Monday, October 28, 2013

Taxi Leaks Offer LTPH "A Simple Solution To Taxi Bill Renewal Chaos"

An open letter to whoever will be taking charge of LTPH, after last weeks reshuffle.

Dear Sir or Madam  

We have noticed that even with the bad publicity, appertaining to the incompetence and poor performance of your licensing department, the former interim General Manager failed to come up with a solution to the "Bill renewal" hold ups.

Many drivers have been forced off the road for weeks because of your new system that clearly doesn't work in respect of DBS/CRB checks. 

Some drivers are even calling for Brazilian national Marcos Gurgel to be reinstated, saying: "At least he could get you back on the road, same day".
We have previously been informed by your office, that the reason for the delays lies with the contractors picked to handle the CRB checks. I believe that's referred to as passing the buck!

Your subcontracted agent has consistently failed to achieve desired targets, therefore the contract should be scrapped and given to a company who can actually deliver and meet required targets. 

As transport commissar Sir Peter Hendy refuses get involved and your department seem unable to find such a company, we have taken the liberty of finding one for you.

uCheck Ltd and "

The company we found, promises to return CRB enhanced disclosures in a matter of hours (instead of months) and they claim their current record stands at 4 hours 

Below is an email received by one of Taxi Leaks top researchers.

 Good Morning,

We contacted organisations recently giving full information about our rapid online disclosure service. The take up was huge and here are some of the reasons why:-

·         Disclosures back much quicker – Enhanced Disclosures can now be with you in hours (our record is four hours!).

·         You still get a Disclosure certificate for clear Disclosures.

·         We charge the minimum we can so you save money too!!

If you would like further information about our service, please email and we’ll forward further details without delay.

Kind Regards,

The UCheck Disclosure Team

uCheck Ltd and

General Outsourcing Of Services.
We've spoken to drivers who have enquired about their Bill renewal over the phone. It transpired they were told at the time of the call: "LTPH are in possession of the completed renewal and CRB and admin staff will process and post to you, as soon as possible."

These drivers then had to wait even longer while the bills were sent out by 2nd class post.

Also, to help clear the present backlog, what's wrong with letting the driver come over to Palestra to pick up the renewal from reception?
They could then go straight off to work!

Could it be that licensing is no longer carried out at Palestra and the whole process has been subcontracted out to a private company outside London?
(Sort of a Project Horizon by stealth!)

Let's remind ourselves what happened the last time "Project Horizon" reared it's ugly head.

Headlines Evening Standard 10th November 2011.
 TfL manager plunges to his death at HQ 'after hearing of redundancy'

Headlines, Daily Mail, 11th November 2011.
TfL manager, 53, falls six storeys to his death in front of colleagues 'moments after being told he was redundant'


A senior manager of Transport for London jumped six storeys to his death in front of shocked colleagues at the company's headquarters after allegedly hearing he was being made redundant. 
Jack Shemtob, 53, landed in the lobby of the new office block next to the O2 Arena in Greenwich, South-East London, minutes after catching the lift to the top floor. 


Hulye Picsak said...
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Editorial said...

Sorry Hulye but after taking advice, your comment was removed
You can ask questions but not make wild statements without evidence to back up your claims

Hulye Picsak said...

Obviously TfL are not going to let Cabbies pick their own CRB agent, it's all about economics.

It's like every problem we have

Satillite office licences
Illegall plying for hire
Quickie knowledge

As far as TfL are concerned we are not the cost neutral self financing best and most reliable taxi service in the world, we are a way of making a profit.
The publics safety is put in jeopardy for a few bucks.
Our jobs are put at risk of fists full of dollars

We should all remove our plates and post them (2nd class) to Palesta, until the Mayor brings us under an agency department that can actually do the job they're paid to do

Rev. Vaclav Haldady said...

I applied for a DBS (Enhanced) for another purpose through someone else, I plied on line p.m. Thursday 17th October, certificate arrived at my home last Friday.

So the actual process probably took 5 working days!

So the hold up isn't with the Home Office is it?

Quite why the LTDA refuses to criticise TfL over this is curious, even more curious than that dog!

Indeed this is Tfl's Dogs Breakfast.

'Judge Ye Not, Yea! As you too will be judged'