Monday, October 21, 2013

LTPH, Sink To New Lows

The present directorate under the leadership of MD Leon Daniels, not satisfied with issuing satellite office licenses to operators who do not meet with TfL policy requirements, are now issuing to venues where licensed Taxi ranks have been refused.

On the front page of Septembers Badge we read that LTPH licensing have seen fit to issue Ltd with a satellite office licence for no1 New Change, even though a request for a Taxi rank was earlier refused. As you may recall RD2 also have a satellite office licence for old Billingsgate where their cars can often be found illegally plying for hire, forming a rolling rank. I believe a request for a night rank outside Old Billingsgate was also refused. 

What is it with Ltd.
In the wake of the the scandal, where licenses were issued to this new operator who had only been registered with TfLTPH for a matter of days (instead of the required one year) TfL have activated a cover up by withdrawning the ability to check the number of licence variations issued to each operator from their website.

Below is a screen shot from earlier this year: 

When applications for licence variations were first made, as you can see from this TfL website screen shot (now removed) and Rides 2 were separate companies. were issued 18 new licences just days after registering as a new operator, with new Director and registered premises, contra to TfL policy which states new operators have to be licensed for a full year before they can apply for variations. 

LTPH covered this up for over a year by continually misleading our requests for information, before stating that their policy in this case was only a guildline Ltd have now been allowed to change their original registered name to incorporate the name of a company that went into liquidation in 2012. They are now known as " Ltd Rides2 .

Present website screen shot below, shows just main licence. 

TfL's PH License Checker no longer shows statelitte office licences issued, just main operator lincence.

Actions are taking place, that are a restriction of trade and should also be investigated fully, by the GLA.

Managing Director of "Surface Transport" Leon Daniels, has recently stated he would like both trades removed from under the responsibility of TfL at Palestra. 

His decision, gives out confusing signals, considering the multi-million pound instillation of the new computerisatised licensing system known as TOLA.

Surely if he feels his remit is beyond his capabilities, he should do the honourable thing and step aside.

But as we've recently seen, TfL top brass are a little short in the honourable department.

Find out just how easy it is to apply for and renew a Private Hire Licence and Variation.

As long as you've got the cash, there's no problem with red tape.


I'mD said...

Now we have them!

Tonight Peter Hendy is on BBC London Radio, let's bombard them with calls. Show starts 17:00

No calls please from the usual 'trade Uriah Heeps' such as
'Ello, Eddie it's your old mate etc. etc.

Let's make Hedy squirm, he has well rehearsed answers so you have to wrong foot him.

Anonymous said...

But have a good question and diff occupation to get past the BBC call screening first (i.e. i love buses/cyless)... then once on ask a squirmy question or your cab related question.

Anonymous said...

get hi call-girl to ring

Anonymous said...

If you investigate this further you will find out that the previous company called Ride 2 had a completely different operator id and only had licenses issued till 2015 under a different director. It is obvious to the whole public that this new operator was issued many licenses within a few days of forming a new company under a new director.

What's funny is how LTPH managed to carry out so many venue inspections in such a short space of time.....

It's strange how nobody from the LTDA has ever investigated this case or written an article about it.

Keep up the good work Jim!

Anonymous said...

Malfeasance ! = Misconduct or wrongdoing by a public official.

Veritas said...

Hendy on BBC London tonight,

Chairman of LCDC. Came on and as ever asked the wrong question, the killer question should have been:
'why have TfL refused to issue temporary licences due to delays in processing, Liverpool and others do so? '

Instead we got what seemed a rehearsed question and perhaps even a reply.


Uncle Tom's Cabin... said...

Varitas is spot on the money - listen how relieved Hendy is that Grant Davis on the other end of the line asking the wrong question (as usual). Hendy was there for 45 minutes and fielded four weak questions. Eddie Nester waffled on for fifteen minutes, there were nearly 20 minutes of news, sport and traffic news etc + adds. It was no more than a rehearsed showcase for Hendy. Grant Davis and the LCDC are a disgrace !

Anonymous said...

Peter Hendy has come to learn that Grant Davis is the Inspector Clouseau of the Taxi trade....nothing new there.

Anonymous said...

Out of 25,000 cab drivers, hundreds were calling in to Eddie Nestor's show to address Peter Hendy - Low and behold we get Grant Davis, the London Taxi Trades number one TfL flunky and stooge.

This is the regular format on the Eddie Nestor show, it's always Grant Davis, who incidently hasn't challenged anything TfL has illegally forced upon the trade. Grant Davis doesn't represent the trade or his handful of members, he represents his own little ego.

Eddie Nestor doesn't care about London at all, if he did he would let someone from the trade on his show to address the likes of Peter Hendy with some serious dialog.

TfL, are killing thousands of people in London caused by the mismanagement of London's traffic systems - the statistics speak for themselves.If Eddie cared about London he would have ripped Hendy to pieces... However, Eddie Nestor does work for the BBC and in my and many other cab drivers opinion has just shown himself for what he really is -


So when you read this Grant, you can point Eddie Nestor towards this web page and he can read what REAL cab drivers think about YOU, HIM and his show !!!