Saturday, October 12, 2013


On the TfL Website.

Haven't we had enough of the media getting it wrong?
Haven't we seen enough websites and adverts abusing our protected name?
Now, our own licensing authority can't tell the difference between us and PH
Have a look at what they are calling the green roundel displayed by private hire cars!

Taken from TfL website ^

If you're using a minicab, make sure it has been booked through a licensed minicab firm. 

Minicab drivers who pick up customers without a booking (ie on the street or outside pubs and clubs), are acting illegally and dangerously, even if they have a taxi licence disc in their vehicle windscreen.

Who is responsible for publishing this misinformed rubbish?
The whole directorate is falling down and no fit for purpose. 
After making inquiries, we found that the buck doesn't stop just goes round in ever decreasing circles and finally disappears up their TOLA.

With thanks to JPHG.

Meanwhile on the licence renewal front...

Dear Taxi Leaks
I renewed my license 7 weeks ago, it runs out tomorrow, still haven't recieved my new bill.
Was told problem due with printers. 

If they think I'm not going to work till I get my new bill, they can think again!
I called Palestra and found staff unhelpful, still unresolved after 45 mins on phone. 
Yet they took the license fee on the day they recieved my renewal.


Over 200 drivers are affected by this incompetent administration.
The renewal situation needs to find a common sense solution with immediate affect. Until they find a solution, temporary licences sent by first class post must be continued to be issued, as before.

Taxi Leaks will offer space for a reply from Helen Chapman, explaining why LTHP have stopped issuing temporary licences as the Hone Secretary said this situation is not of her doing.


Brian LCDC said...

Isn't that what Griffin said about Mason and chapman, seems enough to have got him sacked and her demoted
Perhaps Daniels should now follow

Anonymous said...

Follow the clues
Follow the money

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful report on BBC London news reporter referred to the "taxi" driver who witnessed Duggan shooting apparently the taxi driver spoke through an interpreter in court, what an amateur reporter