Saturday, May 25, 2013

There's Still Hope In The World!

Just when you least expect it, ordinary everyday run of the mill people, suddenly and unexpectedly step up to the mark, take control of difficult situations, to perform amazing acts of heroism. 

Cub Scout leader Ingrid Loyau Kennett, put aside her personal safety to administer first aid to a fallen soldier. Gemini Donnelly-Martin and her Mother Amanda, also stepped forward and asked the attackers if they could be by Drummer Lee Rigby's side.

 When Ingrid felt she could do no more for Lee, she used her negotiating skill to try to defuse the situation.

After this amazing act of heroism, Ingrid was asked if she felt scared, she just said "No, better me than a child".

             Taxi leaks would like to dedicate the video below to 
                               the Angles of Woolwich.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Islington council in trouble again over £30m worth of tickets.

A parking adjudicator has overturned a penalty charge notice (PCN) issued by the London Borough of Islington because wording on the ticket did not properly explain the representations process. Also, the controlled parking zone where the owner’s vehicle was ticketed was not adequately signed, said adjudicator Michael Lawrence.

Driver Sai Wong appealed to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS) against the £130 ticket, issued for parking on a single yellow line in Chapel Market last December.

Supported by his representative, parking campaigner Albert Herbert, he argued that the PCN did not explain how representations should be made in response to a notice to owner. “Non-compliance with the regulations quoted mean that there has been a procedural impropriety,” said Lawrence.

The adjudicator also learned that some of the CPZ signs were covered up with plastic sheeting. “Normally it is sufficient for an authority to produce a map of the zone in question, showing the location of the CPZ signs on the boundary of the entrance points and a specimen of the type of sign to be found there,” said Lawrence. He found that though Islington had produced a map of the zone they had not marked on it where the signs are.  

An Islington spokesman said: “The wording was introduced in 2008 and our legal advice confirmed it complied with national regulations. The decision in this case is based on the adjudicator’s opinion. We are happy to check the wording is as clearly phrased as possible but our legal advice is clear. Our parking tickets are valid. There is no question of tickets dating back to 2008 being refunded.”

A London Councils spokeswoman added: “There is no specific standard wording for a parking PCN under the Traffic Management Act (TMA) 2004, although there are fundamental details in legislation, specifically the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General Regulations 2007 and The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) Representations and Appeals Regulations 2007, which have to appear on the PCN.”

Under the TMA London Councils produced model document templates for PCNs, which were made available to all London authorities, she said. “Whilst these were checked by our legal team, all authorities were advised to seek their own legal advice before using them and it is up to each local authority to decide if they want to use them or create their own.”

Islington’s spokesman said the council would be appealing against the adjudicator’s decision.

A different PATAS adjudicator will hear Islington’s appeal. If this adjudicator also finds against Islington, the only further route open to them would be an appeal to the High Court through a judicial review. Unlike a PATAS review, a decision made at judicial review would set a legal precedent.

It is alleged that 600,000 PCNs, valued at £30m, could be affected because of the wording error.


RMT Call For Action Over Taxi Age Limit.

After the release of the damning Defra report confirming the failed Emissions strategies of Mayor Boris Johnson, drivers who have had their livelihood taken away by the removal of perfectly good vehicles under the Taxi Age Limit program, have called for action.
The RMT have requested that interested parties (Owner drivers, Fleet owners etc.) should contact them and register now.

As this Mayoral edict has thrown many drivers into financial hardship, the RMT are calling for an immediate suspension of the 15 year Age a limit, which has been proven beyond any doubt to have no effect on cleaning up the poor air quality of Central London. 

The RMT have also requested the Mayor (and others) be called in to face a Parliamentary Transport Committee, to account for their actions in regards to this issue.   

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Breaking News: Ranks Suspension Lifted.


We have been informed by our roving reporter, that a representative from the RMT has met with the management of the Churchill hotel. The representative explained that the rank in question is authorised by LTPH and as such, Westminster do not have the right to revoke for special or private events. 

It was then explained about the high feeling felt by the Taxi trade in losing working ranks. plus a brief description of the action taken at the Hilton recently by a flash mob from the RMT and UCG.

The Management stated they were not in favour of the suspension and would be contacting Martin Lowe personally to remove the signage as soon as possible.

It now appears that Mr Lowe gave his permission for the ranks to be suspended without consulting LTPH first. LTPH say they had no prior knowledge of the suspension. Mr Lowe has been in his job long enough and truly knows the procedure that should have been followed, but clearly has no faith or respect in the licensing authority. 

But can you blame him?
Does anyone take the people that run LTPH seriously anymore?
We have without doubt the worst licensing authority in the country where local councils and private hire do what ever they please. 

Just the threat of another demo like the one at the Hilton was enough to swing opinion. 
Well done also to the RMT who have been working on this project since Tuesday night.

It seems a precedent has been set of giving over our working ranks to commercial events and we can expect to see this happening more frequently in the near future.  
If the trade sits back and does will get what it deserves. 


Again, Regent Street will be closed to traffic from Saturday 25 May while round-the-clock repairs are made to a collapsed sewer and a leaking water main. 


On Monday 27th May at 3pm, there is likely to be a march in Whitehall by the EDL. A proportionate policing plan is in place. please be vigilant.

Boris blasted over air stats

BORIS Johnson's strategy on clean air has been slammed after a report indicated that new taxis are polluting the air more than older models.

Remote Sensing of NO2 exhaust emissions from Road Vehicles, produced by the Environmental research group at Kings College London, and funded by Defra, claims that new taxis produce more than twice the amount of deadly fumes that old cabs do.

Mr Johnson refused to license any taxis older than 15 years old in 2012 – forcing cab drivers to pay up to £40,000 for new vehicles.

But the Kings report reads: “There is a clear indication that absolute levels of NO2 emissions from taxis manufactured since around 2008 have been increasing. This is true for the LTI TX4, and the Mercedes Vito models.

“Given the intensity of taxi operations in the centre of London, the increase in levels of NO2 emissions from the newer taxi fleet is a matter of concern for local air quality management in general, and NO2 limit values in particular.”

Environmental campaigner David Davis has been campaigning since 2008 for improvements to air quality in London.
He said: “I'm extremely relieved that a reliable entity like Defra has admitted that the Mayor's strategy on clear air has failed.

“I feel outraged that this has been allowed to continue because thousands of people are dying.”

Commenting on the report's findings, its author David Carslaw stressed that the benefits of old and new taxis was complex and location dependent, but he added: “In one sense the newer taxis are worse than the older ones – for NO2, even when taking account of the fact they emit half the total NOx.”

Mr Johnson is legally responsible for introducing measures to tackle London's poor air quality, which is responsible for the deaths of more than 4,000 Londoners – many in East London - each year.

The Mayor's office was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

'I will f***ing destroy you': Bloomberg unleashes threat against taxi tycoon and hints at revenge plans after he steps down as mayor

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg got into a verbal altercation with a leader of the city's taxi cab lobby saying that he was going to 'f***ing destroy' the group when he leaves office this fall.

Bloomberg has championed a new model of taxi cabs for the City, but that plan recently hit a legal pothole when a state judge sided with the taxi industry in going against his proposed changes.

'Come January 1st, when I am out of office, I am going to destroy your f***ing industry,' Bloomberg reportedly said to Gene Freidman, the CEO of the Taxi Club Management.

War of words: New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (left) reportedly got into a verbal altercation with Gene Freidman (right), the CEO of the Taxi Club Management

Mr Freidman represents the city's taxi drivers, many of whom do not want to be forced to replace their cabs with Bloomberg's 'Taxis of Tomorrow'.

The New York Post reports that the tirade occurred on Tuesday night when Bloomberg and Freidman were watching the Knicks basketball game from the private 1879 Club inside Madison Square Garden. 


    Bloomberg told the paper that he didn't remember the incident, but Freidman recalled it in very specific detail.

    Freidman told The Post that when he approached the mayor, he was greeted with the following: 'Come January 1st, when I am out of office, I am going to destroy your f***ing industry.'

    Taxis of Tomorrow: Bloomberg has championed a new model of taxi cabs for the City, but that plan recently hit a legal pothole when a state judge sided with the taxi industry in going against his proposed changes

    Taxis of Tomorrow: Bloomberg has championed a new model of taxi cabs for the City, but that plan recently hit a legal pothole when a state judge sided with the taxi industry in going against his proposed changes

    Amenities: The new cabs will have more legroom for passengers, sliding doors, more trunk space, and two USB ports for charging cell phones during the ride

    Amenities: The new cabs will have more legroom for passengers, sliding doors, more trunk space, and two USB ports for charging cell phones during the ride

    The threats did not stop there, as Freidman reportedly 'said, "Whoa, Mr. Mayor, calm down! Why can’t I sit down with you and figure out something that works?" He got back in my face and said, "After January, I am going to destroy all you f***ing guys."'

    An unidentified witness told The Post: 'It was like Gene had kidnapped his child. He used the f-word twice.'

    Aside from showing his aggression when it comes to taxi design, the alleged rant also gives a possible indication about what Bloomberg will dedicate his time towards when his three terms in Gracie Mansion come to an end this fall.

    The taxis were designed to give more space to passengers in the back of the cab, will be outfitted with anti-bacterial vinyl, and have two USB ports available to charge cell phones during the journey.

    Chic surroundings: The alleged altercation took place inside Madison Square Garden's 1879 club during a Knicks game on Tuesday night

    Chic surroundings: The alleged altercation took place inside Madison Square Garden's 1879 club during a Knicks game on Tuesday night

    When he previously spoke about his retirement plans, Bloomberg typically quotes the current day count of how many more days he has left in office, saying that those are his priorities.

    Now it seems that he may be planning on spending some time pushing the 'Taxis of Tomorrow' onto the streets.

    'This taxi was designed from the inside out and the result is the safest, most comfortable, most passenger-friendly cab to ever ride our streets,' Bloomberg said to his company's magazine when the Nissan-designed cabs were displayed in April of last year.

    Before the legal roadblock, the cars were scheduled to begin appearing on the streets this fall, though that will inevitably be delayed.

    Source:Mail online 

    Churchill Rank To Be Used By Champions League Final, Official Cars And Mike Holder.

    After the shambles at the Hilton Park Lane Taxi rank which, as you may remember, was suspended by LTPH in order for a commercial company to display a raffle prize, an official from the RMT phoned the new LTPH General Manager Helen Chapman to lodge a protest and ask why no provision had been made for a temporary rank. Having no answer to give and showing the same commitment to the trade exhibited at the recent Taxi trade forum held at Polestra, she abruptly hung up.

    Drivers blocked all roads around the Hilton, till the organisers agreed to remove the vehicle. Later a representative from the hotel apologised to organisers of the flash mob demonstration.

    Last week, we saw a similar suspension of a working rank in New Bond Street in favour of another commercial promotion and now it definitely looks like history is repeating itself.

    Just like a recurring nightmare from last summers Olympics, this weekend will see the suspension of the whole of the Licensed Taxi rank in Portman Square, outside the Churchill Hotel. The suspension will run from 8am till 10 PM on Friday and Saturday. Unconfirmed reports from our man on Westminster Council say the rank will be authorised for exclusive use by a Private Company. Cars from this company will be using the rank's 6 spaces as part of a rolling rank, to ferry dignitaries, officials and their guests (in London for the Champions League finals at Wembley), whenever and wherever they wish to go.

       *What will happen if the cars refused to leave the rank at 10 pm and carry on ranking?
       *Are they fair game to block in? 
       *Will wardens descend and give our PCNs code 45?

    Hundreds of these Ford Tourneo Minibuses, carrying "Official Vehicle " livery, can currently be seen parked up in a special holding area beside Wembly Arena.

    Again, there has been no provision made for a temporary rank at the Churchill Hotel. 
    Again the Taxi trade, the best Taxi trade in the world, is to be sidelined as one of our working ranks is given over to a commercial private hire company. 

    It seems this type of revocation and suspension is happening at an alarming rate. The self appointed, unelected quango known as the joint ranks committee are again seen to by powerless in stopping this type of attack on our rights to ply for hire.

    Seems funny that in the recent ranks and highways update email, sent out to inform interested parties of rank suspensions and up and coming events, LTPH felt it necessary to leave this one off the list.

    In a precursor to this special event, Tuesday night saw Addison Lee drivers chancing their arm by using the rank into the early hours of Wednesday morning.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    LTPH's Legal Team...Not Fit For Jim Thomas.

    Have you ever wondered what LTPH's legal department do to earn their money, well so have we. In our opinion it doesn't appear to be protecting the taxi trade against PH companies illegal offering their services, describing themselves as a Taxi service. 

    We first reported UbiCabs over a year ago for advertising minicabs as a Taxi service. We made repeated complaints over a 11 month period to LTPH but got just one reply from John Mason saying his team would look into it.
    We are still waiting to find out what "his team" are going to do about this issue.

    UbiCabs founded by Jay Patel and Lorenzo Caffarri are still online offering minicabs a Taxi service. LTPH has done nothing about this breach of the private hire and London cab acts.

    This is just one of their latest adverts currently found all over the Internet and on Google searches

    Misleading, you bet your life it is.

    And now another contender for prolific Internet advertising minicabs as Taxi service we have Zone Minicabs. Zone Mnicabs home page gives a plethora of different geographic locations using the title Taxi servic, again in contravention of both the London cab act and Private Hire act

    If only LTPH's legal team would ACT!!!.

    They were quick to act when they thought we had posted misleading articles about TfL and LTPH and ordered the removal and take down of the Taxi Leaks Blog....Lets see if they act as fast over these two illegal advertisers, although they are already a year behind on UbiCars.

    These are just two companies who are abusing the word Taxi. The Internet is crammed full of others, simply because nothing is done by TfL or LTPH to stop the practise. It is seem as a victimless crime, but as we know to our cost, there are always victims. 

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    New Defra report which shows ALL emissions strategies in London have failed and Mayors Age limit on Taxis is improper.

    Much has been said before about the Mayor's Air Quality Stratergy which led to the imposition of an age limit of 15 years on London's Taxis. It was stated by the Mayor that the age limit would rid the streets of the most polluting Taxis. 

    The age limit was seen by Taxi drivers to be unfair and many questioned the research and science behind the report. Many older drivers have been thrown into premature retirement, as last year over 4000 vehicles disappeared from London's Taxi fleet. With no scrapage scheme compensation and unwilling to risk investing their savings on new vehicles they also found (because of the demise of LTI) rentals few and far between. 

    To add insult to injury, many of the retired vehicles appear to have been picked up for next to nothing, given new MOTs and have found their way back onto London's streets, ferrying staff about for a London bus company. (As seen in a previous post).
    Last year, saw an investigation by a legal team from the RMT who reported back that although the Mayor's age limit itself could be deemed as improper and likely to be illegal, the fact that the age limit was offered to the Mayor on behalf of the trade by an unelected drivers group, some of whom have never driven a Taxi as a living, any challenge would be unlikely to be successful.

    Defra have now released a report which shows without doubt that the science behind the mayors initial report was flawed. The report uploaded on to the Defra website today is of huge significance.

    The report now shows that the Mayor's Taxi Age Limit is improper and as far as exhaust emissions are concerned, older taxis are no worse than the new taxis. In fact the new TX4 taxis are shown to create more NO2.

    The report from Defra also shows that ALL emission strategies in London have so far failed.

    Below is an except from the report which deals specifically with Taxis:

    4.3 London taxis

    The locations of the central London survey sites at Aldersgate Street and Queen Victoria Street resulted in a large number of taxis (black cabs) being surveyed. Over 15,000 observations of taxis were made, the majority being LTI TX1, TXII, and TX4 models. As a result of the relatively large sample size, the emissions from taxis can be disaggregated in more detail than most other vehicle types.

    Current TfL regulations stipulate that annual licences are only issued to taxis that are under 15 years old and meet Euro 3 emissions standards. This is achieved either by (a) operating a vehicle originally manufactured to Euro 3 standards (or later); (b) retro-fitting approved emissions reduction equipment; or (c) using an LPG conversion. The Mayor has also set out proposals to have a taxi capable of zero emission operation in regular use by 2020. Such a taxi would effectively address all taxi-related local emissions. LTI TX1 models (Nissan engines) were originally manufactured to Euro 2 emissions standards, whereas later LTI TXII models with Ford engines (introduced around 2002) were manufactured to Euro 3 emissions standards. LTI TX4 models with VM Motori engines (introduced around 2006) were originally built to Euro 4 standards, with a Euro 5 compliant version introduced in 2012. Other observed taxi types with much smaller sample sizes include the LTI FX, the Carbodies Metrocab, the Mercedes Vito 111 (Euro 4), and the Mercedes Vito 113 (Euro 5).


    Figure 25 NOx/COemissions from London taxis by year. (2008)

    Previous research based on remote sensing surveys implemented in London in 2008 (Rhys-Tyler et al., 2011) had identified statistically significant changes in both nitric oxide emissions and smoke emissions with the introduction of the LTI TXII and LTI TX4 taxi models. In the transition from the LTI TX1 model to the LTI TXII, it was observed that nitric oxide emissions reduced by more than half; however, at the same time, smoke (particle) emissions (as measured using ultraviolet opacity techniques) were observed to increase around threefold. With the introduction of the LTI TX4 model around 2006, smoke (particle) emissions reduced below the levels of the earlier TX1 model, whilst nitric oxide emissions remained at statistically similar rates to the TXII model. 

    Figure 26 NO2/COemissions from London taxis by year. (2012)

    The patterns observed in the earlier research based on 2008 data are replicated in the 2012 data set, although we now have the advantage of both NO and NOmeasurements, and a much larger sample size. The plots of NOvs. year of manufacture shows clear groupings of vehicles, which broadly split into two categories of higher and lower emissions of NOx. In terms of significant numbers of taxis, the largest reduction in total NOoccurred with the transition from the LTI TX1 model (4132 observations), to the LTI TXII model (4050 observations). However, the infrared opacity measurements confirm that smoke (particle) emissions from the LTI TXII model continue to be much higher than from other taxi types, both newer and older. 

    Figure 27 NO2/NOemissions from London taxis by year.

    There is a clear indication that absolute levels of NOemissions from taxis manufactured since around 2008 have been increasing. This is true for the LTI TX4, and the Mercedes Vito models. The newest versions of the Mercedes Vito taxis (manufactured in 2011 and 2012) are observed to have the highest absolute emissions of primary NO2. The fraction of primary NOin total NO(f- NO2) from the taxi fleet is observed to increase significantly for taxis manufactured since around 2009, with substantial variation between manufacturers. Whilst f-NOwas typically below 10-12% prior to 2005, LTI TX4 models manufactured in 2011 and 2012 have f-NOvalues of around 27%, whilst the Mercedes Vito models manufactured in 2011 and 2012 have f-NOvalues of around 35-40%.

    Given the intensity of taxi operations in the centre of London, the increase in levels of NOemissions from the newer taxi fleet is a matter of concern for local air quality management in general, and NOlimit values in particular. The high levels of smoke (particle) emissions from LTI TXII taxis also warrants further investigation. Both of these issues should be taken into consideration when developing future policy for taxi emissions. The technologies adopted by manufacturers require further investigation to gain a full understanding of the generation processes for total NOx, f-NO2, and particulate matter, with a view to minimising the pollutants of concern in future vehicles. 

    The whole report can be downloaded here


    Report Date: 13/05/2013 (Uploaded: 20/05/2013)

    See page 45 4.3 taxis and page 47 chart 27 showing that the newer taxis cause MORE NO2 than the older cabs.


    This report shows that TX2 taxis are causing more pollution overall than any others; therefore an age limit is not proper. Overall it shows that most technologies for reduction of diesel pollution in an urban environment do not work.

    With many thanks to research carried out by Dave Davies.

    Unlicensed taxis warned to stay away from Download Festival

    North West Leicestershire District Council is warning drivers of unlicensed taxis to stay away from next month’s Download Festival.

    The warning comes after the District Council obtained a conviction at Leicester Magistrates Court against a driver found plying for hire at the 2012 Download Festival at Castle Donington.

    Council Enforcement Officers, who patrol the festival each year, were asked by the driver, Assim Hussain Taj, 26 years, of North Street, Forest Field, Nottingham, if they needed a taxi.    Mr Taj, was found guilty of using a vehicle as a taxi without a licence and using a vehicle without insurance.

    Mr Taj was fined £100 for plying for hire and £100 fine for no insurance as well as being given 6 penalty points. This resulted in him being disqualified for driving for 6 months.

    This is the second successful prosecution by the District Council against unlicensed drivers following last year’s event.

    Councillor Alison Smith, North West Leicestershire District Council’s Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Community Services said, “It is important to protect festival goers from unscrupulous operators who may not have undergone any of the safety checks. They may also be driving vehicles that have not had any safety inspections. Download Festival goers need to be confident that their safety is not being compromised.

    “Unlicensed operators would do well to stay away from this year’s festival because if they are caught we will prosecute. All drivers caught plying for hire will have invalidated their insurance and will always be prosecuted.  The two recent convictions show that the District Council regard unlicensed drivers as a danger to the public and detecting and prosecuting such offenders remains a high priority for us.”

    A representative from LiveNation, who organises the Download Festival, said: “We fully support North West Leicestershire District Council’s licensing enforcement officers who will be on duty preventing any unauthorised taxis touting for business during the event.   We would urge festival goers to steer clear of these rogue taxis, which are operating illegally and offer little or no protection to those who use them.”

    The Download Festival is being held at Donington Park, Leicestershire between 12 – 17th June. North West Leicestershire District Council’s licensing enforcement officers will again be on duty preventing any unauthorised taxis touting for business during the event.


    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    Holborn Circus: Area Enhancement Strategy.

    The City of London and the London Borough of Camden, in conjunction with Transport for London, have developed an ambitious scheme to improve the Holborn Circus junction. This significant proposal was subject to public consultation in March 2011, and received much public support.
    The scheme will address the root causes of the high accident rate at the junction. The overall layout of the junction will be made simpler and safer for all users. New signalised crossings will be provided, making it much safer for pedestrians to cross the roads leading into the junction. The general environment around the junction will be improved, with a new public space being provided in front of St Andrew’s Church.

    Transport for London has committed to fund the scheme, and construction of the junction is planned to take place in 2013.

    What's Changed 
    Since the March 2011 consultation, the proposals have been enhanced further based on the comments received, with a view to maximising safety at the junction.

    Amongst other changes, we have introduced a southbound contraflow cycle facility at the south end of Hatton Garden. This will provide a southbound route for cyclists wishing to cross Holborn Circus. This proposal has been developed in consultation with cyclist groups and is consistent with the London Borough of Camden’s policies to encourage cycling, and remove barriers to cycle accessibility, including providing two-way cycling on one- way streets.

    Further Consultation
    A key element of the Holborn Circus proposals is that Hatton Garden will operate one-way northbound at the junction with Holborn Circus. In addition to this, it is now proposed that the right turn from Charterhouse Street into Hatton Garden should no longer be permitted. This will remove the potential for conflict between right turning vehicles and vehicles travelling north from New Fetter Lane.

    In addition to addressing a potential safety issue, this proposal would reduce unnecessary rat-running traffic on Hatton Garden. A recent traffic survey found that over an entire day, 125 vehicles turned right into Hatton Garden from Charterhouse Street. Of these, 107 (86%) were rat-running vehicles that did not have a destination in Hatton Garden itself.

    Another key change to the design is that it is now proposed to change the advisory cycle lanes on High Holborn, Charterhouse Street and Holborn Viaduct. It is now proposed to convert these to mandatory cycle lanes on the approaches to the junction. This will provide important protection to vulnerable users. As on-street loading would not be permitted in the mandatory cycle lanes during the active hours, it is proposed to create a new inset loading bay on the High Holborn approach to the junction to accommodate demand for loading.

    Proposed new loading bay on High Holborn
    We are now seeking the views of residents and businesses on the affected streets regarding these proposed changes.

    What Happens Next
    Following the consultation with residents and businesses on the banned right turn and the changed loading arrangements, these elements of the design will be reviewed in light of the comments received. This will complete the final design stage.

    It is anticipated that construction of the Holborn Circus scheme will commence in summer 2013. Local stakeholders will be contacted again prior to commencement of works to inform them of the works plan and program.

    Open Letter To The Current LTPH Directorate.

    Time To Get THEIR Act Together.

    After the recent debacle of the Taxi Drivers Forum at Palestra, it is our belief that better training of all officers and staff at LTPH would be highly beneficial to both Taxis and Private Hire.

    I have just been informed of a perfect opportunity for the directorate to brush up on its knowledge of the acts and case law governing Hackney carriage and Private Hire licensing in London, a one day seminar being undertaken in July by Taxi law expert and Derbyshire solicitor Mr James Button. 

    If you remember, he wrote the massive book that staff of LTPH would always refer to when faced with difficult questions about illegal plying for hire. His book was often referred to with greater authority than the Hackney carriage and London cab acts themselves, until finally he had to make a statement which showed LTPH had been misinterpreting his work on the subject.

    Below are the details of the course:

    A One Day Course on 15th July 2013 at Agricultural Business Centre, Bakewell, Derbyshire.
    Facilitated by: James Button BA., Solicitor, CIoL, MCIArb - Principal,

    Taxi (Hackney Carriage and Private Hire) Licensing is one of the biggest and most contentious areas of Licensing. This introductory course provides an outline of the role and functions of the committee, and looks in detail at the law and practice of taxi licensing.
    Taking into account recent case law, including the Singh case on immediate suspensions, it provides practical advice, making it ideal for the newcomer or as a refresher for those more experienced.

    Session 1—. Taxi Licensing within a Local Authority
    • The role of the Licensing Committee.
    • Status as an administrative body.
    • Fair decision making.
    • Procedures.
    • Human Rights Act 1998.
    • Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
    • DBS Disclosures
    • Appeals against Committee Decisions
    Course Outline

    Session 3 – Hackney Carriages and private hire Hackney Carriage Drivers
    Criteria for Grant
    Conditions & Byelaws
    Suspension & Revocation
    Private Hire Operators
    Provision For Booking’s Vehicles and Drivers
    Exempted Hiring's
    Courtesy cars Suspension & Revocation

    Session 2 – Hackney Carriages
    • Hackney Carriage basics
    • Private Hire basics
    • Fees
    • Hackney Carriage Vehicles
      • ∗  Numbers Of Hackney Carriage
      • ∗  Plying for Hire
      • ∗  Ranks
      • ∗  Fares

    Session 4 – Private Hire
    • Private Hire Vehicles Conditions
      Stretched Limousines
      Roof Signs
      Suspension & Revocation
    • Private Hire Drivers
      Suspension & Revocation