Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thinking of upgrading your phone on O2...Well think again! O2 invests in national minicab app

minicabit launches nationwide Private Hire Taxi booking app with O2 investment
Service can make it easier and more affordable for visitors to venues to book minicabs

London 16th May 2013 – O2, the UK mobile operator, has invested in minicabit to launch the first nationwide minicab booking app for smartphones.

minicabit app
minicabit ( enables price comparison, booking and payment of cab journeys across the UK, for both local and long distance trips. By uniquely including quotes from licensed Private Hire Taxi operators beyond the user’s local area, minicabit’s comparison engine can save customers up to 30% off the cost of their trip.

As a result of opening up the market to more customers, minicabit’s network of over 100 fleets across the UK can service virtually any length of trip. Now, with O2’s investment, minicabit has launched the first smartphone app for booking such trips around the UK.

Geoff Symonds, Director of Transport Strategy at AEG Europe, said: “The O2 in London has been working with minicabit for well over a year. We have welcomed its ‘network approach’ which has allowed us to work with our favoured minicab operators all under the minicabit brand for our customers. It has been great to see customers even 100 miles away use the minicabit website to attend our events, a benefit of its wide network. Initiatives such as minicabit’s offer with O2 Priority Moments, as well as its new mobile app, now provides another viable transport option for our customers travelling to our venue.” 

The app will come pre installed on O2 iPhone, Android app coming soon.



LONDON CAB ACT 1968 sec4.

4 Prohibition of the display of certain signs or notices on, and the issue of certain advertisements in connection with, private hire-cars.

(1)There shall not, in the metropolitan police district or the City of London, be displayed on any private hire-car any sign or notice—

(a)which consists of or includes the word “taxi” or “cab”, whether in the singular or plural and whether alone or as part of another word; or

(b)which consists of the words “for hire”, or the form or wording of which is in any other way such as to suggest that the vehicle on which it is displayed is presently available to take up any passenger wishing to hire it, or would be so available if not already hired.
(2)No advertisement—

(a)indicating that motor vehicles can be hired on application to a specified address or telephone number, being the address or telephone number of premises in the metropolitan police district or the City of London; or

(b)on or near any such premises indicating that motor vehicles can be hired at those premises,shall include the word “taxi” or “cab”, whether in the singular or plural and whether alone or as part of another word, unless the vehicles offered for hire are licensed cabs or the advertisement makes it clear that they are not.


I 'm Spartacus said...

The Law Commsision decides not to define Plying for Hire and wishes to define Pre Booking (you can bet it WON'T include these type of apps).

TfL NEVER take action in these cases as its all too difficult despite having a clear legal duty to do so.

London is Different says the sticker, you bet we are sleepwalking to disaster.

Anyhow for today just cancel your 02 contract and let them know why, hit them were it hurts in the pocket!

Next up a app. Booked only rank at the various O2 venues.

We keep telling you Follow the Money.

Anonymous said...

At least this could see the end of addison pee and as for dropping your o2 contract do you really think they would notice

Anonymous said...

Well if you look on the bright side, people are going to choose the cheapest firms they can find (you know the kind) and its firms like Addison Lee that are going to suffer more. If someone wants a licenced taxi, they go to the rank or hail one, that will never change.
This will create a war between minicab firms, not us.

Anonymous said...

Reception in central London on O2 is terrible anyway, OH's phone always cuts off after 8 minutes or so he has tried his SIM in different phones and same problem. He is switching soon.