas which cannot be replaced.

HS2 would have significant social impacts, uprooting householders and devastating communities without proper compensation.

HS2 is simply a vanity project and must be cancelled.

To sign this petition, click on link

Illegal taxis face crack down...Shame It's Not London.


Unlicensed taxi drivers are being told they will not be tolerated as the district council conducts a crack down during the Silverstone Moto GP later this month.

As thousands of motorsport fans descend on the area for the race weekend starting Friday, August 30, South Northants Council (SNC) will carry out a test purchase operation.

The council is also reminding passengers that unlicensed private hire vehicles may not be insured and their vehicles may have missed out on safety checks.

Cllr Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environmental sciences, said those breaking the rules will be prosecuted.

He added: “The action we are taking sends out a clear message that we will take action against illegal activities that may put the public at risk.”

New York accident cab driver admits he wasn't cut out to to drive taxis in the city

The New York taxi driver who mowed down a young British woman after a road rage clash with a bicycle messenger has admitted that he was not cut out to be behind the wheel of a cab in the city.

As Sian Green, 24, was treated in hospital for the loss of one leg and horrific injuries to the other, Mohammed Faysal Kabir Himon said that he should not be driving taxis in New York.
"I don't want to drive a taxi." said Mr Himon, 24, a Bangladeshi immigrant who has a series of traffic violations to his name and did not have the paperwork to operate the cab that hit Miss Green outside the Rockefeller Centre on Tuesday.

"I need a more suitable job," he told the New York Post in his first interview since the horrific accident. "There's too much stress when you're driving in the city." But there was apparently no apology in the interview for Miss Green, a fashion buyer who works at a Hugo Boss store in her home city of Leicester.

William Lord, her live-in boyfriend, and family members have flown to be at her bedside in Bellevue hospital in Manhattan.
"There are not enough words to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped our family during this difficult time," said Jason and Sonia Green, Miss Green's parents, through a statement.

"We would especially like to thank everyone at the initial scene of the accident, especially David Justino and Dr. Oz, all the Emergency Services personnel at the scene who came to our daughters aid, the staff at Bellevue Hospital Center, both medical and non-medical. Everyone we have come into contact with at the hospital has been more than helpful in ensuring our daughter is being well taken care of."

Green's parents also thanked the New York Police Department, "who have been at the hospital the entire time helping us", the "amazing" staff at British Airways, who were amazing, "the staff at our hotel, especially Fred Grapstein, all our friends and family for their expressions of care and concern, and a very special thanks to all the people of New York City and beyond who we don't know and have sent well wishes to our family.

"We hope Sian will soon be on her way to recovery and will be able to personally thank all the kind people of New York City."

The British tourist had only arrived in the city on Monday night with her best friend Keisha Warren for an eagerly-awaited holiday. The two women were eating hot-dogs on a busy midtown street when Mr Himon lost control of his taxi and mounted a pavement after a dispute with a cyclist.
Mr Himon lamented that the accident was "a disaster for me" as "someone lost a part of their leg because of all this" and blamed Kenneth Olivo, the cyclist, for the accident.

He could face criminal charges after investigators study surveillance video footage, interview witnesses and stage a reconstruction of the accident. He has so far only been issued a summons for not being authorised to drive the particular taxi.

Mr Himon, who has been driving cabs for three years, has a series of violations for offences such as speeding, running a red-light and making an improper turn. He was also involved in an accident in 2010 in which a passenger was injured.

He gave his account of the road rage clash with Mr Olivo, 40, a bicycle courier who has also been arrested several times and pleaded guilty to a charge of menacing in April after threatening to "decapitate" a man and kill his family during a row in a fast-food restaurant.
"He was in my way and I got upset, so I gave him notice that I wanted to pass through," Mr Himon told the newspaper, indicating that he sounded his horn.

"He started pounding on my car with his hands and was yelling things at me.
I suddenly felt like I had to get out of there. It was becoming a bad situation. So I accelerated to get in front of him." He said that after that "everything becomes cloudy" as he smashed into Miss Green.

"I don't know how, but I just lost control of the car," he said. "I was in shock. When I crashed, I didn't even see the lady. At first, I didn't think I hit anyone, then I saw her foot by my car. I can't get it out of my mind." "It was so disturbing. I was afraid I was going to lose all my senses. When I saw her leg, I froze. I couldn't walk or talk.

"I personally feel that if that man on the bike didn't bang on my car, maybe this would not have happened," Himon said. "I didn't yell at him. I had my windows up and my AC on. I could barely hear what he was saying." Mr Olivo told journalists at the scene of the crash that Mr Himon caused the accident after first accelerating into him and flinging him onto the taxi.

Asked by the New York Post why he worked as a taxi driver if he did not think the job was suitable, Mr Himon said: "I need to make a living. I just needed to do something to support my family."

The hospital where Miss Green is being treated released a statement detailing their decision to amputate her left leg but also expressing the belief that her right leg may recover fully from the injuries suffered.
"Ms. Green had her left leg amputated below the knee as a result of the accident," said Trauma Surgeon Spiros G. Frangos. "Given the condition of the lower leg, replantation was not an option. Her right leg sustained multiple deep lacerations which were also cleaned and repaired and will likely regain most functionality with time and physical therapy.

"She has been cared for by a highly trained trauma and surgical team and was fortunate to not have sustained other major injuries. Ms Green has remained optimistic despite the difficult circumstances and is very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family."

Source: The Telegraph. 

The Mayors Transport Supremo, Sir Peter Hendy In Scandal With £140 an hour Hooker. Why So Little Interest From The Media?

Boris Johnson’s transport chief wooed £140-an-hour prostitute girlfriend with four Oyster cards loaded with £10 each and a London 2012 badge over nine month affair
  • Sir Peter Hendy 'had an affair with a hooker' in run-up to the Olympics
  • Rachael Grundy claimed they had weekly sex sessions and fell in love
  • Sir Peter, 60, 'agreed to be a financial guarantor so she could rent a flat'
  • 'He ended nine-month relationship after his wife found the documents'
  • Transport commissioner earned £652,000 last year in pay and bonuses
  • Married father-of-two was knighted by Princess Anne in March

It has often been said that there's nothing stranger than the truth. 
On a no news day, this story should have been a blessing in disguise.
So why did leading media organisations show so little interest in such a major story?

Lets look at yesterday's time line.

The Sun broke the story. Only headlines are available free on line.

But there is not coverage on BBC Radio London and LBC -they must be aware of it.

The Evening Standard covers it
but puts a 'no public cash used' slant on the story and readers not allowed to comment online.
Early Evening
The Daily Mail covers the story at 16:55pm on line
and readers can comment...and so far, 112 have. 

And then....nothing

Nothing on BBC London TV news, nothing on ITV and surprisingly, nothing on Sky news.

It's August, no news - 'The Silly Season' so to most media outlets this is a blessing so why so little coverage?

Just how much power have TfL Got to get 
the media to either ignore or play down this story.
(Remember the way the demos were played down over the Olympic issues)
What's in it for Radio London and LBC ignoring the story?

Meanwhile according to The Mail, 'His brother is John Hendy QC is a leading barrister'.......

Today's Story In The Sun

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sir Peter Used Seedy Escort Website To Find Pay As You Go Sex.

London's transport boss Sir Peter Hendy did not spend any public money on a fling with an escort girl, friends said today.

Married Sir Peter, whose taxpayer-funded salary and bonus paid last year totalled £660,000, is alleged to have pursued the affair with call girl Rachael Grundy for nine months as he planned the hugely successful 2012 Olympics transport system. 

City Hall was under pressure today after the claims about the relationship.

The Transport for London chief is said to have met Ms Grundy at her flat in Victoria and at his nearby flat.

If he had used public funds during the affair, he could face calls to repay it. But friends say that no taxpayer’s cash was used.

“No public money was involved,” said a source, “not a penny.”

Ms Grundy, 40, told The Sun how she fell in love with Sir Peter after he allegedly contacted her through her escort website.

When asked what made her fall for the multi-millionare Bus Boss, the £140-an-hour call girl said: “He seemed a lovely, considerate, polite man and he was lots of fun.

“He contacted me through my escort website and booked me for a three-hour session (£420) at my flat. We hit it off immediately.

“I stopped charging him by the hour and it developed into a proper relationship — I fell in love with him. He’d give me money but we never discussed it. It wasn’t about money.”

A source said the strength of the relationship had been exaggerated but as it developed, Sir Peter is understood to have agreed to put his name, and his employment at TfL, on a guarantor form so Ms Grundy could rent a flat as she had to move out of her existing one.

But he is not believed to have signed the form after becoming “uncomfortable” about the situation that he was getting himself into and realising it was not a “sensible” thing to do. After the relationship ended, Ms Grundy, who is said to no longer work as a call girl, is believed to have threatened to go to the newspapers about it.

Another senior TfL official’s name was also on the document as a “work reference” for Sir Peter, who was knighted in March by Princess Anne for the Olympic transport success.

Father-of-two Sir Peter, 60, met up with Ms Grundy, according to The Sun, while his wife Sue was at their home in the West Country. “I didn’t know who he was at the time, he just seemed like a really lovely guy,” Ms Grundy told the paper.

“I knew he was involved with London transport but it didn’t really matter. I only realised he was an important public official with a knighthood about two months ago.”

A TfL spokesman said: “Sir Peter Hendy has no comment to make on his private life.” Mayor Boris Johnson also declined to comment. Can't wait till the next time he's on the Eddie Nestor show on BBC radio London.

Sir Peter’s salary last year was £344,000, plus two years’ worth of bonus of £319,000 for the Olympics and other projects.

Neighbours of Ms Grundy, who lives in a two-storey apartment in Victoria worth at least £500,000, said she had not been spotted since her claims over the affair.

Antonio Paparella, who works in a coffee bar two doors away, said: “She is very friendly and a regular customer but has not been in for a few days. I never saw her with that man.”

    Seedy Website Used By Sir Peter To Find Hooker

Source: Evening Standard.


Married Bus Boss bedded hooker during the Olympics run up then got knighthood
A £140 an hour hooker yesterday claimed Boris Johnson's transport chief payed her for sex behind his wife's back during a nine month fling. Rachel Grundy said she had weekly sessions with Sir Peter Hendy. She said "he'd take me for dinner, then we would go somewhere and have sex".

Rachel said she was shocked and hurt by the way Hendy cast her aside."I don't feel I owe him any loyalty" 

She added "we were together for about nine months and developed feelings for each other".
"But Peter has not lifted a finger for me so I don't feel I owe him any loyalty any more".
"The way he treated me is morally wrong. He is paid by tax payers and occupies a very respectable position, he should be setting a better example".

Rachel said Sir Peter offered to be her financial guarantor, so she could rent a flat.
The sun newspaper has seen guarantor forms providing Sir Peter's name, bank details, £344,000 salary and National insurance number.

The name of a very senior TfL boss also appears on the form- as a referee for St Peter's financial details. There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on their part.
Rachel claimed that on the day she was supposed to move in St Peter pulled out of the agreement and dumped her, leaving her homeless and pennyless, saying his wife Sue had found the guarantor documents.

LTPH issue "Sincere Apology": Please Ignore Letter Sent In Error.

LTPH have decided to hold their hands up and have sent out a sincere apology for the medical requests dispatched towards the end of last week.
Drivers who have received the requests have been informed to ignore the letters sent out in error.

Also if you have already had a medical in response to the request, they have published a list of phone numbers for you to contact the team dealing with this matter.

Traditional taxi ranks are being removed while ‘satellite offices’ are springing up everywhere. ‘Clipboard Johnnies’ working alongside a rank of minicabs illegally ‘plying for hire’, seem to be more concerned with expansion of criminal enterprise that they do with providing a safe public service.

Lawrence Webb, UKIP’s 2012 candidate for Mayor of London, says the policies of rivals Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson showed they “don’t care” about London’s iconic black cab trade.

Ask anyone what is iconic about London and they will tell you that the black cab is part of everyday life in the capital.
If you visit any one of the numerous tourist shops in London you will find souvenirs and knick-knacks to remind people of their trip.

Along with red post boxes and telephone boxes there are also miniature black cabs. The black cab is as synonymous with London as is Tower Bridge. However this industry, like so many others, is under threat.

Since November 2011, all new LTI taxis must be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

Instead of an all new engine, this filter is simply being retro-fitted to the existing model. Whist we all want to breathe cleaner air, these filters are not the answer especially as they add extra three thousand pounds or so to cost of a new taxi.

In many ways this is nothing more than a tax, levied at a sector that can ill afford it at a time when fuels costs are also going through the roof. 

Increasingly drivers of the traditional black cab are playing on an un-level playing field with the odds decidedly stacked against them.

On top of the fifteen year lifetime of a taxi, as imposed upon them by TfL, drivers of new vehicles will have to work longer to cover the initial purchase price leaving less time to put aside money for the next cab.

But it is not just the additional cost that these filters bring; they simply do not work in an urban environment and can often result in costly repairs; not only in having the filters ‘re-generated’, but also to the engine itself if the filters are allowed to clog which causes back-pressure.

If that were not enough, there is new evidence that point to DPF filters being responsible for a number of vehicle fires. 

If the Low Emission Zone were purely about lowering emissions, then there are other simpler ways of achieving that goal, not least reducing the duty on cleaner diesel which would not only benefit the environment but the motorist as well.

One of the greatest threat to the survival of the black cab trade comes from certain politicians. Ken despises all that is British and, particularly those things that are uniquely so.

And so desperate is he to see the British identity homogenised into a common European one that he actively encouraged the proliferation of ‘Euro-architecture’ – those awful red tile clad structures that seem to spring up everywhere and at the same time rid the streets of those things that remind us of who we are. 

Ask yourself why it is that Ken massively increased the number of private-hire vehicles in London and Boris has presided over ever greater encroachment of these operators into the areas that were once (and legally still should be) the preserve of the black cab.

Traditional taxi ranks are being removed while ‘satellite offices’ are springing up everywhere. ‘Clipboard Johnnies’ working alongside a rank of minicabs illegally ‘plying for hire’, seem to be more concerned with expansion of criminal enterprise that they do with providing a safe public service.

Whilst Ken and Boris argue about whose train set will run faster than the others and try and distract us with their various vanity projects, there is one group of people who know exactly what is going on and that is the London cabbie.

They see and hear everything and do not hesitate to voice their displeasure at what they see going on around them. Listen to any talk-radio station in the capital and you will undoubtedly hear cabbies calling in from across London telling people what is really going on and how the ordinary hard working folk of London truly feel about it. 

Perhaps that is why Ken and Boris are not concerned with the possible demise of the traditional London taxi? 

I believe that the service provided by the black cab is unique and is the envy of cities around the world and something that is worth fighting to preserve.

Article first published Feb 2012 on the MayorWatch Blog.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Royal Oak Taxi Centre, Open 24 Hours.

Entrance to the New Royal Oak.
Day time will be the same as before, through the Gates if the car wash in Hermitage Street.
After 11pm entrance to the car parks can be gained from 120 North Wharf Road...see video below.

P Bond RMT Vice Chair London Taxi Branch Answers Dave Davies.


Of course you are 100% correct about Boris, disinformation, misinformation and a flawed age limit scheme.

However the call for a scrappage scheme was based on the fact that TfL and the Mayor used the statistics (now rightfully discredited) and we therefore in effect called their bluff by saying that 'if its as bad as you are saying then a small investement in the cab trade would bring big benefits'.

Of course we can all debate the scandal of closing fire stations etc. etc. and we look forward to the Labour and Lib Dem Mayoral Candidates at the next election pledging immediate reinstatement of adequate Fire and Rescue cover.

The individual cab driver is a micro business and there are many ways they could be assisted into using cleaner cabs (in the Mayor's view not your's and mine of course) such as capital tax allowances, VAT rating etc. etc and not necessarily direct grant although the Cable Car, Boris Bikes etc. seem to enjoy just that despite absolute assurances from the 'usual suspects' that not one penny of public money would be used.

I would be happy to support retrofit of devices or whatever ACTUALLY does the job of reducing pollution and improves the working cab drivers environment.

What additionally of course we all seek is that this episode and other shocking practices are rightly exposed and those responsible held to account and you have been tireless in this regard and I salute you for it.

The real shame here is that other trade organisations cannot accept that in this instance they have been hoodwinked by the Mayor and have fell for his and TfL's less than sophisticated divide and conquer routine.

Still it's never too late, lets hope we can all come together and ensure that Boris, TfL etc. are placed in front of the Transport Committee of the house to explain their actions!

Here's hoping! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

More Poor Performance, From LTPH Licensing Administration.

There seems to have been a slight glitch in the licensing administration department at Palestra. 

Over the weekend approximately 100 drivers were mistakenly sent forms informing them they require a medical within 28 days to remain licensed as Taxi drivers. 

The affected drivers all have a September birthdate, apparently.

I received my letter on Friday, informing me I need a new medical in regards to my age. 
I found this strange, as I have already had this particular medical just under a year a go with my next medical not due for a few years yet.

Surely no one should have to have two medicals in a year?

So, I called the phone number included in the letter. 

After receiving a selection of recorded messages on every aspect of Taxi Licensing, then being placed in a queue and subjected to what can only be describe as an insult to music lovers. I eventually got through to David who immediately put my mind at rest saying he knew all about the problem and asked for my badge number for reference.

I  was informed the letters had been sent out in error to drivers with a September birthdate.
I asked Dave how many drivers were affected and he told me approximately 100.

He said LTPH had my contact details and if they wanted to speak to me any further concerning this matter, they would call me back. I was then told to ignore the request and not to have a medical.

Be that as it may, we now have a situation where approximately 100 Taxi driver could mistakenly undergo an unnecessary medicle, incurring costs of up to £100 each. Not every driver will take the trouble to phone up and complain. 

We believe it is imperative that LTPH issue statements on Twitter and their website immediately and also personally write to drivers asap, about the so called glitch, guaranteeing, they will be refunded any out of pocket expenses. 

Recently on the LTDF Taxi forum, drivers reported getting renewed bills with the wrong name/details/photos. One person reported they had received multiple new style licenses. It's very worrying that sensitive correspondence to licensed Taxi drivers seems to either go astray or turn up at the wrong address, especially after the news that 1in 10 licensed Taxi Drivers are in poccession of forged documents. 

LTPH must get their house in order soon, at present their reputation is at an all time low. 

Below is the unsigned letter, sent out in error.


Think the new Taxis are cleaner?

The fact is that you are wrong; the newer vehicles are not cleaner.

Boris himself made statements acknowledging that Euro 5 vehicles create MORE pollution.

(see info and link  below)

My 14 year old test taxi is cleaner than a brand new taxi , so to say that newer taxis are cleaner is factually incorrect.

I don’t care whether taxi drivers are bothered about the age limit; I have been fighting it on principle alone (if it was on a commercial basis I would have stopped a long time ago)

I know that the improper conduct and decisions can be exposed and that this will lead to full exposure of the corruption at TFL.

It will only be then that there will be a reasonable and fair system of management put in place.

To campaign for a scrapage scheme is absurd.

Most drivers cant afford to replace their taxis on a regular basis even if there was a subsidy

Secondly the new taxis are creating MORE pollution.

Thirdly there is no money for this and if there was it would be difficult for the GLA to justify bunging taxi drivers while fire stations are being shut, A and E departments closed down , police station being shut and thousands of emergency workers being put out of work.

Fourthly there are simple solutions to reduce pollution which would cost nothing ie engine clean up , bio fuels , better traffic management etc

There have been no improvements in diesel abatement technology that work effectively in an urban environment.

ALL diesel vehicles create excessive pollution including the new Nissan.

There are vehicles in development which will be available in 2016 which will be the cleanest achievable in the near future.

By asking for a scrapage scheme you are saying ’ pay us some money and we will accept the corrupt and improper practices of TFL. It portrays taxi drivers as self interested and money orientated which is not good.


There is a massive opportunity to hold TFL to account on the age limit issue. If taxi drivers are too dumb to understand that as a strategy, then they can only blame themselves for their inevitable fate.

This Government document includes evidence from the Mayor BEFORE the taxi age limit was introduced.

He acknowledges that the new Euro standards ie Euro 5 SHOW AN increase in NO2 from vehicles


Click on this link below:

The MAYOR Said in June 2011


‘’11. NO2 levels have not fallen in recent years as modeling had predicted. This is a problem across major cities in the UK and across the EU. Emerging evidence, including a report by King’s College London, suggests that this may be due to the failure of recent Euro standards to deliver expected reductions of NO2 [1] . A Euro 5 car, for example, emits around five times as much direct NO2 as a fifteen year old car.’’


(The report is dated 2011-before the Taxi Age Limit is introdcued)





This further statement below  is taken from the Mayors Air Quality Strategy in 2010.

He is acknowledging that improved Euro standards of approval for a vehicle do not show improvements in N02 (one of the harmful emissions).

In other words he is acknowledging that the Euro 5 taxis will not show any improvement in emissions

He also acknowledges that the drive cycle conditions at which vehicles are approved do not reflect the urban drive cycle in which they are used.

In other words he knows that they will not necessarily be any cleaner

The Mayor said;

Improving the emissions from all vehicles through new technologies

3.6.14. Euro air quality standards play an important role in driving improved performance

on emissions. They were developed to ensure that natural fleet replacement results in

significant reductions in pollutant emissions. They are also used by policymakers to

specify requirements within different policies and schemes. Their ongoing

development is therefore vital, with a focus on ensuring they are as effective as

possible in delivering the benefits in reduced emissions that they have been designed

to achieve, particularly when combined with abatement technologies.

3.6.15. Research into the application of Euro standards has highlighted that the higher

standards do not deliver the expected improvements in emissions of NOx, especially

for diesel cars and LGVs. Over the past few years, the amount of NO2 emitted directly

by these vehicles has increased and overall NOx emissions(which include NO2) have

tended to stabilise (rather than reduce), whilst improvements have been seen in HGVs

and buses, more so since the introduction of the Euro IV standards for these vehicle


3.6.17. The Mayor will encourage the Government and the European Commission to

ensure that future Euro standards deliver improvements in emissions in order to

improve air quality in London. The Mayor will all also seek to make the case for

improvements to the testing and enforcement processes for Euro standards; for

example, the vehicle approval processes and testing standards could better reflect the

actual on-urban road emissions of vehicles, as opposed to those derived from the

figures obtained in laboratory conditions or based on drive cycles that are not

representative of urban driving conditions.