Sunday, October 13, 2013

The ACPO toughened up guidance on enforcing 20mph limits

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have toughened up guidance on enforcing 20mph limits. Speed offences where people live will not be tolerated.  Better enforcement both increases compliance and the safety of the UK’s streets.

ACPO have issued new guidance to forces on how to police 20mph roads.   This comes in response to the dramatically increasing number of places democratically agreeing wide area 20mph limits plus requests from Transport Ministers, the Get Britain Cycling Enquiry and many campaigners.

Officers could soon hand out a speeding ticket and three points or offer drivers an education course and therefore avoid points on the licence.

Under the guidelines, motorists caught driving between 24mph and 31mph would be offered the speed awareness course or a fixed penalty notice fine.

If drivers were travelling up to 34mph, they could be fined, and if they were speeding at 35mph or more they would be reported to the courts.

Already over 12m people live in places like Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and the City of London where 20mph limits will cover the majority of roads.

Editorial Comment:

So, up to 34 mph it's all about the money. Only vehicles traveling at 35 and above will be reported for an offence to the court. Is the reason for this, vehicles who inadvertently go over the limit by a few mph are likely to pay up without question. Heavy duty speeders are more likely to be uninsured, harder to find unregistered or stolen vehicles. 

Local councils in London applied for decriminalisation of low speed contraventions and was turned down. Perhaps the police see this as a possible cash cow. And why not! The councils have them all over the place.

Have the supporters of this blanket 20mph limit not read the AA report ( which states that vehicles traveling at 20mph use 10% more fuel?

More fuel, more emissions= more premature deaths from pollution, currently running at over 4000 in Central London.

Also amazing is these same supporters, support traffic humps whic cause vehicles to use 47% more fuel as they accelerate and then break between humps.

Is it really all about the money?

Will the police be trading in their high speed pursuit fleet for these?


Anonymous said...

Don't laugh, these little electric bike jobbies cost around the same as a small family car!

Rupert said...

Even Noddy's mate Big ears had a four wheeler.
Just found out Noddy was a Taxi Driver in toy town

Olive Oyl said...

Noddy was a tout!

I've watched the cartoons,

Still we have Micky Mouse enforcement............