Thursday, September 26, 2013

Exclusive, Mason Gone...It's Official.

While preparing an article for a certain trade publication, one of our researchers sent a request to TPH to find out if the rumours of John Mason were in fact true or false.

We can now announce that John Mason has decided to depart, not only from LTPH but TfL as well, to pursue other career opportunities. 

Below is an email received by our researcher direct from the TfL press office this afternoon. 

Dear Chris.
Leon Daniels, TfL’s Managing Director for Surface Transport, said: “I can confirm that John Mason has chosen to leave TfL to pursue other career opportunities.
“During four very successful years with Taxi & Private Hire John has overseen the transformation and modernisation of licensing services.  In recent months John has taken on the additional responsibility of managing the Congestion Charging and Traffic Enforcement Directorate which he has done with customary professionalism.
“I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of everyone at TfL to thank John and to wish him all the best for the future.”

Sandeep Dhillon | Press Officer | Road User Charging, Traffic Enforcement and Taxi & Private Hire

Transport for London | TfL Press Office, 11th Floor, Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0TL


Anonymous said...

“During four very successful years

you having a laugh

Anonymous said...
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Webster Dick Sean Harry. said...

We see here that owning to cut backs, TfL have cut all the commas from TfL key boards.

Well done Johnny, who'd would want to work for a company that wouldn't let you punctuate!

Anonymous said...

gone back to being a football hooligan

Inter City said...

Of course it's been a success!

The cab trade has been kept divided, Hendy's harmonisation agenda is still on track and we got royally shafted over the Olympics.

It now takes longer to renew your bill than ever and you are effectively forced from your occupation because LTPH won't let you have a 'cover note' regardless of your clean record so real progress there.

We can only wonder what Leon Daniels would term a failure!

Where next for John Mason?

NSL and SERCO are apparently in the frame.

Anonymous said...

The Club must be livid
All the space they gave Mason in the badge about "I'm still Director"
And " I've asked John to take on more responsibility"

And they didn't get the exclusive for their blog.

The only ones who were willing to speak out and tell the truth about Mason being sacked over complaints from Griffin And Wright were the UCG.
They said it in the last edition of United Cabby's News.

And now it's all turning to shit around your ears and no one is taking notice.

You are going to get the biggest shock of your working lives just before Christmas.

And because our paid people to look after your interests who then sold you out

It's now too late

Too late!

Anonymous said...

If you Wanna get your own back Johnny
You'd make a great whistleblower

Bungo said...

Mason was given a much larger remit--- In other words HE WAS FIRED ! I wonder why ?

Anonymous said...

So Mason is gone. Apparently he had mates who were taxi drivers before he took the job, I would doubt that they would call him a mate know!
To be fair to Mason he was never really in charge, just a puppet for Hendy & Daniels! These two believe in privatisation and poverty wages for its staff, they did that with the buses and made a fortune and it seems their intentions are the same for the taxi trade. They have systematically dropped the standards of this trade in every area so that there is little difference to PH.
It seems that radical changes are a foot at Palestra due to a complaints by JG SW. So Delloite who advised the Caryle Group in AL buyout have laid the guildlines to overall our trade. There is more corruption here than in a box set of 24!
If there is some sort of replacement lets not have him/her on the front of the trade press papers shaking hands with trade reps. Let's not take them on a midnight tour of London's tout fests. Because this Mason/Chapman partnership proved that its a smokescreen, Hendy & Daniels are in charge of the game and they detest us, what they say goes!

What's next could it be axe for the Knowledge or diluted one?

It's a sorry state of affairs!! SWBOY

Anonymous said...

i think learning the blue book would be adequate any way..the rest is shite..

Courtney love said...

KOL will be contracted out to knowledge schools that toe the line.

Anonymous said...

Adequate Blue Book do u have a Green Badge??? If so what do you have 2 gain with a watered down KoL? So u want more passed through & less work out there 4 u 2 earn your living? Even more lowering of standards 2 be on even level with PH Your doing a gr8 impression of a Turkey voting 4 Xmas! SWBoy

Beigel Snatcher said...

It seems the post on his departure article is more popular than he ever was!

Anonymous said...

Whoever said that learning the blue book is adequate & the rest is shite has never done the "green badge" knowledge-surely.
Cross section runs, suburbs etc.

As anyone who has ever completed the "green badge" knowledge knows, it's thoroughness is its speciality.

It must never be diluted or made easier.

As for Mason, I couldn't care less one way or another, as others have said, he was there to roll his sleeves up and do the dirty work and he did that.

Anonymous said...

That's why we have so many private hire drivers on a Saturday night.

Who's watching the Watchers said...

Back on the agenda

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will become a cabbie Helen would approve his lcense