Friday, September 27, 2013

Email From Unhappy Mick Smith.

I am writing this Email to you as a warning to fellow drivers and to provide proof that licensed taxi drivers are being treated with contempt by TFL.

TFL have moved the goal posts without notification to licence holders.

I have just recently renewed my licence, and this time had an added trip to the opticians, (something I have not had to do previously in the last twenty odd years) for an eye test which added to my delay in sending back my renewal.

My licence expired on the 28/8/13 and I was not able to send back all the pieces of the completed renewal until 31/8/13

The post office told me, would arrive by registered post by 2/9/13

I next received a letter from TPH on 11/9/13 dated 9/9/13 that they had received my renewal and payment and that I should not work until I received my licence, for if I was to work before then, would be illegal and might result in being prosecuted

This letter was not signed by anyone but merely "licensing administration".

My new licence arrived on 21/913 and was posted out on 19/9/13:

However my new licence is dated 11/913, which means it has sat on someone's desk for over a week with a ban on me working until I have now received it.

I'm now wondering how much compensation I am entitled to........

Yours sincerely

Mick Smith


Mr Magoo said...

Eye Test ???

Part of the medical surely ???

Soul Surviva said...

Maladministration, pure and simple!

Let whoever represents you see this and what should happen is that they assist you through the process of a loss of earnings claim.

TfL will try the defence of late submission but there is no reason for them to deprive you of your livelihood as their has never been a problem issuing a temporary cover.

When oh when can we say adios to this mob?

LCY Len said...

I renewed my licence last year and received the renewal pack a 6 weeks or so before my licence expired.Even though the new system for renewing is like something from Challenge Anneka, what with having to apply for the CRB online then make trips to two different post offices miles away from where I live to get the rest done at an extra cost, 6 weeks should have given you enough time to get your application back to them and for you to get your bill back before you might have incurred any down time.
That looks like a bog standard letter to me and clearly covers their arses if you do decide to work and have an accident with passengers on board.
Be fair, you'd be the first to scream up if your missus or daughter got in a cab and had an accident and then you found out the driver was working without having got his bill back.
I'm with the general rule of thought that TFL are unfit for purpose and have a bias against the black cab trade, but you made it easy for them to mess you about by being late with your renewal.

Anonymous said...

Illegal and liable to prosecution, all sounds a bit strong...surely if youve logged all your papers before you current licence expires with them this is technically good enough, like when back in the day when they gave you a temp licence...would it really be to much trouble to email a temp licence once documents received??? Its unlikely that anyone would be prosecuted, when they blatantly turn a blind eye to all the dozens of touts out there, or give them a slap on the wrist if caught.