Monday, October 14, 2013

Open Letter To Helen Chapman from Paul Bond,

Dear Ms Chapman
I am in receipt of an email sent to a prominent member of the RMT London Taxi Branch.

It reads:

I received this email possibly by mistake the other day. I am getting e
mails addressed to which is a Scottish operator. My own
domain is similar. 

It appears that according to the email, the CRB Disclosures are able to be
completed relatively quickly, so where does 6 months come into it?

I think we should get questions asked in the House and would someone pass
this onto Taxi Leaks.

Many thanks

While the email recieved makes interesting reading, we are prohibited from reproducing, but can give a representative outline of the information contained within. The email is available for examination in its entirety.

Email states:
The new rapid online processing system is the UK’s most up to date system. It uses the very latest IT technology to create a platform which is simple to use. 

Above all else, it provides the results in the "quickest time possible". The current record is 4 hours for an Enhanced Disclosure from start to finish!

Ms Chapman, as this blog has a greater audited readership than any other In the trade, please come on here and answer the following questions.

TfL uses the term 'challenging stakeholders' about us, it's no wonder when the methods of communication with us are at best random and at worst demeaning.

So can you answer the following:

1. A 'temporary licensee' had no greater or lesser risk of breaking the law than one with a current licence and yet you no longer issue 'temporary licences' WHY? 

2. How many Taxi Drivers have had an issue on their CRB/DBS whilst on temporarily licences in the past that would have led to an immediate suspension of the licence?

3. LTPH contends that the decision to withdraw the temporary licence was due to government advice! 
The Home Office completely refutes this.
Can you advise what government department issued this advice and publish it?

LTPH issue PH licences to individuals from countries that have no robust DBS/CRB system!
Yet existing London Taxi licensees, often with decades of unblemished activity, are being thrown out of work for no good reason.

LTPH's actions in this matter are causing real and immediate hardship with seemingly irrational decision making.

If that's not the case please respond urgently.

Paul Bond 
Vice Chair 
RMT London Taxi Branch 

The floor is yours, Helen.


Concerned RMT member said...

Nice work Paul, but what are you and the RMT Taxi branch going to do when Helen Chapman totally ignores you and your request.

Do you have a plan b ?

Anonymous said...

What have the RMT done about,Swallow St? Illegal mini cab ranks?STaN? Illegal Taxi age limits?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what they will do, they will do what they normally do.......nothing. The same old mouths will just be asking the same old questions.

Harry T said...

And the same old nobody's will be criticising others yet do nothing themselves

Editorial said...

Swallow Street:

The RMT's Interim Ranks and Highways officer Jim Thomas, was instrumental in the set up of the original Tag hit squad, using resources from both Twitter and the LTDF taxi forum. This situation at Tiger Tiger, On Anon and Swallow Street was publicised frequently which led to a new rank at Tiger Tiger and the illegal touting at On Anon (Piccadilly Institute) has dissipated. The UTG media failed to mention any of problematic venues, although the LCDC did have marshals at Tiger Tiger for a couple of weeks. Subsequently Mason removed and replaced with impotent LTPH marshals that proved ineffective.

The RMT are currently in direct contact with Westminster Council councillors and cabinet members, LTPH and the Met police, who are all using every means possible, including lies to justify none enforcement at Swallow St. This situation is ongoing.

Editorial said...

The StaN Agenda:

This agenda was first bought to the attention of the trade by RMT Ranks and Highways officer JimThomas, with publication on the former Blog The Anderson Shelter. The article was based on information given by Mark Thomas who had no success getting it published by LTDA of LCDC. unite did run one story but them dropped it.

The RMT has supported all opposition to the problems caused by the incompetent application of suggestions, leading from the report. Satellite office licence applications, know as licence variations are now completely out of hand. The RMT was the first to predict this would happen.

Unfortunately, because the UTG refuse to acknowledge the problem in any form, it will continue to escalate.

Editorial said...

The Taxi Age limit.

The RMT believe that the age limit which has been imposed on the trade by parties with conflicts of interest, is unlawful.

The RMT commissioned expert reports which show that the new vehicles are more polluting than the ones they replace. These reports have been published on both Taxi Leaks and the RMT blog.

The RMT have instigated the compilation of a list of drivers affected and their legal team will be considering legal action on behalf of these drivers.

The RMT are the only driver org to challenge the Mayor on Taxi age limits.

Grant's Smarter Brother said...

Dear editor
While the LTDA constantly says and does nothing
And the LCDC have now admitted they held back critical information because Leroy Daniels asked them not to say anything!
And Unite (are they still going?)

The RMT have constantly made waves.
TfL are terrified that the RMT will get a foot hold on representation of the trade. Just look at the success the RMT have fighting for the workers rights on the underground!

Now Leroy has kicked the a taxi and minicab trades out of Palestra the engagement policy is dead in the water!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, it was the RMT's former Chairman who exposed the fake bills.
And it was the RMT's former secretary who exposed the cash over the counter for bill renewals scandal.
Something Mason desperately tried to cover up.

Well done the RMT, no blood on your hands, no fingers in the pie.

Anonymous said...

From what I have just read, the RMT appears to blame other parties for their failures and big themselves up for things like the hit squad (since when was this RMT) which has no effect on the ongoing problem of satellite operators. Claiming a victory for swallow street just shows me how incapable RMT really are.

Editorial said...

The RMT is not bigging itself up:
You asked what they had done and the list speaks for itself
And yes we do blame the UTG for many failures as they have collaborated with LTPH on many occasions. The latest issues of the badge and Taxi shows that

We have not claimed any victory at Swallow as talks with Westminster Cabinet members, Councillors and the Met are still on going.

Anonymous said...

Below is a list of everything the UTG has done for the taxi trade in the last 5 years.


Ex - Club original said...

Never mind knocking the RMT who's members incidentally turn out for EVERY demo. I have just read The Badge issue 213. I am truly disgusted by the content, and I am surprised The Taxi Leaks blog hasn't yet exposed Grant Davis for the trade traitor that he truly is ! His call for trade action is sickening.

Anonymous said...

I dont claim to be particularly clever or astute, but for those still bitching and moaning, here's the bottom line.
Tfl are going to continue their plan of indifference, non action or complacency untill the law commision publishes its new act which creates a one tier system where every driver they licence are equal, reguardless of qualification, and follow one set of rules and pay one set of fees; the most costly in all respects.

Then, and only then, will they bother to try and keep up with the task entrusted to them. Max profit for least management. Its a buisness!!!

Like it or not the days of our licencing authorities acting in the interest of its drivers or the public- the two groups that the legislation Tfl so keenly ignores is set up to protect-are long gone. The met provided a public service. Tfl provide self service and anyone who isnt directly employed by Tfl is a vessle to be used, reguardless of the years of training and strength of character required to qualify as one of their pawns before this legislation is passed.

If I continue typing I am going to be sick.

Anonymous said...

I accept and agree that the RMT are doing some good things...but what has ACTUALLY CHANGED in any mean full way ...

Taxi age limits ..No
Crb ..No
Satellites ..No
Fake bills ..No

It is a fair point to ask.. What will the RMT do when Chapman ignores you..?

I know the UTG is also doing nothing to protect us but it's no good all sitting there agreeing resolutions and saying we are looking into it and considering this and that...if TFL are that shit scared of RMT then take em on.

simco said...

What organisation do you belong to? We all need to protect our jobs and help each other. The people in RMT work hard on our behalf as well as driving taxi full time. They need our support. RMT is there for it's members unlike some others.

Concerned RMT member said...

Simco, if the RMT Taxi Branch committee are working hard on behalf of their members and they are doing such a good job - why is the branch losing hundreds of members and why does the Chairman and Secretary keep cancelling the monthly meetings and making undemocratic executive decisions without balloting the branch members ?

Editorial said...

Firstly the RMT are not losing members in fact the opposite is true. We pick up new members daily and are expanding rapidly.

No undemocratic executive decisions have been made whatsoever and only one branch meeting this year has had to be cancelled over problems concerning a double booking of venue. The RMT Taxi Branchnhave a fantastic record of attendance for branch meetings where at most, there is standing room only.

If you have any other queries, please bring them up at the next branch meeting on the 13 th November.

I'm Spartacus said...

Methinks there is a troll on here from an organisation that in two years has held one meeting, the previous was not a quorum.

As for UNITE as far as anyone. knows the last meeting they held lasted four minutes one of those minutes was silentin remembrance of a deceased member

No one in the RMT can be lectured from any of these in democracy.