Thursday, October 17, 2013

TFL/LTPH Notice 22/13 New Design Identifiers.

                     Notice 22/13.                      

London Taxi Drivers
New Design Licences and Identifiers

Further to TPH Notices 07/13 and 10/13, Transport for London has commenced issuing replacement licences and identifiers to all licensed London taxi drivers in October 2013.

The new licences and identifiers will be of a similar design to existing ones but will contain a number of new security features, including a hologram and a barcode unique to the driver. In addition, following feedback from the trade, the new suburban identifiers have a larger space to show the areas in which a driver is licensed to ply for hire. Samples of the new design identifiers are below.

The replacement licences and identifiers are being issued as follows:

  • *  From 1 October, any newly licensed driver is issued with the new style licence and identifiers.

  • *  Drivers renewing their licence from 1 October will be issued with a new style licence. Their new style identifiers will be sent separately.

  • *  All other drivers will receive their replacement licence and identifiers together by the end of 2013.

    Drivers should display their replacement identifiers and carry the copy of their replacement licence as soon as they receive them. Drivers renting taxis should give the original licence to the owner of the taxi and ask for the return of the existing licence.

    Accompanying the new documents will be instructions advising how to return existing documents to TfL.

As the new licences contain a digital image of the driver we will not be able to issue a replacement licence and identifiers to those drivers who have not responded to our requests to provide passport size photographs.

Any driver who has not yet responded to this request is urged to do so without further delay as until a photograph is provided TfL will be unable to issue the replacement licence and identifiers. Photographs can be emailed to or posted to:

Taxi Driver Photographs 4th Floor, Green Zone Palestra
197 Blackfriars Road London SE1 8NJ

Further information regarding the date by which all drivers will have to display the new style identifiers will be issued shortly.

Drivers found not displaying new design identifiers after this date will be liable to compliance action. 

Helen Chapman
Interim General Manager


Jason King said...


Definition from Oxford English Dictionary:

'Provisional, temporary'.

Wake up Boys & Girls, we are about to be 'outsourced' into the history books.

Meanwhile at Swallow Street, Same old same old!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So is this the big idea that you come up with after the suburban workshop new identify with bigger sector s on them laughable what a joke TFL are

Anonymous said...

Even with the new bigger area boxes I will still spend at least 90% of my day off sector, working from an island rank, with only the slightest of chances of being taken into an area I'm licenced and id'd for.

The Id's have done their job of restricting all but the most hardened wanderers. A bigger area code box will only serve to annoy and provoke those busy drivers who have nothing better to do than wind themselves up about off sector yellow badges.

Well done Tfl on another expensive blunder.

.....perhaps now you can spend an equally amount on the dangerous and preditory touts you seem so terrified of!!

Anonymous said...

Why are the Yellow Badge numbers smaller and harder to read than the Green Badge IDs
Is it to perpetuate the civil war between the groups

Nice one Leon

Anonymous said...

Its 23:55 on the day of issue for this notice and it has not been added to Tfl's TPH notices web page.

Neither has notice 21/13, assuming there was one, as the last entry on the site was 20/13 issued in July.

Lets hope 21/13 wasnt something too important that drivers may need to know, you know, since this is pretty much the only source of finding how severely shafted we are going to be by the powers that bleed us white.

Editorial said...

It's only the one with all the important phone numbers on if you need to complain about the CRB check

They'll probably wait till They've sorted it all out, if ever that is, before posting it

12:45 AM

Anonymous said...

The area numbers are still to small on these ids tfl tph are useless