Monday, December 16, 2013

Exclusive: And The Winner Is....CAPITA.

At the beginning of October this year, we were informed:

Transport for London is assessing bids from IBM and Capita to run the capital’s congestion charging scheme. The current contract, which is help by IBM, expires on 31 October 2015. 

This February the TfL board agreed to re-let the contract and the notice processing service contract in a combined open procurement process. NSL currently holds the notice processing service.

Paul Cowperthwaite, TfL's general manager for congestion charging, said: "IBM is contracted to run the congestion charging and low emission zone schemes until October 2015. We are currently undertaking a procurement process to appoint a company to operate the schemes from this date.”

A spokesperson claimed that TfL would not be able to comment on the bidders for the duration of the procurement process and said that "customer satisfaction, was at an all-time high under IBM". 

He also said the pair will continue their ‘excellent’ working relationship until the end of the contract.

But now we can reveal this not to be the case.

last week, TfL made a decision at a secret meeting behind closed doors, on who should run the congestion charge processing operation. They will not be officially announcing until January, but we have been informed by a TfL insider it's going to be... CAPITA! 

  The congestion charge contract is poised to return to Capita 

Now, you might think it took them ages and they only reached this decision after carefully weighing up all the companies that bid for the lucrative contract, but you'd be wrong. 

IBM pulled out of the bidding - the Evening Standard reported this (in a tiny piece) in mid-October. Plus, several other companies pulled out, which just left NSL and Capita.

We have been Informed, Capita have been GIFTED the offender tagging contract as well , because of alleged malfeasance and incompetence from SERCO and G4S. 

It is alleged by our informant, the government gave a 'golden handshake to Capita of £20M to run the offender tagging op in the interim, which should see them as obvious favourites for the contract when it comes up for tender next year. 

Why did other companies pulled out the bidding?
Possibly because they can't compete with Capita's low pricing!

In 2011 Capita were given a 5 year deal with the DVLA after an extremely low bid, but had to be 'released' two years later, despite having 3 years left on the contract.

TfL haven't had much luck awarding contracts over the last few years. Corruption at SGS was followed by disastrous delays in printed materials, such as the all new digital Bills and IDs, delayed from March 2013 and only now just starting to appear.

And now we have the scandal of the Licence renewals.
Many drivers will be facing the busy Christmas period, unable to work after unexpected, unexplained delays suddenly appeared in the new CRB check system. The situation became so bad, administrators at Palestra turned off help lines, when they were swamped by angry calls from affected drivers.
This work has recently been outsource by TfL in a bid to cut the budget (at all costs) and it has proved to be disastrous. Again, TfL see affected drivers as no more than collateral damage.

Together with Sir Peter Hendy's personal insistence not to issue temporary licenses anymore, as was the procedure in the past, this alone has lead to Taxi drivers and their families struggling financially with no foreseeable solution in the neat future.

Most cabbies now feel that TfL are unfit for purpose and that a Parliamentary select committee investigation into their bias and belligerent treatment towards the trade, is long overdue. 


Easy Street said...

Back in the day, London transport built its own buses (the finest ever made!) and London was renowned for having the best engineered network.

Why can't TfL run it themselves?

Wolf j flywheel said...

Why are there not banner headlines in The Badge, CTN and TAXI about Hendy's refusal to issue temporary licences?

Can any LCDC, UNITE or LTDA member find out?

Surely they don't endorse the actions of TfL and is the advan a convenient diversion?

Ed Gonads said...

Easy street:

They could quite easily run themselves. Everything could be done in house and they could employ more staff to do it all in house.
But then, most of the top bods who are on most of the companies work is subed out to wouldn't get their huge bonuses for acquiring these very lucrative contracts.
No one would get their annual back hander.

And so it comes to pass that the cannon fodder at Blackfriars, Greenwich and Victoria get chopped so the Old boys network can wallow with their snouts in the trough.

One of the biggest earner from TfL last year was not a subcontractor but an advertisers on

lcy len said...

From those I know and those I've heard of, it seems that if you don't do your crb online and request paper, you get a holiday you could do without. The whole thing is a farce, having to do the crb online then have to go to two seperate post office's before you can send your licence renewal off. Anneka bleedin Rice would be proud of the bright spark at tfl who thought it would be a wheeze getting fat cabbies chasing their arses all over the place. As per usual the yard are showing us who's boss and that its their way or no way.I'd wager that the reason why the out of work drivers plight is not all over the front pages of the trade rags, is because the governors of the organizations that run them don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.

4th floor said...

More to this story than meets the eye.
Will send details to blog address