Monday, December 16, 2013

TfL Board Meeting November 2013.

TfL Board Meeting - 06 November 2013 - Discussion re: bus collisions/serious injuries

'The truth is had the brake pedal been pressed at any time during this 'accident' the bus would've stopped'

Leon Daniels TfL

NO arrests

NO recall

THREE buses smashed up

TWO cars smashed up

SEVERAL serious injuries

TWELVE people treated in hospital

Next up: TfL November Board Meeting - Helping G4S Make Money

While minicabs block bus lanes, park outside clubs, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels...

While predators park (now with TfL blessing) outside satellite offices and the serious sexualt assault figures (including full rape) go through the roof this Christmas...

While TfL, The Met a Police and local councils turn a blind eye to this "collateral damage"...

Sir Peter Hendy is making it a personal challenge to see that he gets some decent Olympic legacy out of getting small restaurants to buy another fridge, so deliveries can be made at night.


"If we can get small restaurants to buy another fridge, they can have their stuff delivered at night."

"I regard it as a personal challenge almost to see that we get some decent Olympic legacy out of that." 

Sir Peter Hendy TfL. 


Widow Twanky said...

It seems Hendy runs this pantomime instated of it acting as a mechanism to hold him and his organisation to account,

Did the mayor's appointed man for the cab trade say anything about tots,I legal plying for hire or the failure to issue temporary licences to all those drivers out of work?

Anonymous said...

Does Mr Oddy ever speak at these meetings

I believe is only ever spoken once

To congratulate LTPH for swiftly taking the action by removing from service, vehicles affected by the fires.