Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sundays Free Shuttle Service, For Veterans And Their Families.

Reading the TFL website, one would believe that the free Taxis supplied for veterans and their families was their doing. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. 

A couple of years ago, TfL decided to close many central London Underground stations, virtually stranding veterans (many of whom are disabled) wishing to attend the rememberance services. TfL never even thought to offer a replacement bus service.

London Cabby, Mike Hughes took up the baton and in league with the Royal British Legion and members of the United Cabbies Group, sent out a plea to the wider Taxi community.
Adverts appeared in the United Cabbies News and on certain Taxi websites which touched the hearts of London's finest.
The initial event was so well attended, it was decided the service would be extended and had now become a regular service.
Many drivers work overnight and stay out just to be part of Remembrance Day and help provide this free Taxi service.

 From Royal Dragoons guards and their families a big thank you to you all.
The veterans staying at Royal Scott hotel have shown their appreciation by presenting event marshal Andrzej Simco with their regiment emblem Royal Dragoons Guards, which he accepted on behalf of all the drivers.


Also on display were a number of vintage Taxis, kept in immaculate working order.



Rev. Vaclav Haldady said...

Well done to all, no cab trade politics this time!

'He (or she) who giveth receives the greatest gift'

Gerry Rosen said...

Great to see no one screen that this was their idea, although we all know it was Mike.

Wonder if the LCDC will have the story on their blog or in the badge
Can we expect to see this in the LTDA taxi
After all the nick most everything else off this blog

Anonymous said...

I notice TfL never got a plaque from any unit.

People know the truth
People know who let them down
People remember things like this

Anonymous said...

Think Mike Hughes is deserving of a knighthood or at the least an MBE.

Didn't see Chapman or Daniels on the bridge thanking the drivers for covering their arses.

And we all know where Hendy probably was.
Spending another £140 just down the road in Pimlico.

Briony said...

Do you think you could convey our gratitude to the taxi drivers. I t was brilliant to be so taken care of. Our driver took five of us to our Hotel, waited while we got our gear then took us to Kings Cross and Euston. Brilliant! All for nothing! Molly Helms

Briony said...

To the Wonderful Lady Taxi Driver in the silver cab a HUGE thank you for your sightseeing tour, and for pointing out the sights of London..........you were an absolute star, and Jan and me are very grateful to you. Maggie Jones

Briony said...

From Fiona Norris: We had a really nice chap that drove us back, unfortunately I don't know his name. A genuine Eastender who had recently moved out to Essex (self employed cabbie). A lovely, generous chap thank you so much

Briony said...

Mike Hughes, thank you so much for putting me in touch with Paul O'Donnell. What a gentleman. He collected us from our hotel at Heathrow, as promised, and then waited a very long time for me to join him again after the parade - making him rather late for his dinner!
The service which you, Paul, and your colleagues provid is so appreciated by myself and my fellow veterans.