Friday, December 13, 2013

Bias, Agendas, Malfeasance Or Corruption? Part 1. by Jim Thomas

Have you ever wondered what lengths LTPH (or what ever they call themselves now) would actually go to, to make it easier for Private Hire to gain unfair advantage in completing for business against licensed Taxis.

 Well we can show that in the past, under the auspice of the PCO just before the name change, they were seen to go to great lengths to facilitate Private Hire and allowed them to contravene the law, in order to gain work from the licensed trade.

Obviously we would not dream of making such a statement without having proof. 

So, below we would like to again publish an email train from 2006 that was found posted on the Internet in 2009, which we (The Anderson Shelter Taxi Blog) immediately forwarded to the respective trade representative groups. 

Unfortunately, even back then, our beloved leaders refused to take action which would/could be used to show TfL in a bad light. And so nothing came of the uncovered malfeasance that had taken place.

Remember at the time of the sent emails, it was forbidden for Private Hire Vehicles to use the Royal Parks, which was still under the Royal Parks  Constabulary. That was the law. 

A few years earlier, Mr Harvey Phillips was convicted of driving a Fiat minicab register to Addison Lee through St James Park contrary to reg 4(27) of the Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997 (the 1997 Regulations). The 1997 Regulations made it an offence to 'drive or ride any vehicle which is constructed, adapted or in use for the purpose of a trade or business except as specified in Part I of Sch 2 to [the] Regulations' within areas specified in the Regulations. 

But many drivers were perplex as to why the Royal Parks Police suddenly stop pulling over errant minicabs after the ruling. The Parks Constabulary seemed hesitant in dealing with the issue and in fact, turned a blind eye. Much as the Met police today seem hesitant in dealing with persistent illegal plying for hire. 

Were TfL intentionally and actively involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in 2006?
Are they still involved in this type of conspiracy today?

Did the PCO contact the Royal Parks Constabulary, to ask them to turn so blind eye in favour of Private Hire companies? First posted, 4th November 2010:
From emails posted on the Internet (Click here and read emails in full), it would seem that senior officers from the PCO, namely, Ed Thompson, Luke Howard and Peter Bentley were involved in an issue of "Turning a Blind eye" back in 2006. The PCO. If it were Taxis that were banned from these parks, they would not have got involved and would have been happy to see us nicked by the dozen every day, until we stopped using the parks.

The Anderson Shelter is concerned that the agency who is responsible for enforcing Hackney and Private hire laws, seems to be taking it upon itself, to ensure only laws that support its own agenda are enforced


Otis B Driftwood said...

Nice reminder of just how long it's been going on and how it's been unchallenged by the UTG over the years.

These trade organisations were set up to challenge the establishment, it is now clear they have become part of that establishment!

The working cab driver as ever shafted, just wait till the New Year, let's hope you have got the tax bill money folks!

STaN man said...

A blast from the past but shows how far back TfLs agenda goes.
This was around the production of the STaN agenda.
And in TfLs eyes, the begining of the end for the domination of licensed Taxis monopoly