Friday, December 06, 2013

50 taxi drivers “sacked” after trying for better conditions

Could be a scenario here if the Law comm gets its way and designates airports as fair game with no plying for hire rights.?

Could even be a business opportunity for some of the trades yes men?

Is this type of thing what's going on at LCA behind the scenes so only the 'chosen ones' can work there?

It was tried years ago at LAP but it failed as the Met stepped in, today's a whole new ball game, so who knows?

50 taxi drivers “sacked” after trying for better conditions at Auckland Airport

50 taxi drivers who have been campaigning for better conditions at Auckland Airport have been effectively sacked, Auckland Taxi Association said today.

The drivers, all working for President Taxis were notified on Wednesday that President Taxis would no longer have a contract with Auckland Airport as of 11.59 pm on Monday 9 December 2013.

This means that none of these 50 drivers will be able to pick up passengers from the airport from this date.

Earlier this month around 200 airport taxi drivers identified a number of abuses of taxi drivers at the Airport and formed the Auckland Taxi Association to fight for better conditions and rights.  This lead to protest actions of drivers at the airport.

While the Airport Company made some minor changes, it did not resolve the major issues and then said that it would no longer talk directly to the taxi drivers but only to their contracting taxi companies.

Now one of these companies, President Taxis, has suddenly announced without the required notice that it no longer has a Airport contract from Monday night, leaving its drivers high and dry. The drivers are now in panic mode trying to get driving contracts with other companies which means added costs of brand and meter changing and time off the road for the cabs.

Spokesperson for the Auckland Taxi Association, Manmohan Singh, said he believed that President Taxis losing its contract to Auckland Airport was an attempt by the Airport Company to isolate the leadership of the Auckland Taxi Association and break its campaign for the rights of taxi drivers at Auckland airport.

However this action has meant that as from Monday night 50 airport taxi drivers have essentially been sacked.  This would not be acceptable if we were employees and should not be acceptable for us as contractors, he said.

The Auckland Taxi drivers has been given support from the Labour Party and FIRST Union in its dispute with Auckland Airport.



Bargain Merc said...

Follow the money,

Who did what and when?

Who gets what off who and why would they get it?

Join the dots folks.

Jack from Mons said...

A little prediction for 2014
As the Carlisle group own 75% of London city airport and 100% of Addison Lee
Post Law commission changes, I see Addison Lee with the sole right to work London city airport

Don't say you wasn't warned!!!

Anonymous said...

I predict
John Mason and Helen Chapman will suddenly re-emerge in management positions with an infamous PH operation.

Heard John turned down the offer of senior clipboard man at

Anonymous said...

Addison lee will probably get LCA, but not Heathrow, not for now anyway they do not have the numbers yet, but in five years who knows.

Editorial said...

Anon 8:08pm

You are wrong in your statement that The Carlyle group own 75% of the London City Airport

General Infrastructure Partners own London City, Gatwick and now Edinburgh Airports.

LCY Len said...

Having tried to help the two self appointed drivers reps at city with letters to the drivers outlining the need for us to engage the airport management in dialogue in order to work out a plan acceptable to both sides re charges and conditions, I have decided to give up due to their insistence that we wait until they decide if they want throw us a bone or not. As usual it will be too late then and our position will be on dodgey ground.
Already they are holding drivers to ransom with the introduction on Jan 1st of a 7 day wait to redeem a taxi club voucher. Some might say its not unreasonable because drivers wait a week for radio job money to come through, but for a lot of Yellow badge drivers a voucher to T5 at £90 can be better than a usual nights takings. To have to wait more than the next day could make a big difference to a drivers circumstances.
Changes are inevitable and the drivers at the airport do need to look inwards before they can make any demands to the management, by that I mean they need to stop chucking their litter on the floor ,making the inadequate toilets a quagmire of urine and tissue, keep the rank moving and stop brooming the local jobs. Only when we are prepared to work in an adult way can we be taken seriously, if we carry on the way we are, then we will lose the airport to Addison Lee and that affects every cab driver yellow or green, seeing as a growing amount of greens seem to want to wait up to 4 hours to get a job in.
Apathy is contagious it seems and I am its latest victim,If no one else can be arsed to save our living, why should I.

Editorial said...

Len, first I must congratulate you on the quality of your comment. I completely understand where you are coming from and where it has led you.

I've been at this point many times, but have never gone forward with my threat to chuck it all in, because my love for the trade and my desire to see it continue is to strong in my heart.

I completely agree with your case.

The passion in your post leads me to think you are far from giving up Len.
I do hope I'm not wrong because drivers of your caliber are few and far between.

Jim Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I dont comment on these sites, I just browse.but I would just like to say that your comment was excelent .well done len

LCY Len said...

Jim, it's frustrating when you can see the writing on the wall but everyone else seems blind. I've spoken to drivers in groups and individually trying to get them to see the importance of standing together to save our living. Whilst I'm talking to them they are full of agreement and are willing to fight. Sadly the minute the time for action arrives their bottle goes and the excuses as to why the cant stand up for the trade roll out like a red carpet for those who wish to see us extinct. The complacency of the average cab driver is astonishing, it'll either never happen or we're the best in the world.These drivers have either never done mini cabbing or held a yellow badge, because if they had they'd know how precious bums on seats are.
People will always need cabs, but what type of cab they get is rapidly slipping out of our hands.
Truth is punters these days are price oriented and they perceive private hire as being cheaper and are willing to take a risk as to if the driver knows where he's going or if they are in a safe vehicle.
Anyone who knows me from the airport , knows my opinion of the average cab driver is that he is a fool who is happy to shoot himself in the foot at every opportunity and his vision doesn't extend beyond that days work.It is because of that, after wasting my breath for years,I am not prepared to bother any longer. I am a man who can turn my hand to most things and adapt to new things easily, I wonder how many with their heads buried in the sands of complacency can say the same.