Friday, October 18, 2013

TX4 Too Expensive For Coventry Taxi Drivers?

Plans to relax the rules on the types of vehicles allowed to be driven by Coventry taxi drivers are considered.

The city council is consulting on the proposals, ahead of a decision in December.

All taxis licensed to use ranks in Coventry have to be hackney carriages, made by the city's London Taxi Company (LTC), to meet the council's wheelchair accessibility and turning circle rules.

Taxi drivers have said the current rules create an expensive monopoly.

Coventry hackney carriage driver Arulampalam Murguganantham said: "I will definitely change to a Peugeot or Citroen if we can.

"We need seven-seaters and the finance and insurance costs on new black cabs are just not acceptable."

"If the black cab was as efficient and cost the same as others like the Nissan then we would prefer the black cab.

"We like supporting local jobs but you've got to think of your own pocket first."

Peter Johansen, from LTC, based on the Holyhead Road, agreed the vehicle is expensive, with current models costing £36,000, but said "very affordable" four-year schemes cost drivers £135 a week.

Cabbie Arulampalam Murguganantham will change vehicle if council licensing rules are relaxed
He said: "Taxi drivers in general love our vehicle, they love to be associated with it.

"Ours is the only purpose-built vehicle in the world."

"We are the best vehicle for wheelchair users, with the highest head room, hearing loops for the hearing impaired, swivel seats for those without wheelchairs. We are fully accessible."

LTC (previously known as LTI) went into administration in October 2012 and was bought by Chinese firm Geely five months later.

Full-scale production of black cabs in Coventry restarted last month, after 99 of its 176 employees lost their jobs.

A council spokesperson said disabled access was a priority and taxi vehicle manufacturers, vehicle converters, organisations representing disabled people and the Coventry taxi trade were being consulted.

A full report will be considered by councillor Rachel Lancaster, the cabinet member responsible for taxi licensing, on 10 December.

Coventry's first black cabs were built in 1919
In 1947 a consortium of Mann and Overton, Carbodies of Coventry and Austin created the FX3 that came to dominate the taxi market
More than 130,000 cabs have been made in Coventry over the past 60 years
Since re-starting production the company aims to complete 10 vehicles each day in Coventry
The firm plans to build a new factory in the city

Source: BBC News


Anonymous said...

£135 PW = £7020 per year. Over four years = £28,080 which is a whopping £7,900 short of the list price of a new TX4.

£36,000 divided by 48 payments is £750 PCM... £173 PW and that's without interest !

The article is about the TX4 being too expensive to purchase... LTC's comment is devious and misleading - The comment is dressed up to appear that you can purchase a TX4 for £135 PW... It's obviously a lease and if you take this deal and renew it every four years you will pay LTC £105,300 over 15 years.

The TX4 is overpriced and too expensive, as is the Mercedes Vito, they are both economically not viable to purchase and drivers have had enough !

Anonymous said...

To purchase a new TX4 you are looking at £240 per week... £12480 a year over three years.

This is the reality:

On average £5000 per annum diesel

£500 per annum Road Fund License (Road Tax)

£1500 per annum insurance

Meter £150

Total £19,130...

This is without renewing your bill,servicing, accountancy fees etc. That's over 20 grand a year just to go to work if you purchase a new cab from scratch over three years... Many will have to due to the bent Taxi Age Limit that NONE of the trade organisations will challenge.

LTC are looking to exploit the individuals caught up in the Taxi Age Limit scam and fleece you for every penny they can !

Anonymous said...

"very affordable" at £135 a week,--- really?....Thats just the tip of the iceberg, even on the lease scheme that this is. Add in your insurance, servicing, brake pads and tyres every 15k miles plating etc its more like £235 a week without your fuel. With 20 to the gallon if your lucky even at £30 a day your touching £400 a week before you earn a penny....I wonder why i bother sometimes when i do the maths!!!!

Anonymous said...

whatever way you look at it, it's too expensive. As a yellow badge my TX1 is coming off the road in 6 weeks. At 400 pounds a week to run a TX4 from scratch i'll be left with 100 pounds a week. very nice, cheers.