Saturday, July 20, 2013

I’ve asked Monitoring Officer to investigate Boris........ by Nicky Gavron

As Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is meant to avoid taking any planning decision when he has a prejudicial interest. Yet went ahead and waved through the demolition of the Earls Court exhibition centres and nearby estates, despite knowing that an organisation he chairs – Transport for London (TfL) – stands to make a windfall from the redevelopment.

Over the past year, I have written formal letters and submitted formal questions to the Mayor informing him of this apparent conflict of interest. But he ignored these serious concerns.

He ignored the concerns earlier today, when I raised the issue once again at Mayor’s Question Time.

Faced with these sorts of responses, I today wrote to the Greater London Authority monitoring officer asking him to investigate whether the Mayor’s involvement in this decision was appropriate and his decision valid.

I have also distributed this press release:

Boris challenged over his role in Earls Court decision

London Assembly Member Nicky Gavron today challenged Mayor Boris Johnson over the apparent conflict of interest raised by his involvement in the controversial redevelopment of Earls Court.

At today’s session of Mayor’s Question Time, Ms Gavron noted that the Mayor, in his capacity as chair of TfL, joins tax-havened developers on the list of those who will benefit from the redevelopment. TfL is a major landholder on the development site and stands to make substantial gains when the project goes ahead. Despite this prejudicial interest, Boris neither delegated his planning function within the GLA or to the Secretary of State.

As the Mayor failed to explain his actions, Ms Gavron wrote to the Greater London Authority monitoring officer. She requested that the officer investigate the matter and make a judgement as to whether the Mayor’s involvement in this decision was appropriate and his decision valid.

London Assembly Labour Group Planning Spokesperson, Nicky Gavron AM, said:
“The Mayor waved through the controversial demolition of Earls Court exhibition centres and nearby estates despite serious concerns about the apparent conflict of interest raised by his role chair of TfL, which stands to make a windfall, and Mayor of London, which exercises planning functions.

“Boris has agreed to the knocking down of Earls Court and TfL are set to make short-term gains. This shows a complete disregard for local people and the local economy.

“The redevelopment of Earls Court means the loss of a close-knit community on one of London’s highest-quality estates. It will also cost thousands of jobs in the exhibitions industry as well as to the local and national economy. Earls Court contributes £1 billion a year and brings 2.5 million visitors and 30,000 exhibitors to West London.”

You can see the letter click here: Nicky Gavron letter to GLA monitoring officer re Mayor Earls Court decision

Source: Nicky Gavron AM.

Friday, July 19, 2013

London's Taxicabs: Don't Cut Your Nose Off To Spite Your Face

I have strong views about the roof top signs which I have posted on twitter on a number of occasions

Unique Appearance 
As we approach the day when we will no longer see a unique, iconic shape to the vehicle we drive, we should be looking at an effective way of giving back to the London Taxi, a look that would make us instantly recognisable.

Taxicabs in New York, San Fransisco and Las Vegas, are now a collection of odd shaped cars, minivans and utility vehicles. Yes I know New York's cabs are all yellow, but other cities have deferent colours depending on which company the cab is registered to. 
What makes most of then instantly recognisable is the rooftop advertiser fins.

Passengers identify them as a Taxis from great distances, because they stick out like a soar thumb. Before we dismiss these fins in London, lets remember they won't be compulsory. I think we should look a bit deeper at the benefits they could bring.

Greater visibility.
  * A uniqueness that would set us apart from PHVs.
  * We could demand the end of the scruffy supper sides and all over liveries that mostly make the cabs look cheap and nasty. 
  * Plus, together we could negotiate a better deal, I believe the company would in fact pay quite a bit more than what they are currently paying.

UK: Unilever In Magnum Promo With London Black Cabs

Unilever has launched a new outdoor advertising campaign for its Magnum ice cream brand, which will make use of the iconic London black cabs. The campaign features the use of temperature-activated ads on the roofs of the cabs, and is part of a £2m investment to support its limited edition Magnum Kisses range. 

The three-month-long summer campaign will see Unilever work with BrightMove Media's TaxiCast. The taxis will detect when temperatures rise above 19C (or above 16C when the sun is shining) along with the right level of humidity and brightness, and then activate roof-mounted LED screens that show digital real-time messages.

The taxi-top adverts are being rolled out onto 25 London cabs.

Personally, I believe these fins could be a bonus for the future of the trade, if handled right. 
But here's the rub!
Many noses could be put out by the demise of the highly profitable supper-sides and full wrap liveries that pay peanuts to vehicle owners.

More Choice To Come
At a recent branch meeting of the RMT, a leading London assembly member let slip that the Taxicab market is to be opened up. We could soon be seeing Nissans, Peugeots, Citrons, Fiats, Ford Transits and many others licensed as Taxicabs.

So, I can't use a few car parks!!! 
But with a roof fin, people will know I'm a Taxi no matter what I drive.

We've had unconfirmed reports that are only fitting their fins to black cabs at present. Wouldn't it be nice to see all London's cabs back to black and free of scruffy liveries.
Private hire could then be any colour but black.

As for super-sides, I really don't understand how drivers can be persuaded to do that to vehicles costing many thousands of pounds, for approx £15 a week? Beats me. 
I recently saw a brand new Mercedes Vito Taxi, in excess of £46,000 with an all over livery that made it look like a builders van. 

Secret Ballot:
Before you take part in the not so secret ballot, please think about the future of the trade tomorrow and not just the pound note of today.

Ask yourself one question;
Have the people who are organising the secret ballot got the Taxi trades best interest at heart...or do they have a definite conflict of interest?

I would just like to stress, Taxi leaks have no vested interest in the company supplying the Taxi fins, 

We carry no adverts from them on this or any other blog or publication we are associated with and have no business dealings what so ever with them.


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Yes we had a great Chelsea flower show week. 
Yes we had a great Wimbledon fortnight. 
Yes Hard Rock Calling and Wired were busy.
But don't take your eye off the ball just yet because, apathy IS killing the cab trade.

The writing was on the wall for the taxi trade, when the major taxi representative orgs (UTG) and the majority of drivers, refused to back the demonstrations against TfL's decision to ban us from the special lanes and sidelined the "Best Taxi Service In The World" from Olympic venues during the summer games. 

TfL/LTPH must have laughed their socks off at the "pathetic response" and the negative media PR, after the call for support, from the UCG and the RMT. It should also be remembered that when the bugle was blown, the United Trade Group suddenly went deaf.

Most taxi drivers still haven't got a clue and don't give a damn about what's about to happen to their trade. All they care about is today, the next fare, the next pound note.

They have no idea about the effect the Law Commission proposals will bring to the capital.
The dangers of dropping restrictions on cross boarder hirings 
Not defining Plying For a hire in law and in our favour
No management of growth for both Taxis and Private Hire 
The licensing of Rickshaws  

The LTDA, the trades biggest representative group, see no danger in the Law Commission proposals.

The Age Limit fiasco.
Major embarrassments from the Mayor, TfL and LTPH are constantly left out of UTG publications.
Nearly 6,000 older vehicles have been removed from service by the Mayor's Taxi Age Limit. Angry drivers complained in shelters and on ranks how they had been plunged into financial hardship. Then the DEFRA report came out and showed the older vehicles removed were in fact less polluting than the new cabs replacing them.

So far, since the DEFRA report was published, there hasn't been a single word of reference in any UTG publication. 

Again apathy
The RMT held a campaign and asked affected drivers (both members and non members) to contact them and register their details with the intention of taking legal action for compensation. 
Again, because of the "pathetic response" from a potential bank of 6,000 drivers, the RMT have now decided not to go forward with the action.

Every week, Taxi ranks disappear, once gone never to be recommissioned 
Every week, the lines of PHVs illegally plying for hire outside night venues grow longer. But Taxi drivers don't even bat an eyelid and are happy to drive round in circles, hoping to pick up the dregs the touts don't want.

The Tag hit Squad, who had so much success taking back the work from the touts in the early part of the year, now seem to be a distant memory. To much like hard work to rank up for a few minutes and the touts scoop up the work by the bucket load night after night.

The trade has allowed itself to be harassed and threatened by compliance officers who take no notice of the licensed touts.

Over ranking at Paddington and Waterloo is strictly enforced while licensed PHVs are allowed to block the bus lane in Regent Street and openly tout in Swallow Street. Charterhouse Street is a toutfest car park most nights, with the authorities, both council and police, taking a blind eye approach. The Met even commended for the fine work they are doing at Fabric, which we must assume includes their parking on the pavement blocking fire exits.

Taxi drivers etiquette has gone out the window as they overtake each other and take jobs they are not entitled to. Many drivers picking up beside ranks where their colleagues are sitting waiting with their lights on. It seems some drivers out there have no shame.

Most of the trade have their heads firmly stuck in the sand, believing others will fight hard on their behalf for the survival of the trade while they go to work.
In reality very few are actually prepared to fight for anything.

Apathy is killing the trade
When the Law Commission recommendations are set into law, it will be many years before they are looked at again, possibly not even in our life time.

It's amazing though, when you mention;
  * unlawfully issued satellite office licenses 
  * forged badge, bills and IDs 
  * the Mayor's Anti-Semitic contract 
  * illegally plying for hire
  * corruption at LTPH 
  * illegal Age limit on Taxis 
  * the Law commission proposals 
You get very little interest shown by the trade in general.

Yet say the magic words "Yellow badges" and everyone's up in arms. You'll get vigilantly groups, letters to MPs and drivers spitting blood. 

But don't take my word about the future of the trade, lets just look at what they did to the professional service that was "The Dublin licensed Taxi trade".

There used to be  2,700 plates in Dublin, the majority of guys knew one another, they helped one another no matter what the situation. If there was a bit of bother on the rank, if drivers broke down, there was always someone to help. There was respect and camaraderie. 

AT 8pm on November 21, 2000, Minister of State at the Department of the Environment Bobby Molloy, signed into law orders making taxi licences available to anyone who could drive, had €5,000 and a roadworthy vehicle, stating: “I do hope that what we have done will now once and for all solve the chronic taxi service problems in Dublin.

Dublin has now become a free for all, saturated with Taxis. On any day, you have over 13,500 licensed Taxis working with approximately 4,000 Taxis from outside the capital also working. It hasn't solved the illegal unlicensed Tout problem, as large numbers can be found working from unauthorised ranks at bars and clubs (sound familiar?).

Many drivers have found the situation unbearable, working 14-16 hour shifts just to get a days money. Since deregulation 34 licensed Dublin Taxi drivers have committed suicided. 

Dublin’s taxi ranks can only hold around 5,000 Taxis. Due to the large number of Taxis attempting to use ranks, drivers are being forced to park in illegal areas and are regularly being fined (sound familiar?). 
One driver received two fines the day before he took his own life. Source Irish Examiner. 

The lack of ranks has resulted in many Taxis being reduced to circulating around the city with the associated environmental problems (again, sound familiar). Air quality in the fair city is pretty poor.
This is the sort of disarray the industry has been left in, after just over 12 years of deregulation.

As I said before apathy is killing the London Taxi trade and the trade has its head firmly buried in the sand.

There were dozens of good honest Taxi drivers who gave up their time freely, to organise and fight back. Dozens out of 24,000. And they fought their hearts out, for a trade that let them down wholesale.


Taxi Drivers Concerned Over New Traffic Enforcement At Gatwick Airport.

TAXI drivers are worried about losing vital custom after being told they can no longer collect passengers from Gatwick Airport's drop-off points.

Traffic marshals are enforcing existing restrictions more strictly which means taxis can no longer pick up customers from the forecourts of either terminal.

Instead they have to collect passengers from short-stay car parks, which cost £3 for drivers to enter for half an hour.

They have expressed fears the policy, more rigidly enforced since the start of July, will seriously hit their livelihoods.

Adrian Sharkey, who part owns A 'n' B Cars, based in London Road, said: "I think we will suffer from it. It's a real concern. We take a lot of people from East Grinstead and the surrounding areas to the airport.

"The first we heard of it was last Monday (July 1) – we had no warning from the airport and no time to make any new arrangements."

But a Gatwick Airport spokeswoman said that the airport has been consulting with taxi companies over the last month.

She added that many taxi companies serve the airport and that there is no dedicate4d forum for drivers and no means of contacting them all.

Mr Sharkey said of the new policy: "It's going to make it very awkward.

"We take people to the airport all the time for holidays or business trips. When people come back all we ever say is to give us a ring at baggage reclaim and we will meet you where we dropped you."

The 62-year-old said the restrictions are unfair on those customers who will return from their holidays having already paid for a return journey, only to discover they will have to pay extra.

A Gatwick spokeswoman said: "It has always been official policy that Gatwick's short-stay car parks should be used when picking up passengers by private car or taxi.

"Due to increasing congestion at Gatwick's forecourt areas, we will now be enforcing this policy at both terminals. This will ensure that space at our forecourts is protected for passengers being dropped off – a facility we continue to offer for free."

One taxi driver, who did not want to be named, raised concerns about the safety of passengers having to wait in car parks late at night.

They said: "I would like the airport to carry out a risk assessment for its lone passengers.

"This is a money-generating exercise and has nothing to do with congestion.

"I think business will go down. People won't want to drag all their luggage into a car park. Families with kids won't want to be doing that."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

“Mayor must apologise for Emirates contract and ensure renegotiation does not discriminatory”

Boris Johnson has been forced to ask Transport for London to renegotiate its contract for the Emirates Cable Car after it was revealed it was in breach of domestic UK and European laws.

Labour London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore is now demanding an apology from the Mayor for allowing this contract to dictate foreign policy as well as assurances that the Mayor will not deal with companies that discriminates by stealth in this way.

The Mayor has now admitted that he needs to ask TfL to renegotiate the contract for sponsorship of the cable car which allows the boycotting of Israeli companies.

Labour London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore said:
“Boris knows full well that this contract discriminates against Israeli businesses and companies and that’s why once he was found out, he’s backed down so quickly and accepted that this contract needs to be renegotiated. This is another example of Boris’s inability to be on top of the detail – he’s a part-time Mayor and that simply isn’t good enough for Londoners.

“The contract is currently in breach of the Race Relations Act, the Equalities Act, UK and EU competition law, as well as several articles of the EU-Israel Association Trade Agreement. Whilst I welcome this U-turn from the Mayor and urge Transport for London to get this discriminatory contract amended immediately, that is not enough.

“The GLA should not be engaging in this or any other contracts with Emirates if these clauses are part of their standard business practice. As part of the renegotiation will the Mayor must confirm with Emirates that they are not imposing such terms as a matter of course elsewhere. If he is not prepared to raise this with them, or if they will not so confirm, then he will be doing business with a company that clearly discriminates against Israel and Israelis and the Mayor will be seen to be condoning such discrimination which is in in breach of the law.”


How can London’s cabbies survive from the threat of private hire firms? By David Styles.

Mirroring many traditional skills the cab trade is facing fierce competition, the licensed London cabbie is under threat. It is a sad fact that more than three times as many taxi drivers are over 70 years old as there are under 30 years old with an average age of 52 for its 25,000 cab drivers.

Older drivers, research has shown, are 10 times less likely to work at night, this in turn has resulted in a huge over capacity of licensed cabs plying for hire during the day, as a consequence since 2003 private hire companies have tripled in size at night time.

The benchmark qualification for driving a taxi in London is the coveted All London Green Badge of the London Cabbie, but the numbers coming into the trade to compete with private hire is diminishing.

The Knowledge of London was started 148 years ago, at any one time there are over 2,000 students undertaking the Knowledge of which 75 per cent of the original intake will drop out.

They start by being given 320 routes (called ‘runs’), 80 of which must be completed within the first 6 months, when they return to be tested the pass mark is 60 per cent. At this stage students receive advice from the examiners. The remaining 240 runs need to be completed with 2 years including memorising the places (called ‘points) at either end of the run and in addition a written test has to be completed.

Generally speaking it still takes on average 40 months to gain a Green Badge, longer than it takes most students to earn an undergraduate degree from Oxford University, but while the time taken to earn a degree has remained the same, it’s not the same for The Knowledge. In 1970 The Knowledge took a mere 11 months.

During the period July 2000 to September 2003 the net increase of licensed cabbies was only 1,429, at a time when the numbers of private hire was exploding.

In order to keep the traditional skills of the cab trade alive other incentives should be considered:

   * CCTV installed in all cabs for better security, encouraging drivers to work nights
   * A direct panic button similar to that installed on buses
   * Police to be more pro-active in dealing with criminal behaviour committed against cabbies, instead of resorting to the old tired and tested ‘It’s a civil matter’
   * More marshalled taxi ranks in central London and the encouraging of taxi sharing by the marshal
   * Greater advertising of the plethora of ways a black cab can be booked (Hailo, Get Taxi and the main radio circuit’s apps)
   * Road shows and financial incentives to attract young applicants to undertake the Knowledge of London
Those like me, who have spent approximately 9,000 hours gaining their coveted badge don’t want The Knowledge dumbed down and for private hire firms to take over. The London cabbie is under threat and we need to do something about it.

Source: The Metro.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bogus taxi driver from Stoneleigh jailed for two years

A man who tried to pass himself off as a black cab driver has been jailed for two years.

Terence O’Leary, 51, of Stoneleigh Broadway, Epsom, was spotted in January driving a black cab in London with forged area identifiers - displayed on a sticker inside all black cabs with the licence details of the driver. 

He was arrested and police found a forged taxi driver licence and three forged taxi driver badges when they searched his home address.

While he was on bail, information was received by the police that O’Leary was trying to hire a taxi from a company using a licence that appeared to be forged and he was again arrested.

O’Leary, who has never been a licensed taxi driver, appeared at Kingston Crown Court earlier this month and was jailed for two years for nine offences under the Fraud Act.

The five-month investigation into the offences was led by the Met Police’s safer transport command (STC), in partnership with TfL’s taxi and private hire directorate (TPH).

Siwan Hayward, TfL's acting director of community safety, enforcement and policing, added: "Fraudulent activities that put the travelling public at risk or undermine the legitimate and law-abiding taxi trade will not be tolerated."

Cable car sponsorship deal includes anti-Israel clause ...... By Martin Hoscik

Transport for London has agreed to abide by UAE foreign policy when entering into contracts and partnerships relating to the Thames Cable Car.
On Monday TfL published the entire contract between subsidiary Docklands Light Railway Limited and Emirates Airline, revealing the full extent of the respective obligations the two parties have under their sponsorship agreement.

The airline is providing a maximum of £36m towards the scheme’s £63m construction and development costs.

When it was first proposed, Mayor Boris Johnson and TfL claimed the scheme would be built at no cost to the taxpayer but the shortfall between costs and sponsorship revenue meant TfL had to apply for EU grant to help build the scheme.

Under the terms of the contract, TfL would be considered in default of the agreement if it sold “a material part” of the cable car system or assigned it as security to a “Conflicting Person”.

The contract defines a “Conflicting Person” as:

“(i) any Competitor; or (ii) any person who is a national of, or who is registered, incorporated, established or whose principal place of business is in a country with which the United Arab Emirates does not at the date of this Contract or at any relevant point during the Term maintain diplomatic relations;”

That definition means the foreign policy of a non-UK Government can restrict which banks TfL might seek to raise funds from or who it might in future seek to sell the cable car system to.

It would prevent TfL from financing the scheme through Israeli-based or owned banks should they require its assets be put up as security, as the UAE does not recognise Israel or have diplomatic ties with it.

News of the prohibition follows last year’s attempt by Emirates to make visitors to the cable car’s official micro-site subject to Dubai Law.

Despite significant levels of publicity and promotion, the cable car has been a flop with passengers with recent internal TfL polling confirming the public view it as a tourist attraction, not a regular transport mode.

Contract extracts:

The Truth about the Daily Stars £1million Drug Haul.

If a local paper can get it right, why can't a nation paper like the Daily Star. Our researcher had no trouble locating the truth.

Clive Alan Scales Licensed Minicab driver: TfL license no 1705: issued 20/11/2012 till 19/11/2015.

Or, was this slur on the London Taxi trade deliberate. 

Below is the truth as published in the Bexley News Shopper.

Abbey Wood minicab driver Clive Scales jailed for £1m cocaine bust in Woolwich

A MINICAB driver from Abbey Wood who was busted with more than £1million worth of cocaine in his car has been jailed for three years.

Clive Scales, of Ampleforth Road, was caught with about 1kg of the Class A drug by police in Woolwich on June 11.

Officers saw him undertaking and crossing from one lane to another before he was pulled over outside Waterfront Leisure Centre in Woolwich High Street.

The 53-year-old was arrested after white powder was visable on his nose, chin and jacket.

Officers found a bag of cocaine in the boot of his blue VW Passat along with two mobile phones.

Tests showed the drug to be 91 per cent pure with a street value of more than £1million.

During interviewing, Scales admitted being in possession of drugs and was charged with possession with intent to supply.

He pleaded guilty on June 28 at Woolwich Crown Court to possessing a Class A drug with intent to supply, and on Friday (July 5) he was sentenced to three years behind bars.

Greenwich police DC Yeliz Ersiner, said: “I am really pleased with the result of this investigation. "We will pursue anyone involved in drug dealings and will make sure that they are brought before a court.

"The confiscation of the cocaine in question that day has made a serious dent in the profit of local criminals.”

With thanks to Mac.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Daily Star produces the worst researched story of the year

In the headline, they proclaim "Police in London stop Black Cab with £1 million of cocaine."

In the story, which is by an anonymous Daily Star reporter,  it emerges the drug carrying driver was in fact a minicab driver

Not only have the Star made assertions (quite falsely) that a drug courier was a Black Taxi driver, they have also printed a photo of a Taxi with an ID badge number clearly visible. There is a byline on the photo which reads "Police Nab Coke Cab"

I believe every driver in London should now turn their ID badges to face he passenger so this type of incident doesn't happen again.

Also if I was the driver in the photo 4767, I would get my representative org to sue the daily star. 

“Putting the London Cab Back On Point”


The RMT believe our right to “ply for hire” is under threat. 
The current thinking of the Law Commission is to discard the concept of plying for hire and not to define it, to control Taxi numbers but not PHVs, and to provide legislation for Pedicabs to be licensed.

Here are the major issues urgently in need of redress:-
    * Plying for hire must be defined both in our favour and in statute.

    * Pedicabs and alike must never have the right to ply for hire or operate on the highway.

    * A managed growth of BOTH taxi and private hire trades is crucial for maintaining standards.

The RMT London Taxi Branch firmly believes that the status quo cannot continue if our future and the public’s safety are to be assured. However these current proposals could very well put us in a worse position, because by not defining plying for hire and repealing all our acts will make our current Hackney Carriage case law obsolete. The criminal offence of “illegally plying for hire” will cease to exist.

The 1998 London PHV Act along with policy derived through TfL`s interpretation of the law have failed to protect the cab trade`s hard earned right to ply for hire. Plying for hire allows a Taxi to be publicly hired. It is now time for the world class London Taxi to be fully integrated alongside the other publicly hired modes of transport within the capital. To be treated equally with buses, trains and trams and not in a second class way.

So ask yourself this question “Is this as good as it gets?

Register your support by texting
4Hire followed by your name and badge number to: - 60777

(Your details will be treated in confidence)



LTPH: Clueless and out of control

Over a weekend that saw the Olympic Park at Stratford heaving with capacity crows attending Wired, licensed TfL private hire Trouts were out in full. 

Taxi drivers turning up around 11:45pm found the rank extremely busy. Taxi marshals had to put out requests for help on twitter as the queuing revellers waiting for Taxis was getting longer by the minute. 
In reality, as expected it turned into a Tout-fest again.

So what did LTPH do about the situation?
They did what they normally do in areas with out if control touting, turned a blind eye to the PH touts and waited by the Taxi rank to perform badge and bill inspections. 

This complaint was registered on the Taxi forum, Sunday day time.

The Olympic Park, Last Night.
Dropped off at wanstead last night,on the way back I had a look at in the olympic park.
There was a big concert on and I got on the rank which was moving pretty quick. When I looked over to the car park it was full of scabs openly touting. There was ******** mobs of them.
When I got on point a asian bloke 3ft nothing walks up:
 "Where we off to mate" I said
He replies "Bill and Badge Driver".
When I pointed out the ILLEGAL TOUTING going on not 20yds away from him, he just shrugged his shoulders and asked for my bill and badge again.
TFL enforcement is a f******* joke...if you ask me, their shit scared of them.

Drivers should remember that LTPH compliance (unless with a warranted Police officer) have no power to stop you. They have no power to stop you working.
If you arrive at a rank where passengers are waiting to board Taxis and are approached by a compliance officer, you should ask him/her to step aside and approach the next person in the queue.
Compliance officers can only carry out checks if Taxi drivers are found stationary on a rank.

LTPH make no visible effort at events to disperse groups of Touts who put the public in danger.
Compliance teams concentrate on harassing working Taxi drivers.

This was part of the massive queue waiting for taxis at 11:50 on Saturday night, being held up by compliance officers doing badge and bill checks 

In the days leading up to the event, @TFLTPH put out a series of tweets informing:
"We aim to keep you updated with all the taxi and private hire arrangements for events at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park this summer"
"PHV drivers - please use the pick up point in International Way for passengers from Wireless concerts this weekend"
"Enforcement officers and police will be at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park events. Drivers convicted of touting will have their licence revoked"

Sounds impressive! till you remember this is the same twitter account that regularly put out this laughable tweet:
"Our enforcement team is carrying out regular operations in Regent Street. Drivers convicted for touting will have their licence revoked"
"Our enforcement team is carrying out regular operations in Swallow Street. Drivers convicted for touting will have their licence revoked"

As you can plainly see from this Photo taken on Saturday the invisible threat from TfLTPH isn't being taken seriously by the touts at Swallow Street.