Monday, November 11, 2013

Want to be a London Taxi Driver? Don't want to do the Knowledge?... By Jim Thomas

Again we see another All London Green Badge for sale on EBay.

With the proliferation of older vehicles currently available after the introduction of the Mayor's age limit on Taxis, for just a few pounds, anyone could be out there driving a Taxi. 

Just a few weeks ago (20th October 2013), this 23 year old Taxi was spotted in NW1 by one of our readers, plying for hire, with a PCO plate a year out of date.

We have been informed that due to our readers emails to LTPH, this matter has now been resolved.

With no word from LTPH on counterfeiting teams like the one in Surry, it does raise the question:

With hundreds of fake badges and bills in circulation, an the availability of cheap old Taxis, just how many of these snide vehicles are out there working?

The vehicle above was also reported by Taxi Leaks nearly a year ago, working in Camden High Street. 

Parked on the Taxi rank, it was being used as a booking office, for a company based in Seven Sisters Road, who's cars were parked along the High Street.

This was reported at the time, but to this day, we have heard nothing back.

Just goes to prove how ineffective the current Badge and Bill compliance initiative really is.

Taxi Leaks strongly believes, the current compliance teams from LTPH, are not fit for purpose and need a complete overhaul plus new leadership.

If this was an allegation of Bus or Tube ticket fraud, more manpower (warranted officers) would be made available, emediatly.
Yet again, when it comes to the licensed Taxi trade, "The Best Taxi Service in The World", public safety is pushed to the back burner.

Photos: thanks to Glen Alutto.


Perry Mason said...

If they do not act soon, the public may lose respect for the taxi trade. They won't know if the taxi they are getting in is a proper taxi.
Perhaps that's why LTPH/TfL hasn't done anything.
Perhaps that's why they are letting this run.

Anonymous said...

To me this isn't a fake, it's an original as it looks to be cast brass with stamped numbers, they've been acid etched, and numbers engraved on a pantograph for years now, meaning, if it isn't fake it's been cheaply cast and produced in China or similar.

I relayed the story on a thread some time ago that whilst running my engraving/etching business I was asked on 2 occasions to produce a 10 up sheet of badges, by 2 different sources, one a good client and an advertising agency, but same artwork in both cases.

I was doing the K at the time, and immediately informed Penton St who wrote back saying they knew of the problem and thankyou. That was in 1992!

Anonymous said...

You dont need a fake badge and ids to get a cab..i rented a cab while waiting for delivery of my new one and wasnt even asked for my bill..Go into a garage and give them a cock n bull story you forgot your bill, pay a few weeks up front and off you go...

Anonymous said...

its well known that no body checks rental cabs bills and id at night i reckon 20 or 30% of cabs are fake drivers

Anonymous said...

20 or 30%...yeah right.

Anonymous said...

This trade is finished. Too many selfish people have let the trade erode away. All the time and effort put in earning your green badge for what? All the drivers still investing in this trade by buying new cabs. Should I say forced to invest due to the mayors age limit. What do we get in return? More and more private hire and talk of allowing the suburbs wider scope into town. The identifiers are a joke. I see drivers flouting them on a daily basis. If they were serious they would crush the cabs, but they won't because they've got no balls! The policy makers have never driven a cab and are clueless. I heard Leon Daniels on London live last week supporting saving the route master heritage route number 15. Have you seen the pollution from these things. He says tourist come to London to see the red bus and the red telephone boxes. Tourists used to come to London to ride in a black cab yet they killed them off. The hypocrisy of it. Damn it!!!