Thursday, August 08, 2013

Old Etonian ex-City stockbroker thinks he's a Taxi Mogul...ha ha.


Nicholas Monteith, 51, bought minicab company Mornington Cars in 2008 as a business venture alongside his 25-year career as a Japanese equities salesman.

But in 2009, Mr Monteith found himself jobless after a widespread City cull following the global economic crash.

He soon took on full-time duties at the taxi company, (minicab firm) based in Millbrook Place, Mornington Crescent - manning the company telephone lines and personally delivering leaflets to businesses across Camden.

Since taking ownership of the business, Mr Monteith has increased the firm’s fleet of cabs (no, not cabs, that's not allowed, they're minicabs) from 12 to 35 and is determined to continue the expansion up to 100 cabs (again, not cabs, minicabs) or more.

Reflecting on his transition from high finance to mini cabs (nearly right, but it's minicabs), Mr Monteith said: “Running a taxi firm (once again it's not a taxi firm, it's a minicab firm) is less stressful than working in the City, you don’t have the constant pressure on you.

“But I do miss the City and I do want to get back in. I know it’s going through a bad patch at the moment and there’s no hiring so while it goes through this patch, I’m happy growing my taxi firm.” (ITS NOT A TAXI FIRM)

Editorial Comment

Hope before you go back to the city you learn the difference between Japanese equities and Chinese take-a-ways.

Surely as a licensed operator and before he got his licence from LTPH, someone would have explained to him the terms and conditions of the private hire act 1998.

Parliament took a lot of trouble ensuring that the public would be protected from misuse of the Term Taxi, Cab and their plurals. Therefore it was included into the Parliamentary legislation to stop the public being deceived by unscrupulous persons.

Now it seems TfL and LTPH are allowing operators to go against Parliament's wishes. The last person in this country to go against Parliament, was Charles 1st and they chopped his head off.

Now, no one's asking for anyone to be decapitated, but someone needs to point out to Peter Hendy, Leon Daniels and Helen Chapman, their responsibility to uphold Parliamentary legislation.

Especially as Peter Hendy is now Sir Peter.

We like what Chris the cabby had to say about the article in the Ham and High..



w14taxi said...

He probably landed his City job through association, that's how it works. When they realised association doesn't cut it and the City took a dive, matey boy was out on his ear.
The glamourous world of minicabbing beckoned, and the delusions of grandeur kicked in. Never mind, he's still holding out for a return to premiership equity trading....another illusion based on a load of Bow Locks.

Anonymous said...

He looks like Charlie Drakes My Pugh

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this bloke is looked on by his pals at Eton and the City as a failure! and they would be right! I would have thought any of his old pals who happened to walk on the same road as him would crossover and look down and floor in the hope they wont get stuck in a conversation with him. If I was born into the priveledge like him and running a two bob mini-cab firm I would be buying some rope and heading up to my loft!SWBOY