Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TfL Approves Taxi Top Digital Advertising


Brightmove Media, has announced it received official authorisation from Transport For London to launch TaxiCast on the first fleet of 25 London black taxis with digital taxi-top advertising. This is the world’s first regulated and approved commercial roll out of digital roof top advertising on London black cabs. 

BrightMove Media has worked very closely with both TfL and Transport Research Laboratory to set the standard for roof mounted digital advertising.

The London licensed taxi cab market is a highly regulated sector. The company has had to pass a number of stringent, comprehensive tests to demonstrate complete safety and compliance for the vehicle, pedestrians and other road users.

The TaxiCast technology offers a first for drivers and operators of London Black Taxis. The taxi can be quickly fitted out with the roof-mounted panel which is then centrally controlled to offer advertisers geo and time targeted digital advertising on the streets of London.

Piers Mummery, Chief Executive of BrightMove Media, commented “Today marks an important day in the progress of digital outdoor advertising.” Digital advertising on taxi roofs not only changes the London skyline, but also offers advertisers and brands tailored advertising at street level.

Mummery continues, “Out fleet is signed up and ready to go, we have committed advertisers and the equipment is being fitted to the fleet right now.”

Over the course of 3 months their ‘First Fleet’ will be responsible for delivering over 2 million bright, vibrant and arresting ads to London’s unique cityscape, day and night.

The launch of TaxiCast is confirmed for Monday June 24 2013, reinforcing London’s profile as a leader in innovation and pioneering technology.



ZELL said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the wedge you get to have it on the roof will cover the cost of the extra diesel you're gonna use because of the drag it will cause. Bad idea, but the sheep wont see it because they cant see further than the end of their bonnets.

Sumofuslikeitupem said...

Anon, you are right and wrong. The average taxi driver can't see any further than the ends of their noses-in fact they have the attitude and foresight of Mr Magoo!

Anonymous said...

Next addison pee adverts on them we are like whores

Eileen Dover said...

When it goes past Winsor House and Plaestra can it be programmed to make a farting noise and flash the words:

Up Yours TfL!

Anonymous said...

Ehh,driver can you take me to Euston,or Westfields,please wait in Airport car park,nah sorry might rip me roof top Sharks fin off ! bye