Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Please Help Save Earls Court Exhibition Centres:


Why is this important?

The iconic Earl’s Court Exhibition Centres face demolition. The development will also require the demolition of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates, homes to 760 Hammersmith and Fulham residents, and not provide the urgently needed homes for average Londoners. This will have an impact on the UK Exhibitions Industry, the local and national economy and overload the capacity of the tube and road system in North-West London. The whole area will be developed to provide luxury apartments starting at £800,000, rather than affordable homes for displaced locals.
Think about the amount of work we get from big events and concerts held here.
We’ve reached a crucial point in our campaign - tomorrow, we’re going to be delivering signed postcards and copies of our petition to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

1. Please sign and share the petition one more time so we can get a final new signatures before the hand-in (note that the petition will be still running afterwards, to be submitted to Eric Pickles):

2. If you can make it to see the Mayor, come along. The more of us that are there, the more impact we can have. Here’s what you need to know:

When: Tuesday 25/06/13, 10 am
Where: Outside City Hall reception area

Hope to see you at the hand-in!

Save Earl's Court Campaign



The only building that will be left intact is the Empress State Building, which currently is home to the Met Police specialist agencies. The building is to be transformed into luxury apartments.
Lilly Bridge Depo which is the home of many 1st class workshops used by the underground, will also go. Lilly bridge Depo is though by many to be Unique and irreplaceable, these craftsmen will be lost to the industry for good.

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