Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Another Bus collision: Elderly man mowed is down by Bus

A man has been taken to hospital after being hit by a 279 route bus in Hertford Road, Enfield Wash

An elderly man is in a serious condition after being hit by a bus this afternoon.

A man believed to be in his 70s was hit by a 279 route bus in Hertford Road, Enfield causing the road to close in both directions at its junction with Hoe Lane.

London Ambulance Service was called at 12.20pm and treated the elderly man for head injuries. The man was then taken to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London by London Air Ambulance.

Traffic around the area continues to mount and bus route diversions for the 121, 191 and 279 are currently in place.


As more and more Bus drivers are involved in collisions with pedestrians cyclist and other vehicles, surely it's time their training and testing was reviewed. 

Bus drivers  should also be subjected to the new advanced eye tests forced on London's a Taxi trade.

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How Many More Hendy ? Routmasters my arse ! said...

When are the police going to start clamping down on the appalling driving habits of bus drivers. The vast majority of them are NOT professional the statistics speak for themselves.Do the bus companies use the "Mad Max" movie as a training aid ? There must be a clampdown by the police NOW !