Friday, June 21, 2013

Uber To Target The London Taxi Radio and App Market.

Incase you haven't heard of it, UberX is a new e-hailing app from the Uber company based in San Fransico. They intend to relaunch for what they see as a major gap in the market, a "one stop shop" to book a London taxi, VIP car or normal minicab through their new UberX smart phone app. 

They see them selves as a serious competitor to Addison Lee and will be aiming to establish the future business model for the taxi, minicab, VIP and private hire industries in London.

They claim traditional rent/circuit fees charged by private hire and radio Taxi operators are far too high and Uber’s business model, given time, will disrupt and challenge such charges. They hope to appeal to all self employed Taxi and private hire owner drivers and ultimately feed through to the customer with better value fares. The success of Uber will lie in attracting both London taxi drivers and private hire drivers on to one platform. 

Uber believe that the infrastructure and investment they are making in building its network will make a very attractive proposition to both London taxi and private hire drivers. They also realise there are some serious challenges ahead.

Makes you think, they haven't done their homework....but have they?

On first sight, most Taxi drivers will dismiss this out of hand saying our trade will never work side by side with minicabs....but look around, wake up and smell the coffee...we already do. 
All the major radio circuits work in hand with private hire. 

Amazingly, as eHailing apps such as Hailo and Get Taxi have come along strangling the bread and butter work out of many PH circuits, instead of welcoming, emulating and joining forces with, the Radio circuits have drawn a line in the sand and stood shoulder to shoulder with their PH stakeholders. 

Many Taxi drivers on radio circuits complain that their work is being sold or given away en masse to private hire, but then, they do nothing about it and carry on regardless. 

How did the trade stand by and watch a major disabled account, once referred to as the jewel in the crown of the NHS transportation service, evolve into a minicab operation. Locals in Harrow alledge that the only way you can get a Licensed Taxi on the Taxicard account is to flag one down. 

Most account clients that use Taxis, do so because they want to use Taxis, it's as simple as that. 
They want a proffesional driver with knowledge they can trust and rely on. They want their staff taken home in a safe, fully insured, licensed Taxi. Those who want a cheapskate deal already use minicabs. But many account clients have made their way back after months/years of poor service, bad driving and finding its not always cheaper in the long run to use PH.

There is no way that our major radio circuits could turned over completely to PH, they would lose enormous chunks of their account base, which would mean possible financial suicide.

Most Taxi drivers can work independent of radios and apps, you have the last word because you don't need them as much as they need you. Without you, they cannot sell your services, they cannot earn. But without can still get a living. 

The major players have stated that they are just giving the customer what they want and if drivers covered all the work regardless, they wouldn't need PH---that's utter tosh---they use PH because they earn money from doing it, it's as simple as that.

Trouble is, there are too many drivers out there with no moral fibre, no trade loyalty, who are willing to work with and alongside private hire just to get their hands on a pound note. Many too frightened of being without a radio. This is the result of a grooming process which has taken place over a number of years. This trade has been fed propaganda by empire building entrepreneurs for many years. Some never having done the knowledge or driven a Taxi. 

We also see a new breed of driver out there with utter disrespect of their colleagues. You only have to sit and watch as they selfishly pick up beside ranks, full with waiting Taxis. No etiquette, no sense of trade loyalty, no shame.

Uber believe the infrastructure and investment they are making in building its network will make a very attractive proposition to both London taxi and private hire drivers. But there is a serious challenge ahead. 
And that challenge, is us.

Our loyalty, our values and tradition will be under attack. 
This is one battle we really need to unite on, one battle we really need to win.
While drivers are willing to say nothing and work side by side with private hire, Uber has a chance of realising their dream. Their success or failure, is completely in your hands.

No venture capital outfit could ever make it attractive for me to work hand in hand with PH. I would never sell out my trade at any price, I'd rather go on the dole.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.i came off of dial a cab after thirty something years because I wouldn't put up with my facility (offices and telephones)being used to direct work away from me.brian rice should be utterly ashamed of himself.

Here we go again.... said...

I this article written by the same visionary that advised we should trust in Helen Chapman as she was the softer option ?

Editorial said...

It was written by me.
I'm the one who always advised against being taken in by the good cop bad cop routine
And I have since been proved right


Member of the Lcdc said...

I am in full support of this new Uber App, and I don't have a problem working side by side with Private Hire. We at the club should embrace our Private Hire brothers and recruit them into our fold. And last but least, keep the yellows out at all costs!!!

Anonymous said...

Since the yellow badge was thrown off the wharf the mini cabs have taken over, nice work cabs from all over london given radio work by all the taxi circuits but yb cant even get the work you gb's dont want., leaving the fare with no choice but to use scabby lee or similar. Gb dont want it but yb cant have it so mini cabs win again.nice work lcdc and tfl

Anonymous said...

At least we see the end of addison lee and there slave trade ph drivers can work for themselves and not griffin

Anonymous said...

I would rather beg with the Romanian Gypsies outside Harrods then work for Uber. Also beware of Hailo, they maybe taking work of AL but they are trying to take our hail of the street. Also this good luck story of the 3 cabbies behind it, is it a sales trick? check the company on Companies House they are not listed directors. Are the 3 cabbies on a good salary, performance related pay, and shares options? I'd say so! I picked up some investors into it last year and they didn't even leave a tip, that's what they think of the driver who makes the investment work. The drivers in Toronto pay 15% comm. Will the same happen here or more if every cabbie embraces it? Will they charge more for card jobs like the 40% AL does to its drivers?
That orange light on your cab, and the right to ply for hire, your knowledge of London is more powerful than these American
Corporations. The aim is to have us build their businesses and then control us, without paying us sick, holiday pay, cab rent/loan and fuel! Maybe I'm paranoid but you can't trust anyone within this trade! SW BOY

Anonymous said...

Sw boy is on the money the days of taxi drivers and some ph drivers being independent working for themselves earning a good living are under attack first add lee now hailo and all the rest the powers want a macdonalds like taxi ph trade with drivers doing the work and getting peanuts

Truth be told said...

Get Taxi will not support the Suburban driver, Hailo will not support the Suburban driver... The Uber App will be approved by TfL and no objection will be raised about PH picking up fares through the App in Central London... Lets see how long it takes for Hailo and Get Taxi to sell out the London Taxi trade out to make a fast buck...

Jo Bolton said...

Dial a cab are now banning their drivers from using hail as from next monday.