Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cyclists caught jumping red lights in London taxi drivers' hidden camera footage

Cyclists were filmed jumping red lights by hidden cameras set up by London black cab drivers.

Their footage shows 194 out of 364 riders went through stop signals during the rush hour — just over half.

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association said it set up hidden cameras after a series of “near misses and confrontations” between its members and cyclists. The association said cabbies put two cameras at what they said were “average” crossroads in the capital.

One was the junction of Hackney Road, Queensbridge Street and Horatio Street in Hackney, the other at the junction of Fortess Road, Highgate Road and Kentish Town Road in Camden.

Cyclists whizz past as a woman pushes a buggy across when the green man is showing
The LTDA, which has 10,000 members, said each camera filmed between 7.30am and 8.30am at the end of September. In Hackney, 108 out of 170 cyclists jumped the lights, while in Camden, 86 out of 194 bikes rode through at red. LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara said two hour-long versions of the footage were available “ 100 per cent unedited” on YouTube.

He said: “We are constantly hearing  from the cycling lobbying groups that cyclists who ride on the pavement, weave in and out of traffic and fail to stop at red lights are a small minority or a small rogue element. This was in stark contrast to what we and most Londoners witness every day.” Mr McNamara, who cycles in the rush hour daily, added: “What we found shocked even us. We’re not anti-cycling, we’re against the unlawful cycling brigade.”

Two cyclists jump a red light at the same time
Anyone caught jumping a red light risks a £50 penalty ticket from the police. In an online survey of 1,600 cyclists by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, 57 per cent admitted jumping a red light at least once, with 14 per cent doing it regularly. The reason they gave was that they felt safer getting ahead of the traffic flow.

Mike Cavenett, spokesman for the London Cycling Campaign, said: “ Evidence shows that red light jumping causes a tiny proportion of collisions. This view is backed up by police data showing that only two per cent of London’s cycling collisions are attributable to cyclists going through red lights, while the same data shows that 68 per cent of cyclist-motorist crashes in central London have their main cause attributable to bad driving.” 

Source:Evening Standard


Rebecca B said...

Great spirit from the LTDA showing no fear of a "Die in" from crazy Jenny's flash mob at Woodfield road.

Will Oddy get same treatment as Griffin did?
Will Oddy tell cyclists to "Fuck off" like he did a concerned butter boy?

Next thing we will have Big Mac doing Kennedy speach
" we don't do this thing because it's easy, we do it because it's right"

Michael O'Hare said...

Seriously I couldn't give a fiddlers, if cyclists want to risk their asses on their bikes thats up to them. Ltda would be better off spending time and money highlighting the tout problems ad rickshaws in central london. Not wasting time and money on the lycra looneys. Jesus h gimme a break.

Bored Member said...

As ever LTDA should be on the case of TfL, but that won't happen as there are over twenty thousand reasons not to!

Anonymous said...

what a load of shit, hoping lights trying to get in front the traffic, and it makes them feel safer,the lights, red means stop,it says that for a reason,dont they take any notice of the other side turning green,the way congestion is,loads of drivers fly away just to be first and think there smug by doing that,that U.S. brief on the tele with Macnamara, should be sent back to law school,.saying that they wont to get a head to feel safe,as if its alright to do that,RED means STOP,end of in more ways than one!!

Anonymous said...

Forget cyclists, pressure Bendy Hendy re driver renewals NOT Theresa May ... tfl have the authority to issue temp licences and are NOT doing so.

TX1fan said...

Diversion tactics, they never understood the implications of the TfL shake up, failed to do anything, change the subject to an easier one. Do I give a flying f**k if a cyclist jumps a red light? Not really, that's for the police to deal with not the Taxi trade. Do I care about the touts stealing our wages every night? Yes

Anonymous said...

I think the LTDA are right to highlight this problem.
The Cyclists always believe they have the high moral ground and are always in the right.
They should all be made to carry ID, register their cycles and carry insurance, no more 'free loading'!