Thursday, November 21, 2013

Man, 27, dies after being dragged 100 yards down Essex Road by Minicab.

A man has died after being dragged 100 yards down a north London street by a car he was clinging on to, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

Police said they believed the 27-year-old had been leaning through the passenger side window of the black Vauxhall Zafira having a conversation with its driver when the vehicle drove off.

Officers were called to Essex Road, with the junction of Ockendon Road, at 1.55am on Sunday.

A spokesperson said: “After being carried along for 75 to 100 yards, the victim lost his grip and fell to the ground, suffering a serious head injury as a result.”

“The driver of the car did not stop at the scene but was subsequently arrested in connection with the incident after attending a north London police station.

“The 57-year-old has since been bailed pending further enquiries to a date in early January.”

Scotland Yard is continuing to appeal for information regarding the incident.

A post-mortem has been scheduled to take place at Poplar Mortuary tomorrow and an inquest will open in due course.

Contact investigators on 020 8842 1817 with any information.


Anonymous said...

We wonder if the TfL CCTV saw this?


Vito Lee said...

If the TfL CCTV picked this up, how come they don't pick up the lines of minicabs illegally plying for hire outside all the pubs in this road.
Clip board johnnies and touting is rife.

Wonder how many sexual assaults and rapes occur in vehicles who have picked up unbook jobs along this road.
While compliance are out doing badge and bill checks

LTPH are not fit to do the job and Chapman has caused chaos since she was left on her own. Sooner she goes the better all round.

Michael Josephs TfL Centrecomm OM. said...

'We have our cameras EVERYWHERE, there aren't too many places not only a bus but an individual can hide within London that we can no longer see'

Michael Josephs
TfL Centrecomm operations manager.