Thursday, October 03, 2013

Incompetent, Belligerent and Threatening: How the Taxi trade view LTPH.

Over the last couple of nights, compliance officers have been out in force. These ones were photographed at Waterloo.

There was no dangerous over ranking, no violent behaviour from the Taxi drivers, no wardens were abused or threatened, just Taxis forming an orderly queue, waiting to meet travellers arriving on trains wishing to continue their journey by Taxi.

Apparently, compliance teams were disrupting working Taxi drivers so they could check out their new toys or as they call them "hand held devises".

Why do they keep picking on the a Taxi trade  it's not us that are robbing and raping passengers.
Touts are being given a free hand to do what they like and LTPH are turning a blind eye.

Tuesday night 11:30, five private hire touts parked in the bus lane 
No complaints from bus drivers, no complaints of cyclists.

Do LTPH compliance teams even know where Swallow Street is? 
When will we see compliance teams checking PH drivers documents? 
Traffic Wardens are never seen at Swallow Street Arch, issuing parking tickets for double yellow lines or bus lane contraventions and police just drive by.

What makes this stretch of Tarmac so special?
Why are these touts given a free hand to operate every night?

It took a violent "double rape" to get a licensed Taxi rank appointed to service Heddon Street, in a position that should dissuade the touts from forming an illegal rank. Do we have to wait for a murder at Swallow street before action is taken by our licensing authority, Westminster City a Council or the Metropolitan police. 

And it's not just Swallow street where everyone turns a blind eye.
Check out these PHVs from Fabric life Ltd (Safe Ride) allowed to parked on the pavement in Charterhouse Street, Smithfield. Not just blocking access to emergency vehicles but blocking the fire exit at Fabrics night club.


Non compliance!
Under Cab Order of 1934 para. 28 

A taxi driver must have the copy of his licence with him at all times during his employment or when appearing before a court, and must produce it for inspection on demand to a police constable or authorised officer or any officer of a Court (Penalty Level 1).

Not a word about compulsory scanning with a hand held devise.

Why are our representative orgs not tackling this problem?
Have they again fallen for the carrot being dangled in front of them of an elected seat on the board of TfL?
We all know what happened with the "cabbies cabinet". Leon Daniels was never going to let happen.

There have also been reports of drivers on Finsbury Park Station temporary rank:

- Using their mobile phone while driving through the bus station

- Turning left out of the bus station on to Stroud Green Road which is not allowed

- Reversing out of the bus station

- Not using their lights when it is dark

- Being abusive towards bus drivers and police officers


This statement is a blatant, unsubstantiated attack on the licensed taxi trade. 
Our representative orgs should demand an apology followed by it's immediate removal from the TfL website. 
This is a blatant attempt to blacken our name and reputation. 

Can you imagine any cab driver abusing a police officer and getting away with it?

Cab drivers, driving around at night with no lights on?

And of course, only a cab driver would dream of using a mobile phone driving through Finsbury Park Station.

Where are he photos, where is the proof?

LTPH only too quick to post photos of taxis allegedly over ranking at Paddington (TfL Notice 20/13)

Wonder if all these formal complaints were received by post?

              Where are the photos?

This is just more proof of bias towards our trade, our good name and reputation.


Veritas said...

RD2 again seemingly exempt of any regulation. We need this investigated .

'If you license this activity, you will be giving the cloak of legitimacy for many that are currently involved in Drug dealing, Protection racketeering and many other serious crimes! The committee should only institute the most vigorous of licensing regimes if they want to try and obtain so, measure of control'

These are the wise words of an Asst Commissioner Met Police to the parliamentary committee on PH licensing before the law came out.

What did we get 'light touch ' licensing woefully enforced by LTPH.

We are reaping what others have sowed.Thanks For nothing Bonking Boris, Passionate Pete, Olympic Lanes Leon & co.

Anonymous said...

Last two nights (tues & weds)tfl only checking cabs dropping off passenges with their new gizmos.ignoring mini scab and black cab drivers nicking work of us mugs by costa coffee entrance.

Taxi Driving Jobs UK said...

It' is really quite frustrating to see touts making such a mockery of the industry and seemingly being allowed to do so. My question is, if the complaint and photos are genuine, surely a complaint has been made to licensing department?

Anonymous said...

why were they IGNORING the large ILLEGAL mini-cab rank, not a stone's throw from Waterloo ie for the OXO TOWER, in Barge House Street?

Anonymous said...

City of Westminster have in the past admitted that their wardens were frightened to enforce the parking regulations in certain areas of the
West End

LTDF fake.... said...

When will Veritas show us all his Queens Gallantry Medal ?

Anonymous said...

If they keep checking us at finsbury park station will have mass driven in and close seven sisters road we have had it make no bones about sector 1 drivers and hackney ex drivers tfl tph are you reading this