Monday, October 28, 2013

Safer Transport Command tells Cyclists - Be safe, be bright, be seen

The Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Command (STC), funded by Transport for London, is urging cyclists to be safe, be bright and be seen this Autumn in a bid to further improve cycle safety in the capital.


During the week of 28 October 2013 the STC Roads Policing Unit (RPU) will be running a pan London initiative at designated sites to encourage cyclists to equip their bikes with front and rear lights or be given a £50 fine if they fail to do so. 

Should a cyclist receive a fine by the RPU they will be given three days to have a set of lights fitted to the same bike and if they comply the fine will be cancelled. The onus is on the cyclist to return and satisfy these requirements or the ticket will be processed as normal.

By law a bicycle must have a working white front light and a working red rear light. October is a peak month for cycle fatalities and serious collisions and with the clocks going back on Saturday 26th/Sunday 27th October, cyclists used to commuting home after work in daylight may now find they do so in darkness.

Additionally cyclists should make themselves as visible as possible by wearing bright clothing in the day and reflective clothing or accessories at night.

Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, Safer Transport Command said: 
"The Safer Transport Command (STC) and Transport for London are committed to promoting safe cycling and reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on London's roads. 

"With fewer daylight hours at this time of year, it is even more important that cyclists have good lights on their bikes - white at the front and red at the rear - so that they are visible to motorists and pedestrians. It is also a requirement by law that they do so. 

"I urge every cyclist to affix lights and wear highly visible clothing. Our message is clear: BE SAFE, BE BRIGHT, BE SEEN." 

Siwan Hayward, Transport for London's Head of Transport Policing, said: 
"As the days become shorter and we approach winter we want to remind all cyclists to check their lights are working, ensuring they are bright enough to be seen clearly in the dark. 

"As part of the Mayor's Vision for Cycling and our commitment to cycle safety we will be working with our policing partners on educating cyclists on violations such as this to help increase their safety. 

"We also work closely with the borough's to offer cycling training to help educate cyclists about how to stay safe whilst cycling which I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of." 

The law requires that a bicycle has a working white front light and a red rear light between sunrise and sunset  (

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