Thursday, August 29, 2013

Minicab Station hub opens its doors, in Liverpool. Be very afraid.

In Liverpool if you want a bus station we have one to spare, we have train stations and even a cruise terminal.

Now the city centre has a missing link…. its first ever indoor minicab station.

From Friday (Aug 30) taxi passengers will no longer have to wait on street corners for taxis, thanks to the conversion of an old Victorian warehouse at the junction of Hanover Street and Duke Street.

James Bradley, founder and operator of Alpha Cars, (a Liverpool private hire company), hit on the idea some years ago and was inspired to create the facility by female passengers wanting a safer environment.

James said: “It is incredible how long it has taken to provide this facility in what is a major tourism and night economy city. Our station (basically a minicab rank) has a booking hall and a comfortable waiting room and the very latest in GPS technology. 
In other words its a large minicab office with waiting facilities.

“This has been the missing link in integrated transport. We are delighted Merseyside Police has given its full support because of the safer environment we have created.”
In London the Police are instrumental in the set up of many minicab satellite offices and help firms to get round TfL policy of being in business of a minimum of one year. With their help licence variations can be obtained with in days.

The new minicab station is based in Wilsons Building, a disused Victorian warehouse in Duke Street, directly opposite Liverpool One. 

This idea is not new, Westminster Council have been toying with the idea of setting up PH Hubs for many years.

Amazing how these Minicab operators all think they're Taxi Barons.

Alpha owner James Bradley said: “It is amazing it has taken so long for a major city like Liverpool to have a facility such as this. We take bus and train stations for granted, but no thought has been given to a purpose-built taxi station, until now. Liverpool has been crying out for such a facility.” 

A GPS system will be used to dispatch the firm's 400-strong fleet to the station and a special lay-by has been created at the front door of the building. 

Jamesbradley2James BradleyAdded Mr Bradley: "It will also make a major contribution to greener transport by introducing a central pick-up point, reducing the number of cars circulating in and around the city centre.”

He said:  “Before we embarked on this project we looked very carefully at what was needed and the best location. I have been working on this scheme for some years in response to requests from passengers, and particularly female customers, who want, and deserve, a safe and secure environment. "

Mr Bradley's planning consultant and former Liverpool planning officer, Steve Chapman, Managing Director of Liverpool-based Devaplan Ltd said: "The council's own Unitary Development Plan policies recognise the importance of encouraging the provision of taxi facilities to serve the city centre. I'm sure this operation will set a new high standard in taxi facilities.”

In that case Steve...Why didn't you set this up with the real Taxi trade?


Pimlico Nights said...

Well it's over to the cab drivers of Liverpool.

This is the final curtain UNLESS you fight back.

As for London, the UTG has already thrown in the towel over Satellite Offices so that the leaders are in line for a TfL board position when BO steps down so it's an absolute requirement to keep Schtum!

Anonymous said...

We understand that the National Taxi Officer of UNITE Is Liverpool based.

This will be a test of what if anything they will do about it.

The track record suggests not a lot but lets wait and see!

Anonymous said...

What can they do fools its all legal and coming to london soon the only people who see a difference between a mini cab and a taxi is taxi drivers if we hadn't spent so much time dwelling on the fact we have the knowledge and had actually provided a proper service 24/7 the scabs wouldn't excist I see the future for london being 75 thousand new green badges over the next 10 years given out like lolly pops