Saturday, December 21, 2013


It is heavily rumoured that during January, TFL are to announce that they are to allow a new exhaust system ( VORTEX ) to be fitted to cabs about to be removed from service which are subject to the fifteen year age limit.

By all accounts it will be a complete exhaust system and is said to cost around £2000.
It is believed that this new system will give an additional five years life.

The new Vortex exhaust has been tested for the last year by Mag Diesels of Brixton, they have had the system fitted to three different cabs and it has passed Euro 5 emission standards, Mags Diesel have recently been told by TFL that the new exhaust system is to be allowed.

Source: London Taxi Drivers Forum.

Editorial Comment:
According to reports a taxi company in Tilbury who had 36 cabs fitted with Vortex Eco-Flo System at a cost of £32,490 found that through Vortex they could get a possible European Regional Funded grant towards the cost and was referred to Low Carbon Business, who assisted them with the ERDF grant application.

The grant was approved and they were reimbursed 40% of the cost. 

Even without the grant the quote is still a lot less than £2000. 
Anybody with a 15 year old cab would be a fool not to make enquiries particularly as Tilbury Taxis has set a precedent, endorsed by their town’s Mayor".

Also while on this subject, the Mayor has made it clear that he wants a Zero Emmission Zone in the Congestion Charge area by 2020.
As of yet he has made no mention of an exception for Taxis.
So, where does that leave a driver who buys a new Euro 5 TX4 in the new year.
Will this new vehicle only have a working life span of 6 years?

One for our trade orgs to sort out....don't hold your breath!


lcy len said...

There must be a stationers somewhere that has had a run on buff coloured envelopes just lately ,if this turns out to be true , it can only be because someone somewhere is getting a large kickback.I'll be surprised if it does happen because it'll leave tfl open to compensation claims from those who have scrapped what could have been perfectly good cabs with another five years service in them.

Anonymous said...

There was never any talk about meeting current emission conditions via conversions/exhausts etc, on cabs approaching the age limit it seemed like it was just a case of 15 years and out. As much to do with keeping the manufacturers ticking over and wanting a shiny new fleet driving about rather than 15year+ cabs.
With 6 years till 2020 a zero emission London seems a bit of a challenge. Maybe Boris will offer us all a massive px £££££ subsidy on our current vehicle to swap to an electric one....Would still only cost the same as a few new buses to implement and a lot less than the 1 £billion cycle highways!!!

They're not my heros said...

Again, the trade was turned over by a small group of interested parties.

Follow the money

Anonymous said...

Boris will go so I would not rely on him getting his 2020 emission wish. Knowing his track record it will be another surprise for someone else to manage

Anonymous said...

All said and done Jim, fkuk the politics and the people we will never change... a very merry Christmas to you and yours....

Editorial said...

Thanks Anon
And a merry Christmas to you and yours too.

Merry Christmas to all our readers from all the regular contributors of Taxi Leaks.
Thank you for helping to bring our blog back, rising like the Phoenix from the ashes.

It is now time for the family, the season of peace and goodwill to all men.

But come the new year we will be back.


I'm Spartacuz said...

Yes Christmas is the time for the family and you can always creep out once everyone falls asleep in the afternoon.

'Where to Guvnor?'

Yes another years another challenge, well done all at taxileak towers.

Brian Wright said...

Thx once more for your diligence, Jim. We are once again afterthoughts in BoJo's plans for no.10. And who put him in? Most drivers that I know. Hopefully we can all fund a test case for compensation, involve our political representatives and abolish TPH back to the PCO under the Met, far away from the grips of these corporatist power freaks.

Jim Wells said...

I have a vortex exhaust system fitted to my Metrocab.The smoke emissions are greatly improved.Fuel consumption, I am not sure,as she has done 290k+miles. Better to test on newer vehicle.

cab in brixton said...

the trade was turned over by a small group of interested parties.