Sunday, September 29, 2013

6 Weeks To Go To Remembrance Sunday November a Mike Hughes

Here is your early warning for this year’s Remembrance Sunday November 10th 

Preparations have already started. The British Legion is sending out tickets to those who will be marching past the Cenotaph. In their pack the veterans will receive a letter informing them that the London taxi trade will once again be providing them with a free taxi service from all the main line stations, Victoria Coach Station plus Victory Services and Union Jack clubs.

This service is given freely by you and your trade colleagues. This is the one time when all concerns of trade politics, personal animosities and personality clashes are put aside. This is our fourth year of providing the service, a service that is given freely and without cost to those who come to remember their fallen comrades, those who were prepared to give their very lives and to those who are still prepared to give up their tomorrows so that we may have our today and our tomorrows.

The taxi trade’s help has, in just 3 short years, become part of the memories that the veterans share on this memorial day. This of you who have been at the past events will already know the warmth that you experience when you see the faces of the veterans.

Exact plans may change depending on the security state on the day but it is currently expected that we will be once again using the whole of Westminster Bridge as our holding area. Last year we had the pleasure of two (1930’s) vintage taxis to help bring special memories for some of our veterans. I’ve been promised that we may be getting more vintage taxis including Beardmores and FX3s. More information when I get it

I know I can count on you to help out again this year. To help with the planning can I ask you to let me have your (real) names, phone number, email and if you can help bring veterans in, where you live. Send details to me at

In the meantime I will be renewing our contacts with the various authorities to make the preparations for this year’s event. Unless there is any urgent need I will be posting a weekly update. Please look out for it – and pass this and all other Remembrance messages on to your friends and family.


PBCab said...

Yes I will be there, It isn't much to give to those who gave so much.

They are a dwindling band so lets make the effort.

Good looking chap in the second photo.

JAC from Mons said...

Well done to everyone involved over the years.
I know the trade doesn't do this for the kudos, but very little in the media shows how powerful TfL are when it comes to smothering any stories that show our trade in a good light

4th floor said...

Hendy wanted to use OR machine this year to take our kudos, but he's been advised to keep a low profile for a few months

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank all the drivers who gave their time to take the veterans for free to and from the cenotaph it was greatly appreciated by all the ladies of the WRAF branch of RAFA