Saturday, April 20, 2013

Free Taxi from Get Taxi for Singer.

Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding Offered Free Taxis During Six Month Driving Ban

The 'Sound Of The Underground' singer faces six months without driving after her recent conviction.

The 'Something New' singer was disqualified from driving for six month earlier this week (16th April) at a hearing in London, after being caught behind the wheel while chatting on the phone.

Taxi company GetTaxi say they "sympathise" with the girl band star and have offered Sarah free use of a six-seater cab during her ban, which comes complete with blacked out windows so she can avoid paparazzi snappers.

"We can sympathise with Sarah being instantly recognisable and hassled by the public," managing director Roy Manor told the Daily Star, when asked about their offer.

Source: Capital FM

At Long Last, Proof That Someone Is actually Listening. By Jim Thomas.

I've been waiting a long time to make this post, but as they say everything comes to those who wait.

Just before midnight last night, a combined team of STC cab enforcement officers, along with LTPH compliance and local council wardens descended on Regent Street. First target was the line of touts outside the Swallow Street Archway.

Drivers found illegally parked in the bus lane were ticked, while others on double yellow lines who could not confirm booking details, were moved on. The same situation at Heddon Street saw for once, a Regent Street void of illegally plying for hire touts, for most if the remainder of the night.

Ticketing the touts by NSL wardens is a mine field, because of a recent judgement against Westminster Parking Services, that allows Taxis and private hire vehicles the right to make contact and then wait for a pre booked passenger, for as long as it takes the passenger to board the vehicle. Many tickets given to pre booked Taxis or minicabs can be challenged and are very winnable.

But the "get out of jail free" card is, the job must be pre booked in advance. According to licensing expert James Button, who wrote Button on Taxis - Licensing Law and Practice, PHVs can not stand outside a venue and wait for a booking to be given. That constitutes illegally plying for hire, which is a recordable offence and carries the same penalty as touting.

Provincial police, licensing authorities and local councils around the country are now treating the problem of illegally plying for hire very seriously and many errant minicab drivers have been convicted in recent months. Latest to act in this regard is the Metropolitan Police service in the Richmond area.

Allegedly, NSL wardens have in the past been threatened at certain West End venues and are reluctant to ticket or challenge the touts. Giving the touts the odd ticket for £60 does not act as a deterrent. They look at it as just a small set back to their takings.

The only way to deal with the tout problem, is for the Met's Cab Enforcement in conjunction with compliance teams from LTPH, to hit them (the touts) hard on a regular basis and report perpetrators to the CPS for illegally plying for hire. They could then be referred for prosecution through the courts and once found guilty, their PH license could be revoke.
The word would soon get around that the licensing authorities meant business.

Last year, the POP report from the Met police in Wandsworth, put the instances of recorded and unrecorded minicab related serious sexual assaults including rapes, at an all time high of approx 22 a week. That's over 3 attacks a night.

Last nights action in Regent Street could of course be a one off, but if it stopped just one serious sexual assault or rape, it would have been worth all the hard work put in by the many drivers who decided that enough was enough and have decided to fight back.

Who ever listened and put last nights operation together, I thank you on behalf of the young people who's lives and the lives of their families, weren't shattered.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Addison Lee boss John Griffin bags a £300 million fare as he sells minicab firm

Founded with one car in Battersea in 1975, father and son team, John and Liam Griffin, sold the business today to the Carlyle Group — which also owns the RAC and health food chain Holland & Barrett.

The Griffins and the family of Lenny Foster, who co-founded the minicab empire, will share those spoils while retaining a small stake in the business.

It has been quite a rise to fortune for John Griffin as, in the Seventies, he was forced to ditch his apprenticeship as an accountant and turn to mini-cabbing in order to make ends meet and rescue his father’s business.

Today, Addison Lee uses a cutting edge IT system to manage bookings for its 4500 cars after emerging as the major competitor to London’s black cabs.

Under the terms of the deal, the elder Griffin, John, will remain as chairman and the younger as chief executive. Drivers who work for the company don’t own shares and so will not get a windfall after today’s deal.

Liam Griffin told the Evening Standard: “We’re very much concentrated in central London but now we can look at going further afield within the M25, like the suburbs. We’ll look primarily at that area first.”

Carlyle Europe Partners managing director Andrew Burgess said he was keen to roll out Addison Lee to other cities in the UK which could benefit from the cabbie’s use of apps and technology that creates such an “efficient dispatch” system.

Internationally, Addison Lee already has burgeoning joint ventures in Paris and New York and the younger Griffin said that Carlyle’s deep international experience — it has 33 offices around the world — would help Addison Lee make major breakthroughs overseas.

The cabbie is also looking to widen the range of accounts with blue-chip corporates, which should mean that it will end up hiring more than the 4000 cab drivers that Addison Lee employs today.

John Griffin courted controversy last year, when he spoke out against London cyclists.

He claimed they were to blame for their own injuries on the capital’s busy roads, arguing that they “leap onto a vehicle which offers them no protection except a padded plastic hat”.

He added that people were safer taking taxis as they would be “sitting inside a protected space with impact bars and air bags and paying extortionate amounts of taxes on our vehicle purchase, parking, servicing, insurance and road tax”.

He also argued that for compulsory training and insurance for London’s cyclists, who were sufficiently angered to accuse him of “victim blaming”.

Carlyle was advised on the transaction by Deloitte, OC&C and Latham & Watkins. Addison Lee was advised by Catalyst Corporate Finance.

Source: Evening Standard.

Haymarket, Are Westminster's Planners of this World?

The summer of 2013, sees work resume to complete phase 2 of the Piccadilly two way scheme.
This phase will see lower regent street reduced in part to two lanes traveling north. The existing pavement areas will be extended out towards the middle of the road,

As you can see from this artist impression, the Taxi rank spaces that used to be in the middle of the road have gone, along with the congestion. It's amazing what an artists brush can remove!

Meanwhile back in the real world...Ever wondered why Haymarket hasn't been resurfaced for god knows how long?

Empty Bus Lane

The perspective of the photograph taken by the artist tries to give the impression that the street is mainly void of traffic, when in reality we are looking down the 24hour bus lane which excludes most of the traffic, causing congestion all the way back to Piccadilly Circus for most of the day.

Just when you thought the West End couldn't get any crazier, Westminster spring this bombshell on us...Haymarket is to go from the current FIVE lanes to TWO, with Carlton, Norris & St James Market all pedestrianised.

The artists brush strikes once again.

Notice in this impression, the queue of traffic has mysteriously been photo shopped out, along with the Bus, Taxi and Cycle lane.

Even the cycle lobby groups are up in arms about it. In the new scheme it is imagined that cyclists will wander along in harmony with the traffic as cycle lanes, along with Taxi ranks are consigned to the past.

At present, the Taxi rank spaces in the Haymarket play an important part in our night time trade. They allow drivers to queue patiently, waiting for the theatres to burst and after, offer refuge from parking restrictions for drivers seeking to use nearby toilet facilities. Something else Westminster has removed from the streets.

Most important is the retention of the rank outside Tiger Tiger which at present discourages a free for all from touts and sexual predators, illegally plying for hire.

It is time that the illusive joint ranks committee made their presence felt by getting back all the rank spaces in this area that have been silently removed by both the council and TfL, who are part funding this scheme.

Although work on this phase of the Piccadilly two way scheme doesn't start till 2014, our representative groups must insist that the Taxi ranks in this street are not removed as were the ones in Lower regent.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cheltenham Borough Council bosses say “no” to rickshaws in the town – for now

THE “torturous” process of trying to bring licensed rickshaws to the streets of Cheltenham is over – for now.

Borough council bosses have said they will not be adopting a policy which would allow them to grant permission for the pedi-cabs to operate in the town.

However, they have vowed to look at the controversial issue again in the near future when a new Law Commission report and draft bill is published on the licensing of taxis at the tail end of 2013.
The unanimous decision, taken this evening at the Municipal Offices by the authority’s cabinet, comes more than a year after business owners first approached the council with plans to operate the vehicles in and around the Promenade.

Cabinet had decided in December 2012 to defer making a cast iron decision on licensing rickshaws on the grounds that the vehicles do not fit neatly into existing Hackney carriage legislation.

But dissatisfied councillors called in the decision for scrutiny, stating the decision to put off saying yes or no simply wasn’t good enough and “lacked clarity”.

As such, cabinet was asked to reconsider and now they have, saying no and opting to wait for new, “more fitting” legislation to come into law.

James Meyer, one of the people behind Rickshaw Revolution, the company which wanted to bring the pedi-cabs to the town, told the Echo the latest decision will force him to sell the three rickshaws he had bought.

“Clearly, I am extremely disappointed,” he said.
“I will be selling the rickshaws. No business can afford to take on stock and then wait 13 months only to be told that in another year I might be able to run my business.
“It doesn’t work that way.”

Meanwhile, Peter Jeffries (LD, Springbank), cabinet member for housing and safety, who has been dealing with the licensing issue, rejected accusations that the council had taken too long to make a decision either way.

He said: “It’s about legislation and democracy, not just taking a decision because we want to do something.

“I am confident that we have been open, honest and professional in our attempt to support this licensing.

“We could have easily just said no, but we didn’t. We took it on.”

Councillor Duncan Smith (C, Charlton Park), the chairman of the scrutiny committee which dealt with the call in said any qualms had been “more to do with the decision making process rather than the committee taking a view on whether rickshaws should be licensed”.

He added: “Cabinet has made a clear decision which is what we wanted them to do.”

Read more:

Gatwick Airport Concorde House row - taxis to be allowed access to Atlantic House

GATWICK Airport has moved to appease angry staff and taxi drivers frustrated at being banned from accessing a popular drop-off and pick-up point - by saying they will soon be able to be dropped off at another building.

Last week the Crawley News revealed how signs had been installed at the entry route to Concorde House, at the back of the airport’s South Terminal, stating that no unauthorised access was allowed.

They also warned that any drivers caught travelling down there would receive penalty points on their licence.
The location has been popular with cabin crew and other airport employees who live in Crawley because it is closer to the town than the entrance to the South or North terminals.

Staff contacted the News to express their anger at having to pay an extra £8 for a return journey to one of the terminal entrances.

In the past week a petition has been set up by Virgin Atlantic cabin crew member and Southgate councillor Liam Marshall-Ascough calling for the decision to be reversed.
This received more than 200 signatures in 24 hours and gained the support of Crawley’s MP Henry Smith.

Since hearing the level of concern at the decision, airport representatives have clarified their longer-term position.

However, a spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said it is essential the flow of traffic to Concorde House is managed while improvement work is completed.

This means taxis and cars will have to use either terminal entrance until the summer, although airline crew buses will still go directly to Concorde House.

From July taxis and cars will be able to drop off and pick up from Atlantic House, the new base for crew facilities, where airline buses will also arrive.

This is also located on Perimeter Road East, past Concorde House, through the tunnel located there.

Ryan Grice, vice-chairman of the Hackney Carriage Association, said this announcement is good news for the town’s taxi drivers but he questioned why it has taken so long to be shared.
He said: “I have been a taxi driver for 12 years and even before that, when taking family and friends to Gatwick, Concorde House has always been my location for the South Terminal.
“I think customers will see very similar fares to Atlantic House as they pay to go to and from Concorde House.

“If there is any difference in price I would say a journey will be only 40p or 60p more expensive.
“This is good news but why couldn’t Gatwick Airport Limited have told everyone this from the off? They have caused a lot of frustration by simply installing these signs and not sharing the full plans.”

TfL Poor Performance: Bullet Points Part 5: An Open Letter to the Director Of London Taxi and Private Jim Thomas

Dear Mr Mason.
I know you don't like going to court or spending money on lawyers and I'm not surprised given your record in court against Private Hire Companies.

When I complained (on more than one occasion) to deputy Director Helen Chapman about the amount of illegally plying for hire on central London streets, I was told to be patient. As LTPH have never had a successful prosecution for illegally plying for hire, they were waiting for a water tight case, which could then be used as case law.

After patiently waiting for nearly two years and having seen the mess your legal department made of the water tight test cases against Diamond Chauffeurs Ltd, perhaps now would be a good time to try the approach I suggested back then.

I did warn at the time, that going after the PH company was in fact a mistake, as they obviously don't mind spending money on lawyers and tend to have better legal teams than TfL.

The only way to deal with this problem is by making mass hits on the ever increasing lines of illegally plying for hire minicabs, using the full resources available to you with the STC cab enforcement unit.

Once convicted, licenses could then be revoked and this would act as a deterrent.

Wayward drivers would be more apprehensive if they were being charged and convicted more frequently. At present they know they have more chance winning the lottery than being nicked for illegally plying for hire.

Also, another good piece of advice would be cutting back on the number of satellite office licenses, currently given out like confetti to anyone who can scrape together the licenses fee.

If you need any information on how to deal with illegally plying for hire, please feel free to contact the Richmond branch of the metropolitan police who have experience and success in this field.

Jim Thomas.

Below a tweet from Metropolitan Police Services Richmond 18/04/2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Need More New Ranks And We Need Them Now!

Late on Sunday night I made my way to Novikov's in Berkeley Street. There were about six Taxis sitting there, I decided to drive on by and check out Coventry Street. But at the bottom of Berkeley Street, by the lights with Piccadilly, I was hailed by a young man.

He told me his destination and as we started on the journey he said "Why didn't you stop on the Novikov rank, do you not like it there?"
I told him I was a regular and that as it was late, I though it had adequate covered with the six Taxis already outside.

He told me he actually worked at the restaurant/bar and thought the impromptu, rolling rank was a great idea as the guests obviously preferred using licensed Taxis .

I mentioned the fact that I had seen the door staff accepting money from touts after being supplied with jobs.

He said the door staff are corrupt, they have agreement with some drivers, even unlicensed ones who pay more. But he said in general, the customers now know that Taxis will be outside or if not, regularly passing and feel much safer using our services.

He then explained why:
"The other night a friend of mine visited the club and as he left, the doorman put him in a car. On the way to his apartment he asked the driver to stop at a 24 hour shop to but cigarettes. My friend left a bag in the car and went into the shop. As he turned his back to make a purchase, the car sped off, taking his bag containing over £2,000 in currency. It also contained a few expensive personal items."

The young man told me this seems to be a regular trend in bars in this area, where customers have been robbed. Another problem in this respect, is drivers asking for money up front and driving off after being asked to stop briefly.

But most worrying of all is the story's he's heard from young female customers who have been victims of unwarranted sexual advances and even actual assaults. He said because of the nationality and profession of these young ladies, they are very hesitant to report the matter to police who, in his words, "Treat them like cheap whores".

It's time matters of this mature were dealt with properly by the authorities. It's time an official rank was implemented outside the restaurant, on the same lines as the one outside Nobu. This is a moving rank and a lot of work comes out of this venue. Both the management and customers would welcome an official rank, which would help combat the ever growing problem from sexual predators hiding in the lines of illegally plying for hire minicab touts who infest this area.

We have proved that ranks outside this type of establishment work and work well. Nobu, Q's, Zuma, Sketch, Movida and Swallow street all work well. When ranks are badly place they don't work as can be seen at Babble and Mahiki's.

It has to be made a requirement that before a new establishment can be given a satellite office license for private hire pick up, there has to be a rank for licensed Taxis outside with a point cab directly outside the exit. Both the licensing authority (LTPH) and the local council must put a stop to the practise of minicab touts waiting outside these premises to become hired. This is not allowed under present legislation and encourages sexual predators.

Don't spend your night driving round endlessly in circles, find a rank and work smart. Remember the cabby's etiquette:
Don't overtake a Taxi with its for-hire light on and don't pick up beside a rank with cabs on.
Don't let them turn us against each other and keep up our high standards.
Lets take our work back.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Human trafficking campaign targets Thanet taxi drivers

TAXI drivers in Thanet are being warned to look out for a new kind of traffic.

The Taxis Against Trafficking campaign aims to raise awareness about people trafficking with questionnaires and bumper stickers.

Active Communities against Trafficking (ACT) are groups of people that raise awareness about trafficking, how to safeguard yourself and others and what you can do about it.

Thanet ACT leader Rebecca Rubanik said: “We’ve decided to make it a regular event and will keep working with taxi drivers until every taxi in Thanet has a sticker and every driver is aware about the issue of human trafficking."

Cabbie Sachdera Narinder said: “All the taxi drivers need this help. We would be happy to talk to people like Thanet ACT group who will listen. Human trafficking is a real issue."

Human trafficking leads to the exploitation of vulnerable people in the sex industry, forced labour, domestic servitude, street crime, cannabis cultivation, benefit fraud and other types of abuse.

An estimated 9.1 million men, women and children are trafficked across borders and within their own country at any given moment in time.

It is the world's fastest growing crime, second to drug smuggling.

John Mason, "nothing we can do about it", but Burnley show the way.

Last year complaints were made about a company illegally advertising a Hospital Taxi service in a number of large hospitals around the capital. There is also a smart phone app from this company which offers Taxi services from mainline stations.

In a rare reply from the director of LT&PH, Mr John Mason stated that there was nothing LT&PH could do as the company, although misleading the public, wasn't licensed by LT&PH and was just a third party that passed on bookings to licensed Private hire companies.

We know that Mr Mason doesn't like spending money on lawyers or going to magistrate courts, because he told us in TfL board member Steve Wright's, Private Hire and Courier magazine (PH&C). Must be quite embarrassing considering the amount of cases LT&PH have allegedly lost under Mr Mason's administration.

Well, apparently there is something that LT&PH can do!
A similar set up in Burnley has felt the full weight of a licensing authority which is not bias towards private hire, doesn't mind going to court or spending money on lawyers.

A report taken from

BOSSES at an internet firm which attracted a string of complaints have been banned from operating as company directors.

An investigation was launched by the Insolvency Service’s Company Investigations Unit (CIU) into Cybernet Media, based in Railway Street, Nelson, amid growing disquiet over failures to provide advertised services.

Offering internet marketing services, web-based taxi booking systems and legal claims management, Cybernet operated 12 different websites.

But Manchester District Registry was told that the company ‘misled’ a number of customers by not delivering services in all three areas.

The company consistently failed to comply with statutory requirements as to the offering of private hire services or the conduct of legal claims management, despite warnings being given to the directors, the court heard.

The venture’s head, Yasser Hussain, 29, of Railway Street, was disqualified from being a company director for seven years.

And Noreen Akhtar, 36, of Beaufort Street, Nelson, another director, who was said to have played no meaningful part in the company’s management, was disqualified for two-and-a-half years by the same court.

The CIU had already successfully petitioned the courts for the outfit to be placed in voluntary liquidation in May 2011.

Several warnings had previously been given to the pair, as there were a number of statutory requirements relating to their business, especially when it came to running private hire bookings.
Insolvency officials also found that Cybernet, which was first incorporated in September 2008, had failed to keep proper accounting records, detailing business transactions before it ceased trading in early 2010.

Hussain in particular was said to have routed ‘substantial amounts of company monies through bank accounts not in the company’s name but under the control of himself’.

source: Burnley and Pendle "The Citizen".


'Cant do anything' LTPH.

1. Contact the relevant trading standards department and require action under the Consumer Protection Act etc.
2. Contact the Police and ask for consideration for action under Fraudulent Misrepresentation legislation.
3. Investigate the named directors and if as is likely they also hold PH licences as operators and drivers, haul them in and revoke that as not fit and proper persons.

You don't hesitate to threaten demonstrating cab drivers or those forced to overanalyse as you meekly surrender another load of rank space.

We await your information about any of 1,2 or 3 you have carried out. I am sure the blog would not wish to publish misleading information.

Over to you Mr Mason!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ranks Information Notice LTPH.

London Bridge bus station reopens
London Bridge bus station has now reopened following the completion of the works to repair the collapsed sewer in London Bridge Street.

The taxi rank in the station plus the drop-off bays and disabled pick-up bay are all now open, the temporary taxi rank in St Thomas Street is no longer in operation. Taxi drivers must not overrank or block access to the station for buses, taxis and other vehicles.

Baroness Thatcher funeral
On Wednesday 17 April 2013 the funeral of Baroness Thatcher will take place at St Paul’s Cathedral. A ceremonial funeral will be held with a procession between the Palace of Westminster and St Paul’s, details of the route of the procession and planned road closures are available here.

Some taxi rank suspensions will be in place from 05:00 on Wednesday morning along and around the procession route. Drivers must not park or leave their taxi on any suspended taxi rank otherwise it could be towed away and where possible drivers should try to avoid the area.

The following taxi ranks will be suspended from 05:00 on Wednesday 17 April:

- Aldwych (Waldorf Hotel)

- Aldwych (rest rank)

- Aldwych (One Aldwych Hotel)

- Aldwych (ME Hotel)

- Strand (Charing Cross Station)

- Strand (opposite Australia House)

- Strand (Clement Danes Church)

- Exeter Street (Strand Palace Hotel)

- Arundel Street (rest rank)

- Temple Place (refreshment rank)

- Embankment Place (under Charing Cross railway bridge)

- Whitehall Place (Corinthia Hotel)

- Whitehall Place (Liberal Club)

- Whitehall Court (Royal Horseguards Hotel)

- Pall Mall (RAC Club)

- Millbank (Media Centre)

The Strand (Clement Danes Church) taxi rank will also be suspended on Monday 15 April and Tuesday 16 April but drivers will be able to use the first three spaces of the taxi rank on these days.

Hammersmith Broadway works
Emergency repair works are taking place in Hammersmith Broadway and during these works the taxi rank will be unavailable but a temporary taxi rank has been provided in Queen Caroline Street. The works are expected to last for up to six weeks and taxi drivers should use the temporary taxi rank but must not overrank or try and use the rank when it is full as the rank is being closely monitored.

Liverpool Street marshalled taxi rank
The late night marshalled taxi rank in Liverpool Street continues to be popular with drivers and the public but since the scheme was first started more bars and clubs in the City have started to open on Saturday evenings.

In response to this increase in late night activity on Saturday evenings, and following discussions with the City of London Corporation, we have decided to change the evenings the marshalled taxi rank operates. Instead of the rank being marshalled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings it will now be marshalled on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

We intend to trial this and see how well the rank is used, if it is successful we will consider making the change permanent.

On Saturday 25 May 2013 We Are FVSTL takes place at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Upminster.

The festival is between 11:00am and 02:30am and will be attended by 15,000 people. Shuttle buses will run from Upminster Station to the festival site on Saturday but to help people who want to take a taxi there will be taxi marshals at the station between 10:00 and 15:00 on Saturday.

At the festival site there will be a designated drop-off area plus a taxi rank and this will be marshalled from 10:00 on Saturday morning until the festival ends on Sunday morning. The drop-off area and taxi rank will be accessible from Warwick Lane.

Taxis will be an essential form of transport for people going to and from the event so we hope that the local drivers will use the station taxi rank and the taxi rank on the festival site. Information about the event can be found on the We Are FVSTL website here.

Whitcomb Street
Following a public consultation by Westminster City Council the taxi rank in Whitcomb Street, outside the Thistle Piccadilly Hotel, has been revoked.

The council proposed a number of changes in Wardour Street and Whitcomb Street including removing the Whitcomb Street taxi rank, extending the Blue Badge parking bays and relocating some residents parking. The taxi rank ceased operation on Monday 8 April 2013 and drivers should not park where the rank was located.

Hornchurch taxi rank trial
The Hornchurch taxi rank trial is continuing and the feedback so far has been positive. Since the trial started there have been some small changes and the taxi rank is now in three portions:

- 1st portion is still in Hornchurch High Street and is for 4 taxis only

- 2nd portion is in Billet Lane but the front of the 2nd portion has been moved closer to Hornchurch High Street and extended to 8 spaces

- 3rd portion is in Billet Lane and is for 10 taxis

There are temporary taxi rank stops at both of the portions in Billet Lane to tell drivers where to rank.

The trial will continue to be monitored and drivers are reminded that they must not:

- Rank outside of the agreed taxi rank portions

- Overrank or cause any obstructions

- Block buses or any other vehicles

Complaints have continued to be received about taxis overranking at the Selfridges taxi rank, parking on the pavement and also parking in the bus stop. Drivers must not overrank or obstruct the bus stop otherwise they will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by the borough.

Complaints have also been received about taxis queuing on the corner of Hans Road/Basil Street/near Walton Place.
This is obstructing other vehicles and causing problems for local residents and businesses. If the taxi ranks serving Harrods are full then drivers must not queue in the road and should move on.

Richmond Station
The new taxi rank serving Richmond Station is now operational and marked out on the road. The rank is in four portions which are set out as follows:

- 1st portion, this is for 4 taxis and operates 24 hours a day

- 2nd portion, this is for 17 taxis and operates 24 hours a day

- 3rd portion, this is in the shared loading bay, is for 4 taxis and operates between 19:00-07:00

- 4th portion, this is in the shared loading bay, is for 6 taxis and operates between 19:00-07:00

There have been reports that a small minority of taxi drivers have been ranking in drop-off area on The Quadrant but this area is not designated as a taxi rank and drivers must not park in or ply for hire from this space. This area has been designated as a drop-off area only, if taxis rank here then it prevents taxi drivers and other motorists from being able to safely drop-off passengers for the station.

Muswell Hill Broadway rank
The Muswell Hill Broadway taxi rank has been moved to Dukes Avenue. The relocated taxi rank is for two taxis, operates 24 hours a day and a new taxi pole has recently been installed at the rank.

You can find details of the current TfL consultations here

Other consultations currently open include:

- Modifications to the Lewisham Town Centre Local Plan

Consultations in other boroughs can normally be found by searching for the name of the borough and consultations.

- Consultations in the City of London

- Consultations in the London Borough of Camden

- Consultations in the London Borough of Southwark>

- Consultations in the City of Westminster>