Friday, October 11, 2013

Service From Palestra, At An All Time Low

LTPH Day Of Shame, Day 1.

LTPH have announced that they will no longer be issuing new badges and bills to knowledge students in person and that the badge, bills and IDs will now be sent out by second class post. 

After the scandal of the counterfeit badge and bills, which has led to increased B&B checks nightly at larger ranks (still ongoing after 3years), how can they take this step which will ultimately lead to documents lost in the post. 

I thought they were trying to save money. But they now seem to have plenty to spend outsourcing this new B,B&IDs by post service. (All part if operation Horizon I believe)

Below is the story if a Knowledge Student, bitterly disappoint at his treatment after so long on the Knowledge.

Went up on Monday 7th for my finals, was called in by Mr Wilkin.

He asked me five suburb runs after which he said I'd passed and it was all over.

He told me to come back at 2pm that day for my talk I then replied "is that when we get a chance to have a couple of pictures done"

Mr Wilkin replied that there is no badge being given so, no point in any pictures. "Fair enough" I said "but I was told by the lady on the phone who gave me my date that we could bring wives/girlfriends today".
He said that there must be some confusion as I'm on the new batch of students that are gonna be receiving their badge in the post.

" Ok" I said "no problem", even though in the back of my mind I was thinking this is terrible after doing the knowledge for over 4 years and having my missus take the day of work just to wait downstairs and not be able to come upstairs with me.

After the talk we were all told that by Wednesday 10th, we would receive our badges with our two bills and green window stickers. Today is Thursday and the badge hasn't turned up yet.

 So I phoned up, couldn't get a straight answer of when it was gonna arrive for definite! 

I asked what service they are using to send the badges and they don't know that either.
I have now lost the cab I was meant to be renting on Wednesday as they have now started renting to someone else, so if anyone has any good numbers for the south-west area for cab rentals I would appreciate??  
[This post was taken from the Wizann forum]

Apparently the badges have gone out by second class post !


Pride of London said...

Nothing surprises me with that organisation.

TfL and the shower on the TfL board we are ASHAMED to be associated with you.

The Deloitte's report said that staff at TfL felt they were the best licensing service in the UK.

Today is a day of shame, we can only hope your better treated than we are!

Anonymous said...

absolutely, DISGUSTING

Anonymous said...

Operation horizon, is that replacing us with PH ?

Anonymous said...

Surely the UTG will say something now?