Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Message to The Best Taxi Service In The World, From Sir Peter Hendy.

By now, everyone who used our template to email Hendy and Co will have recieved this reply, posted below.

Not only has Leon Daniels failed to answer any of the questions, he has made a statement which shows just what our licensing authority think of us.

Daniels said "We have in fact identified a small number of cases where, had we issued temporary licences in the absence of DBS checks, it would have resulted in TfL licensing drivers with the types of criminal records that would have prevented them from holding a licence."

Temporary licences are just that Leon, temporary.
Your belligerent stance is causing great hardship to too many drivers, can you not see this?
We are talking about given every driver the chance to carry on working while the checks are made. A system that has always worked well in the past.
It is not the trade's fault that the subcontractors chosen to carry out these checks are woefully incompetent. 

No system is 100% fool proof. If a driver is found to have committed any offence that would prevent him/her being relicensed, then he/she could be denied a renewal. 
Surely common sense?
Innocent until proven guilty, the basis of British law.

Apparently, in Hendy's eyes we are all possible of committing heinous crimes while waiting for licence renewals, not worthy of having our previous good character being taken into account and are all guilty until we categorically prove ourselves innocent.

It seems quite ok for the TfL Commissioner to surf adult websites and dabble with highly paid sextrade workers, yet should a Taxi driver become involved with any form of prostitution, they would have their licence revoked as not being a fit and proper person.

TfL have shown no mercy to drivers and their families who at present, are off work and experiencing serious financial difficulty. 

The man who last year earned more than the President of United States, says he cannot issue you a temporary licence, incase while waiting for the CRB check, drivers commit heinous acts of raping and pillaging. 
This is Hendy's opinion of London's Licensed Taxi Trade?

Merry Christmas Sir Peter. Hope you and Sue can pay your mortgage in January 2014.

Below is Hendy's reply, penned (allegedly) by Leon Daniels. 

Dear Mr Thomas,


Thank you for your email to the Commissioner, Sir Peter has asked that I respond on his behalf.


I am aware of the impact that the delays in the Home Office’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking system are having on taxi drivers and understand the difficulties faced by drivers unable to work.


TfL and the Mayor have made strenuous efforts at Ministerial level to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible. We also took the decision to start issuing license renewal packs to drivers four months in advance of drivers' licenses expiring. Since October, the number of outstanding disclosure applications from London taxi drivers renewing their licences has significantly decreased. The DBS now reports that the number of such applications that have been with them for more than 45 days has reduced by 60 per cent. We will continue to work with the Home Office and the DBS to reduce all the backlogs further and eliminate the risk of taxi drivers not being able to work.  


TfL has made the decision that we must be fully aware of a driver’s criminal history before issuing a license, on the grounds of public safety. We have in fact identified a small number of cases where, had we issued temporary licences in the absence of DBS checks, it would have resulted in TfL licensing drivers with the types of criminal records that would have prevented them from holding a licence.


I hope you find this helpful.


Yours sincerely



Leon Daniels

Managing Director – Surface Transport



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From: Jim Thomas [
Sent: 19 December 2013 01:06
To: Hendy Peter (TfL)
Cc: Daniels Leon; Gareth Thomas; Navin Shah;
Subject: Drivers renewals delays, causing financial hardship.


Anonymous said...

I would lay odds of 1,000 to 1, that the small amount of cases identified which, had they issued temporary licences in the absence of DBS checks, would have resulted in TfL licensing drivers with the types of criminal records that would have prevented them from holding a licence, were in fact minicabs and not indeed licensed taxi drivers.

Our trade is tarred with the same shameful brush as the scab trade.

Bodkin said...

As ever a smokescreen, the shameful thing is that this has remained unchallenged by the LTDA, UNITE and the LCDC.

You might think some should hold their head down in shame, they won't though.

Rachael Grundy (now only £110 per hour) said...

It's truly amazing that the world see the London taxi driver as the best in the world
And yet our own licensing authority see us as a bunch of despots and sexual predators

Anonymous said...

I am writing this Email to you as a warning to fellow drivers and to provide proof that licensed taxi drivers are being treated with contempt by TFL

TFL have moved the goal posts without notification to licence holders

I have just recently renewed my licence, and this time had the added trip to the opticians which I have not had to do previously in the last twenty odd years for an eye test which added to my delay in sending back my renewal

My licence expired on the 28/8/13 and I was not able to send back all the pieces of the completed renewal until 31/8/13

The post office told me, would arrive by registered post by 2/9/13

I next received a letter from TPH on 11/9/13 dated 9/9/13 that they had received my renewal and payment and that I should not work until I received my licence, for if I was to work before then, would be illegal and might result in being prosecuted

This letter was not signed by anyone but merely "licensing administration

My new licence arrived on 21/913 and was posted out on 19/9/13

However my new licence is dated 11/913, which means it has sat on someone's desk for over a week with a ban on me working until I have now received it

I'm now wondering how much compensation I am entitled to........

Yours sincerely

Mick Smith

Anonymous said...

So as we all take a short break to spend time with our families (or in the feeder park!), we need to reflect on how we are to safeguard our living in 2014.

It won't be easy, PH are now completely out of control and we have a licensing body that seems to only be interested in press releases and spin.

Plus the latest scandal to come from Palestra is that TfL will be turning the proverbial blind eye to minicabs illegally plying for hire.

Also TfL have stopped issuing temporary licenses when renewing bills because of minicab drivers who can't be trusted not to rape or sell drugs while waiting for renewals

All overseen by Podger Peter Hendy!
A man who likes the company of high priced prostitutes (according to the sun)

But there is hope.

GLA members and certain M.P.'s are starting to ask the right questions about PH illegal plying for hire and the biased treatment the licensed Taxi trade receives

If your a radio driver and think its nothing to do with you, just count the PH stickers outside ex taxi accounts or even worse taking the cream with the collaboration of the circuits YOU built!

It's like Tesco building a store and allowing Sainsbury's stock in there.

If your a day driver and again believe its not a problem that ranks disappear and that PH don't take work that should be in your cab,wake up! Soon PH with wheelchair access will be slowed to rank at main line stations. The thin end of the wedge with more to come.

There is only one organisation thats not taking every word from Palestra as gospel and are doing what they can despite TfL using every means to keep us divided.

The Olympic stitch up should have taught us a lesson?

Now to YOU the working cab driver.

YOU need to get fighting for YOUR living, YOU need to attend meetings and question what people do on YOUR money?

YOU don't have a choice, YOUR family depend on it!

Merry Christmas all!


Third Floor.... said...

Aparently Hendy never got done for the prostitution saga becausr nobody made an oficial complaint to the police - hence no official police investigation.

Middle Temple said...

This is absolutely correcr - solicitation is an offence under British law, Peter Hendy should be reported officially to the police ASAP... He has openly admitted publicly to the offence - once charged he would almost certainly lose his job... His puritanical stance on refusing to issue temporary licences to taxi drivers of many years of exemplary character is in conflict of his morality and undermines his official toght to remain in office.

Anonymous said...

So who is gonna call the old bill and take the step then ..... ?

Editorial said...

Before this gets out of hand, Taxi Leaks would like to point out:
Privately contacting a sex worker (high paid escort or cheap prostitute) and agreeing To pay for sexual services, is not illegal.
It may be seen by some as immoral, but it is certainly not illegal.

Solicitation, curb crawling, having sex with under age minors and living off immoral earning (pimping) is illegal.
Apparently, this did not occur in Sir Peter Hendy's case and although the incident was reported in three tabloid newspapers, no charges have been made against Sir Peter Hendy.

It is the essence of British law, that you are innocent until proven guilty

A basic privilege Sir Peter is happy to receive, yet refuses to grant to Taxi drivers who he has personally put out of work, causing them and their families great financial hardship


Anonymous said...

Where did Hendy obtain the 4 oyster cards gifted to the hooker ? Were they transferable, did he pay for them or were they TfL staff freebee's ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that's the question Eddie Nestor should ask him, next time Podger's on his show

Anonymous said...

It'll never happen, that's why I don't tune in to Uncle Tom's Cabin anymore !